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denborg. A small Sunday School also is a blessing to others who are seeking for kept in the room, at which about 25 it. There, where the good seed is now children usually attend. And at the sown, there is a large field for cultiva. house of Mr. Tideswell (a very worthy tion; and though the labourers are inand humble-minded member who resides deed few, their hearts and hands are in at Longton) there is a small New Church the work, and we are assured that He library, where the books are lent gra. who giveth the early and the latter rain tuitously, and to the distribution of which will not let them toil in vain, but in due he very kindly and zealously attends. season bring forth fruits of increase. All this is done by a voluntary subscrip- While Mr. Howarth was amongst them tion among themselves. Most of them he baptized ten or twelve children of are operatives, and can ill spare any of various ages, from one year to ten or their hard-earned income ; and yet so upwards. Thus has this worthy minister, much warmth and zeal is manifested like his great Master, been going about amongst them, that we may reasonably doing good ; and let us hope that ahope not only that the true light will be bundant blessings will rest upon his replenished with oil and kept burning, labours, and that the little society at but that many will see it and rejoice and Longton (where similar lectures have become like themselves worthy receivers never before been given) will“ of the heavenly treasures they would fain wisdom and stature, and in favour with impart to others. Doubtless this well- God and man." timed visit of Mr. Howarth has cheered

I am, gentlemen, and inspired this little flock with fresh

Very faithfully yours, zeal and courage in their labours for the

D. B. truth; and let us fervently hope it will be July 13, 1842.

grow in


BIRMINGHAM. THE ANNUAL GE- On their return they were conducted NERAL MEETING of the teachers and into church, where they listened with atfriends of the Sunday schools, was held tention to an instructive and appropriate on Friday the 15th of May. The annual address; after which they sang a hymn, and festival of our schools took place on the were then conducted back to the schoolsame day. Immediately after noon the rooms, where an abundant supply of buns children of the free-day and Sunday schools and coffee was served to every scholar. assembled in anticipation of the usual At about half past 4 o'clock they retired, festivities.

evidently full of glee, and highly satisfied Previous to forming for procession, with their afternoon's recreation. the whole of the children, being in the In the evening the teachers and friends large room, sang, in a most delightful of the Sunday school assembled to tea; manner, a sweet hymn, of which the after wbich, the Rev. E. Madeley having Sunday schools generally in Birmingham taken the chair, the proceedings of the are exceedingly fond, and which we are evening were commenced with singing and glad to find in the new edition of the prayer. The chairman then stated the Rev. E. Madeley's Hymns, lately pu- objects for which the meeting was asblished (Hymn 169).

sembled, in a manner calculated to enThe procession then started, and con- courage and stimulate the teachers to tinued throughout very orderly: and increased exertions in their pious and truly this sight of upwards of 400 chil- useful work. dren gathered under the fostering care of The committee's report being read, it the New Church, was one which greatly was resolved, That the report, now read, rejoiced our hearts.

be approved, and forwarded for insertion

in the Intellectual Repository, and also that he who thinks he stands most to the Sunday School Union, with a brief firmly, is, perhaps, most liable to fall. report of the proceedings of the present The endeavour, which is observable on meeting.

all hands to reduce information on every After this, several of our excellent subject, whether commercial, scientific, friends addressed the meeting. The or moral, to the bird's-eye view of a chief topics of remark were, the impor- tabular register, is a peculiar feature of tance of Sunday-school instruction, and

the present age. also the necessity and means of giving to Your Committee have been led from a our Sunday schools a more decidedly New sense of the importance of such informaChurch character : considerable freedom tion to attempt to collect the various of expression and unity of sentiment


statistics of your Sunday schools, and to vailed throughout the meeting.



preserve them in a concise tabular form. At the close of the meeting, it was Their efforts, in this respect, have, in resolved unanimously, That the measure a great measure, been crowned with of peace and prosperity, which has atten. ded our exertions in the cause of educa- During the last year they bave kept a tion and religion during the past year, complete register of the attendance of demands our unfeigned and hearty grati. both teachers and scholars; so that it is tude to the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, known how many times each teacher has and also an acknowledgement, that from been present; whether early or late; him only proceed all blessing and good, how many times absent; whether in this and to him alone are all praise and case he provided a substitute; glory due.

quently, whether his class was left duThe meeting was one of great delight ring the whole or half of any day without and edification. The inspiriting and in- a teacher to conduct it. In respect to structive addresses,—the general plea

the scholars, besides the particular regissure and mutual love, which pervaded

tration of each individual, your comthe proceedings of the day, formed a mittee have registered the daily and most excellent commencement of a new quarterly attendance of each class. This, Sabbath-school year.

besides the satisfactory statistical in

formation it yields, is a true index of the THE TWELFTH ANNUAL REPORT OF amount of attention and industry beTHE BIRMINGHAM NEW JERUSALEM stowed by each teacher upon his class. CHURCH SUNDAY-SCHOOL COMMITTEE. From a contemplation of this register, In the present day the necessity and your committee have been led to observe importance of Sunday schools to the good how immediately a class is affected by order, and almost to the existence of our any irregularity on the part of its teacher, civil institutions, is so generally admitted, and feel themselves compelled to call the that it requires no confirmation by attention of every teacher to the paralengthened argument in this report. mount necessity of the most rigid self

Your committee, in laying before you examination. Not only is punctuality the 12th Annual Report of the Sunday of attendance requisite, but also the school, will confine themselves to a most careful attention to our words and general statement of what has been done artions; because matters the most trivial, during the past year. In doing this they which would pass unobserved by adults, would require your patient attention to are noticed and remembered by a child ; the matters of fact they have to submit thus an injurious impression, the influence to you, and at the same time solicit your of which we cannot calculate, may be charitable forbearance, should they in made upon a class by an incident, of any respect have acted not precisely in which the teacher himself was not even accordance with your view; remembering 'conscious. that none are proof against error, and In the system of registering the visits

to absent scholars, your committee feel receive small contributions from the they have been successful, inasmuch children for the purchase of Bibles, as they have, by its aid, kept a correct Testaments, Hymn-books, Liturgies, &c. statement of the degree of punctuality The number of contributors in the girls' manifested by the teachers, and also of school during the year, has been 38 the several cases of absence ; and, at the Ditto, boys school

164 same time, there is given additional By whom have been received twenty evidence of the necessity of such visits. Bibles, six Testaments, six Liturgies,

In pursuance of the recommendation of five large Hymn-Books, fifty-six small the Church, for limiting the number of ditto, two Sunday Lessons, and 136 scholars in the Sunday school, your com- small books, including Catechisms. mittee have carried out the measures sug- Your committee have received from gested by the committee for the last year, the Rev. E. Madeley, the following stawho defined the amount of irregularity tionery, on account of the General School which (providing there was not some Funds, for the use of the Sunday schools : unavoidable cause) should exclude a child two and a half dozens Testaments, three from the school.

sets of copies, each small text, and large At the conclusion of each quarter, the hands, about nine dozen steel pens, twelve attendance of every scholar is examined, copies of the Acts of the Apostles, halfin connextion with the visiting reports of bound in cloth, two sets of Spelling-cards, his teacher, and the rules alluded to and the binding of one and a half dozen above applied, with the greatest lenity Bibles. consistent with order ; but such has been The principal want experienced by the the irregularity, principally arising from

schools, and under which they have been the lateness of scholars, that from 220 labouring for a considerable length of the boys' school became reduced to 170,

time, is a supply of suitable lessons for and the girls' school from 120 to 74.

the elementary classes. It is a fact worthy of remark, that pre- The scanty supply of good New Church vious to the application of the exclusive school books is greatly to be regretted, rules mentioned above, it not unfrequently and your committee are assured that it happened that the school was opened is felt throughout the Church. with no more scholars than teachers There are but few books published conpresent; so that the great benefit has taining the elements of reading and spellbeen to promote the regular, and, more ing, the method and arrangement of especially, the early attendance of scholars.

which your committee can approve; and Although the application of this law these are either so high in price as to be has swept 100 names from our books, beyond our reach for general use, or are the average daily attendance has been rendered unfit for use by the errors of but slightly decreased.

doctrine they inculcate. Attendance of Teachers.

This your committee hope will be Total in girls'school 17 average present 15 taken up spiritedly by the Sunday School boys ditto 27

25 Union, who it may reasonably be exIn nearly eight cases out of ten, the pected will supply the church with absence of teachers has been caused by ill- school literature, suitable to the existing

wants of the Church, combining every Attendance of Scholars.

available improvement with sound reliTotal in girls'school 92 average present 50

gious doctrine. - boys' 185

130 Your committee think it highly ad.

visable that the elementary lessons should Total 277

Total 180 be printed on sheets, to be pasted upon Previous to reading the report of the boards, which, when properly used are book-club, it will be well to state that a much better suited to keep the attention, person is appointed in each school, to and less liable to be destroyed.


Your committee are justified in con- would solicit a notice from you of the cluding from the interest displayed at the formation and progress of any such assotwo-monthly meetings for mutual in- tion. struction and edification, that the plea- Your committee can see in this a sure and also the importance of frequent means, whereby the youth of our schools association for mutual intercourse, is may be held more closely united with the fully appreciated by the teachers ge- Church. nerally.

The teachers of the girls' school bave This has also received confirmation lately established a Dorcas meeting, to from an application having been made which they have invited the elder girls of for them to be held every six weeks in- the upper classes. The meetings, we stead of two months; which application, understand, are of a very interesting for reasons we could not overrule, has character, and we doubt not will be of not been complied with.

great use, not only to the members them. The essays read at this meeting during selves, but to those objects of charity the year have been as follows: One by who by their instrumentality may be asthe Rev. E. Madeley, On object teach- sisted. ing in connexion with a development Your committee have great pleasure of the interrogatory system as applicable in acknowledging the manner in which to our schools. One by Mr. G. Haseler, the announcement by the Sunday School On the necessity of cultivating a desire Union, of their intention to publish a for New Church association among the Child's Magazine, was then responded to youth of our schools. Mr. G. R. Hay- by the teachers, and also the zeal maniwood, On the necessity of giving to our fested in giving their names as subschools a more decidedly New Church scribers towards its publication. It was character. Mr. J. A. Best, On the na- desired by the Editors to know as nearly ture of rewards when used as an incen. as possible, how many copies would be tive to learning. And Messrs. J. Ra- taken by each school : on this being made bone and R. Touks, On subjects inti- known to the teachers, they immediately mately connected with education.

guaranteed to purchase 160 copies of the Your committee believe the general first six numbers. Your committee have character of the schools has advanced pleasure in stating that the demand is during the past year.

now 170, and is likely to increase. There is evidence of a more decided The want of such a work had long New Church tone of feeling and in- been felt, and we think that its value is creased steadiness of attention perceptible fully appreciated. The number in the general conduct of the elder printed is, we believe, about 3000. scholars; instances in proof of which Of the Sunday-school library, your may be observed by all who attend the committee have great pleasure in reChurch-meeting on Monday evenings. porting considerable improvement. There exists a desire for association At the last annual meeting the li. among the elder youths in the school; brary was indebted to the treasurer 5s. not the association of youth for mere The treasurer has now in band 188.4fd.; temporary gratification, but, we rejoice which with a donation of 1l. from Mr. to say, for intellectual and moral im. Bucknall and family, of Stroud ; and provement. These little combinations, another donation of il. 11s. 4d., being attended with the advice and supervision the amount of forfeits paid by several of of the teacher, your committee regard as the teachers and friends, denominating being likely to produce most happy re- themselves“ the Early Rising Associasults; more especially as we can observe tion,” makes a total balance in favour of some instances where the good of the the library of 31. 98. 8 d. Church is especially had in view. We The donation of 1l. 11s. 4d. is, by the would urge you as teachers to foster such donors requested to be applied towards a desire in your several classes, and we the erection of a new and commodious


book-case for the library ; which, on TESTIMONIAL OF RESPECT TO MR. account of the smallnes3 of the present ADAM HAWORTH.—PRESENTATION OF one, your committee are of opinion must A DIAMOND Ring.-On Sunday, the receive immediate attention. Forty 26th ult., the Russell Street Society, Livolumes have been added to the library verpool, assembled in the body of the by donation during the year,

and seven- church, after the conclusion of divine teen by purchase and exchange.

worship, for the purpose of expressing Your committee being aware there their grateful acknowledgments, and prewere many books in the library not senting a token of remembrance to Mr. worth keeping, and others not deemed Adam Haworth, of Manchester ; who, in suitable, they made the necessary ex- consequence of the severe indisposition amination, and took a considerable num- of Mr. Abbot, their leader, which deber from the shelves, and exchanged them prived the society of his valuable services, for better and more suitable ones. has gratuitously performed the duties of Though the library has thus been greatly minister during the last year. The excite. reduced in number, it has been in reality ment usual on such occasions, having subconsiderably improved.

sided, the secretary, Mr. Skeaf, who had The number of volumes at present in been deputed to convey such expressions, the library is 278. The number of came forward, and after referring to the subscribers to the library during the first important services rendered to this society, quarter of the year were but few, as they and thereby to the church in general, by were also during the whole of the year Mr. Haworth, thus observed" We have preceding; but during the last three here, my friends, a striking instance of quarters they have been gradually in. what a man, imbued with the heavenly creasing. The number in the last quar- doctrines of the New Jerusalem, can ter was thirty. This increase your effect; for during an inclement winter, committee attribute in a great measure with a constitution keenly susceptible of to the attention and industry of their every change of climate, and, doubtless, librarian.

at considerable personal inconvenience, Your committee would conclude their (this I say, not with a view to flatter Mr. report by commending their labours to Haworth, who is superior to any such in. your most charitable construction ; fluence,) he did not once disappoint the trusting that their imperfect efforts society, or cause it to experience any inmay be crowned with abundant fruit, terruption. How much, then, might be to the honour and glory of the only wise accomplished in aiding this great and God our Saviour, who will ever receive glorious cause, by every member followthe humble attempts of his true followers ing the example of our worthy friend; for with the gracious expression be applied though we cannot individually fill the to Tary, "she hath done what she distinguished and honourable position could."

which Mr. Haworth has occupied, still Humbly praying that, by sincerely there are duties which devolve upon each endeavouring to apply the truths of the of us, and which, if we fulfil them to the Holy Word to the regulation of our best of our abilities with fidelity and zeal, minds and conduct, we may all avoid we shall be performing uses of a high and even the appearance of evil, and thus

honourable nature ; as nothing is truly extending the influence of the Lord's honourable but what is useful.' true church, and drawing ourselves a ring is the emblem of eternity, and is nearer to God, and to a state more fully the beautiful symbol of the marriage receptive of his divine blessing, we shall union, the heavenly marriage of goodbe prepared for the more full discharge ness and truth, so in this instance, let it of our duties as teachers and members of be the token of that indissoluble affechis church below, and as future denizens tion, which we hope will subsist between of the New Jerusalem above.

this society and our esteemed friend. I Isaac Best, Secretary. have, therefore, great pleasure in pre

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