The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman: & A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy

Macmillan and Company, limited, 1900
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Seite 252 - Tis nothing but a huge cockpit,* said he I wish you had said nothing worse of the Venus of Medicis, replied I for in passing through Florence, I had heard he had fallen foul upon the goddess, and used her worse than a common strumpet, without the least provocation in nature. I...
Seite 11 - Nicholas ; and, besides, it is so cold and rainy a night, that what with the roquelaure, and what with the weather, 'twill be enough to give your Honour your death, and bring on your Honour's torment in your groin.
Seite 12 - It was not till my uncle Toby had knocked the ashes out of his third pipe, that corporal Trim returned from the inn, and gave him the following account : I despaired at first...
Seite 119 - We want a cavalier," said she, holding out both her hands, as if to offer them. — "And a cavalier ye shall have," said I, taking hold of both of them. " Hadst thou, Nannette, been arrayed like a duchess ! But that cursed slit in thy petticoat !" Nannette cared not for it. " We could not have done without you," said she, letting go one hand, with self-taught politeness, leading me up with the other.
Seite 252 - Turin, in his return home; and a sad tale of sorrowful adventures had he to tell, "wherein he spoke of moving accidents by flood and field, and of the cannibals which each other eat: the Anthropophagi" —he had been flay'd alive, and bedevil'd, and used worse than St. Bartholomew, at every stage he had come at.— —I'll tell it, cried Smelfungus, to the world. You had better tell it, said I, to your physician.
Seite 338 - I sat down at once like a son of the family ; and to invest myself in the character as speedily as I could, I instantly borrowed the old man's knife, and taking up the loaf, cut myself a hearty luncheon ; and as I did it, I saw a testimony in every eye, not only of an honest welcome, but ot a welcome mixed with thanks that I had not seemed to doubt it.
Seite 277 - There are certain combined looks of simple subtlety — where whim, and sense, and seriousness, and nonsense, are so blended, that all the languages of Babel set loose together could not express them — they are communicated and caught so instantaneously, that you can scarce say which party is the infecter.
Seite 18 - He shall be supported," said my uncle Toby. " He'll drop at last," said the Corporal ; " and what will become of his boy?" " He shall not drop," said my uncle Toby, firmly. " A-well-o'day, do what we can for him," said Trim, maintaining his point ; " the poor soul will die." " He shall not die, by G — ," cried my uncle Toby. The accusing spirit, which flew up to heaven's chancery with the oath, blushed as he gave it in ; and the recording angel, as he wrote it down, dropped a tear upon the word,...
Seite 18 - THE sun looked bright the morning after, to every eye in the village but Le Fever's and his afflicted son's ; the hand of death press'd heavy upon his eye-lids, and hardly could the wheel at the cistern turn round its circle, — when my uncle Toby, who had rose up an hour before his wonted time, entered the lieutenant's room, and without preface or apology, sat himself down...
Seite 301 - Britanny into decay. The Marquis d'E had fought up against his condition with great firmness; wishing to preserve, and still show to the world some little fragments of what his ancestors had been ; their indiscretions had put it out of his power.

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