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me that a few years ago, a labourer of places connected with the calamitous his, ploughing in that field, turned up events which had once befallen the a large stone, which produced a hol- Island. The words are these : (“' is ' low, into which the man fell. This or “'s” means and.) led to some investigation, when a sub- " Giullamain 's Longai, terranean passage was discovered, ex- Is Cròlain 's Pabai, tending to about one hundred feet to- Achadh a' chuinn 's Achadh nau carn, wards the sea, and capacious enough Goirtean a' bhlàir 's Fà'n Dubhai." to admit a person on all-fours. It The poor people do not seem to be terminated in a circular chamber, aware that a cairn was a place of inwhich might have contained four per- terment ; on the contrary, one Hugh sons crowded close together; and here Ross, famous for his skill in reciting some sheep bones, a few cinders, and Ossian's poems, assured me very a quern (or stone for grinding corn) gravely that the Cairn in Fiasag was a were found, obviously showing that it prison, in which nine Norwegians had had been a place for retreat and con- been incarcerated. It can scarcely be cealment in some remote age.

doubted, however, that some of the So much for matters of fact. The most honourable of the slain were in. traditions of the Islanders remain to terred there, after the memorable battle be noticed ; and these, vague as they above alluded to ; and surely, in the undoubtedly are, are as unquestion. absence of authentic records, it is ably founded in truth. A battle, say something to be able thus to obtain a they, was fought on the “field of the glimpse even of annals so remote, – battle," between the Scandinavians remote, geographically as well as his. (Lochlannaich) and the Gaels; and torically speaking; nor is it difficult, during the engagement, the women when the very stones as it were thus stood on the shoulder of a neighbour- speak to one, to fill up the meagre outing hill, watching the progress of the lines of the tale of lang syne which engagement; which being disastrous, they supply, with deeds of blood, and they wrung their hands, crying " mo the shapes of heroes such as Ossian dhubhai, mo dhubhai,« my cause of delighted to celebrate. J. W. B. mourning, my cause of mourning,” or, Brunswick Square, Jan. 14, 1840. as we should say, alas ! alas !” From which circumstance the place is called The Proclamation of the Regent Murray, “the shoulder of the cause of mourn- on the Murder of Darnley, in 1568, ing (or of lamentation)” to this day. compared with a Tract from the Pen “Narrations like this," as Dr. John- of Buchanan, &c. &c. son justly observes on another occa- Mr. URBAN,

Dec. 5. sion,“ however uncertain, deserve the The somewhat Anglicised copy of notice of a traveller, because they are the Proclamation of the Regent Murray, the only records of a nation which has in the name of the infant James VI. no historians.”

That the event was relative to the murder of that royal memorable, and, to the last degree, minor's father, is rightly described in important to the natives themselves, your Review, Dec. p. 633, as transeverything conspires to prove; the muted into an easier style for more nomenclature of the neighbourhood, — convenient and current reading" at six large cairns, of which I believe but the evening meetings of the Society two remain, and the numerous stone of Antiquaries. In that form it has coffins (composed, each, of four flat been printed in the 28th vol. of the stones) which were discovered in the Society's Archaeologia, p. 429, Ap“ field of cairns,” twenty or thirty pendix. Owing to an accidental cir. years ago. Lastly, a nursery rhyme cumstance, I did not see the article may be cited, which no one can ex- until it had been printed off and plain, though every child in the Island published, or I should have requested

It is a mere string of to exchange it for the verbatim copy, names, the four first being the names by an amanuensis, which I preserved of four very small neighbouring islands; in my portfolio, in case it might ever and my intelligent informer declared be wanted for insertion in the Society's it to be his opinion that it was a tra- Transactions. As far as the historical ditional list of the most remarkable bearing of this document is concerned,

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repeats it.

the mistake is not very important; but valeant Princes of this Regioun, as a as a specimen of the broad Scottish speciall co’fort and favoure sent be the idiom, mixed with Gallicisms, in mercy and Providence of Almychtie God, which it is penned, and as bearing

to this afflictit natioun, And howbeit

the cruel murtheraris of our maist deir strong presumptive internal evidence that the author was no other than the

father, thair favouraris and assistaris,

efter his murthure, bad conspyrit the great clas cal scholar, George Bu

same coupe for us to taist of: To chanan, the tutor of James VI. and

transferr the Crowne fra the rychteous adherent of the Regent, the trans- lyne to sic as lang has bene ambitious mutation is unfortunate; and I am thairof : yit that same God, that preservit happy to avail myself of your historical our innocent personn fra thair mercyles depository, for the purpose of per- handis, has respected the equitie of our petuating a literal transcript of so cause, and maintenit the same to his curious an instrument. The original glorie and our saifgaird, when in mannis is closely printed in a clear black

sycht baith we and thay that prafessit letter; and, as I have searched various

our obedience and avowit our querell collections in vain for another copy,

wer maist lyke to have bepe overthrawin.

Bot because the malicious hartis of our I have every reason to believe that

conspyrit Ennemeis nocht only proceedis preserved at Loseley House, where

in that wicketnes and rebellioun aganis I had access to it, is unique. I sub

us and our authoritie, bot alswa seducis join it, without further apology. Re- the trew and semple peple our liegis to pulsive as the dialect may appear, it follow thame, sclanderouslie speikand will repay the antiquary for an at- of us as that our tytill wer in doubt, We tentive perusal. It will form I con

have thocht gude to notifie and mak ceive, a valuable supplemental article

knawin the certaintie of the haill mater, to the collections of Anderson, * whose

for the satisfactioun of thame quhais notice it has entirely escaped ; a proof

judgement yit remains in suspens, that

being resolvit of the nakit and sempill of the extreme rarity which I have claimed for it.

treuth, thay may gif place to the rycht, and abstene fra

And put à Ane Proclamatioun set furth by my Lord difference betuix our trew subjectis seik

Regent, in the name of our Souerane and Goddis glorie and our dew obedience, Lord, declaring the purpose of thame and the rebellious factioun tresonablie quha assistit with our Souerane Lordis seikand to bereve us of our lauchfull Mother, &c.

crowne and proper inheritance, under James be the grace of God king of ane craftie pretens of the Quene our Scottis, to all and sindrie our faithfull motheris tytill, unto quhome (God wate) and trew liegis to quhais knowlege this thay beir no better gude will nor unto us; our letteris sall cum, greeting. For- saulffing in sa far as hir presence may samekle as the occasioun of the present move a contraversie, quhairin be proces trublis, occurrit within our Realme, is of tyme having baith us and hir cuttit of, nocht onknawin to you, and quhat wark they may win the game, and possess the God has wrocht in tyme bygane, sen garland lang hopit for. Bot quhat end the horrible and ynworthie murthour sall God put to sic usurparis ? All ancient tresonablie perpetrat in the persoun histories, baith godly and prophaine, deof the King our maist deir father of clairis in similitude. Was euer innocent worthie memorie : The warld may se it, murthoure left unrevengeit? Or was it and the posteriteis following will keip it euer in the power of man, sa far to blind in lesting memorie. That execrable fact, the eyis of him that is Almychtie, bot as it is detestable in Goddis sycht, sa quhen the inequetie of men was cum to aucht all men that outher feiris God or fulnes his potent hand quicklie confound. hes respect to the civile societie amangis it baith the force and polecie of his men, to abhorre, with the personis that wickit creaturis. That cullorat clensestill wald manteine the authouris and ing of James sumtyme Erle Bothwell, devysaris of that beistley crueltie, and be cheif murtherar of our deir father upon the contrair, avance and promote the the xii day of Aprill in the yeir of God rychteous querell of us, thair native 1567 yeiris, culd nocht assure

that Prince and lauchfull King, descendit of godles and wicket man, nor mak his the rycht lyne of the maist noble and cankerit conscience rest without terroure,

the haill warld persaving his pretens no * Collections relating to the History other thing but as a mask to blind the of Mary Queen of Scotland, by James eyis of God and man.

The murtherar Anderson, Esq.

seiking his awin purgation, the accustomat



order of the law pervertit. In that tion, be comoun consent scho was put in sufficient warning was nocht gevin to our suertie, quhil further deliberation mycht derrest gudschir, and otheris the kin and be had in the mater. Schortly thairefter freindis of our said deir father, to follow God manifestit the murther mair cleirly. and persew the murtheraris, and the And nocht only the report of diuers verray tyme of the committing of that actually present thairat, and mony other crueltie nocht expressit; nouther yit thingis, gaif presumptioun, hot writ could that onhonest and pretendit mariage declarit the treuth, resolving mony of the suddanly and unprovisitly thairefter ac- doubt they stude into. Alwayis the complissit, nather blind God, or satisfie Quene our mother, seing the troublis octhe peple, that continually cravit venge- curring in her governement, how conance of God for that saikles blude and trariouslie thingis succetit and how evill concelit murthure, nor yit the resisting hir subjectis lykit of her regiment, or rather mocking of God and the warld dimittit the Crowne of this kingdome culd colure schame and dishonour, quhair with all honours, privilegis, and comit was

sa far proceedit, that honour, moditeis thairof in our favouris, Accordconscience, and greitnes were all tynt, ing to the quhilk, be a greit number of for the inordinat affectioun borne to that the thre estatis of our Realme, purposly Tyrane. Laith we

are to condiscend convenit to execute hir commissioun, we mair speciallie, bot allace quhat proffitis war lauchfully inaugurat with the crown silence, quhair there is no repentance ? royal of this our kingdom, and our dearest Not wordis and reportis of men, bot writ cousin, James Earl of Murray, Lord remains, contening the discours of that Abirnethy, nominat, electit, sworne and lamentable Tragedie and unnatural crueltie. admittet in Regent to us our realme The treuth quhair of no proces of tyme and liegis, unto our age of xvii yearis, will consume nor aye weir away. And quha according to his commissioun did when that unlauchfull divorce was maid all that was in him to manteine the gode and mair unlauchfull. mariage compleit, and Godly peax, standing betwix us and quhat estait our innocent persoun stude all Christiane princes our nychtbouris, into the Eternall God best knawis and freindis and confederatis : To interteine all godly men may judge. Our father justice and quyetnes in the stait of our laitly murtherit, and the Quene our common weill, for the commoditie and mother cuplit with him thait was the saifgard of trew men and vertuous percheif authour of that mischevous deid. sonages, and punischement of broken men, Scho thrall and subject to him, circuit trublaris of the cuntrie and otheris transwith a cumpanie of ungodly and wickit gressouris of the Lawis. Quhilk our Copersounis, notorious pyratis, murtheraris ronatioun, Inauguration, and Possessioun and otheris reddy to execute all thair in the Crowne of this our Realme, is be unlefull commandementis, divers of our actis of ane lauchfull, free, and plaine nobilitie abhorring with the wickit tyme, Parliament fund and declarit to be dewlie, other departing furth of our Realme, or rychtlie, and ordourlie done and execute, prively reposing themselfis to the and als lauchfull and valeabill in the end of that confusion, at last constranit self in all respectis, and we als rychtebe just necessity, it behuivit thame, rather ouslie Investit in this our kingdome, as lait nor never to provide for our suertie, our said mother, our gudschir, grandquhome God had grantit to thame as schir, or ony otheris our maist nobill native Prince, that we suld nocht fall Progenitouris, native Princes of this our into the mercyles handis of thame quhilkis Realme, war and hes bene of befoir, or as slew our father; to separate that Tyrane gif scho the tyme of the said Coronatioun and godles man, fra the Quene our had bene departed furth of this mortall Mother, and to put our persoun in suertie. lyfe, or had coperit personallie in the preFor qubilk purpose, ane greit number sence of the haill thre estatis of this our of our trew and faithfull subjects, being Realme, assemblit in Parliament, and maid convenit on the feild, aganis the said the said dimissioun, notwithstanding ony Erle: after he had refusit singular combat manner of tytill, actioun, or interest, or of a Lord and Barroun of Parliament and any other thing, that presently or can gentleman undefamit (Howbeit befair he heirafter be objectit in the contrair. And had offerit himself thairto be his cartell als that the nominatioun, constitution, and Proclamation) he eschapit and our and ordinatioun of our said derrest cousaid mother, come to the Noblemen and sing, in Regent to us our Realme and leigis otheris our faithfull subjectis convenit during the tyme of our minoritie, and the for that effect : quha refusing to leif the acceptatioun of the said office be him was, ungodlie and unhonest companie of the is, and in all tyme cuming salbe, repute, murtherar of our father, and menassing haldin, and estemit lauchful, sufficient and sic as had been cairfull of our preserva- perfite, and all thingis quhilkis he had



done or suld do be vertue of his said quyetnes and gude dayis quhairin thay office, to be als dewly, lauchfully, suffi- had ane interes. Bot movit partly of ciently, and rychteously done, and to ambitioun, partly in hope of gayne, and have as greit availl, force, strength, and saikles revenge of thame that never offen. effect in all respectis and conditiounis, as dit thame, and cheifly to stay the ordinair ony thingis done be quhatsumever Re- course of justice, tresonablie aganis the gentis, Governouris, or protectouris of this tepnour of the saidis Actis of Parliament, our Realme, in the minoriteis and les ages practizit and conspyrit aganis the libertie of any otheris native Princes of the samin. of the Quene our Mother. And in conRatifiand, approvand, and confirmand the clusion be fraudulent and craftie meanis, said nominatioun and acceptatioun in brocht the same to pas in sic sort, as all its poyntis. And als in the same lauch- scho was nocht only covoyit to Hamil. full, free, and plaine Parliament, it was toun : bot thair throw the perverst counfundin, declarit, and concludit, that the sell of sic as had been participant of our cause and occasioun of the couentiounis said fatheris murther, sa far inducit hir, and messagis of the Erles, Lordis, Nobill that scho intendit be force to bereve us men, Barrounes, and otheris faithfull and of our Crowne, quhairwith we are rychttrue subjectis, and cosequently thair taking fully possest. And for the mair spedie of armes and cūing to the feildis with execution of the purpose, covenit a greit open and displayit banneries, and the force nocht only of sic as lang hes cause and occasioun of the taking of the thurstit for our place, bot of otheris dispersoun of the Quene our Mother upon semblit freindis and unnaturell subjectis. the xv day of Junii last by past, and hald. To quhat thair tresonabill Insurrectioun ing and detening of hir within the hous and rebellioun hes succedit, ze all our gude and fortelice of Lochlevin continually subjectis understandis. God has avancit sen syne and in tyme cuming, and gene- our just and rychteous querell, and grantit rally all other thingis iventet, spoken, us victorie of our conspyrit Ennemies, writtin, or done be thame or ony of quhuis blude pather we nor nane professthame to that effect, sen the tent day of ing our obedience or avowing our querell februar the zeir of God 1566 yeiris, upon

ever socht. Bot being sharplie assaultit the quhilk day unquhile the King our and persewit for preservatioun of our inmaist deir father was tresounablie, schame- nocent persoun, and that rowme and aufullie, and horriblie murtherit, unto the thoritie quhairin God has placet us, it day and dait of the said act, tuicheing hir behuivit our said Regent, the Nobill men and detening of hir persoun, that the and faithfull subjectis assisting, to resist cause and all thingis depending thairon, thair crueltie and invasioun. Quhat woor that ony wayis may pertene thairto, manlie mercy was in the persoun of hir, was (to our greif) in hir awin default. that (allace) thocht the schedding of ScotThe causis quhairof, as they are patenttis blude a plesand spectacle ? Quhat fato God, so (allace) thay are over manifest voure and clemencie can men look for at to the haill world. Quhat the Parliament hir handis, that steris this seditioun, hes concludit, presentlie nedis nocht to aganis us hir only lauchfull sone? or quhat be expressit at greitar length, it is contenit securitie can Nobill men or godly men in writ and prent. And mony otheris think thame selfis into, scho bering the nor the Inhabitantis of this cuntrie, hes regement, be quhais occasioun, our maist knawlege of the same. Bot quhat suretie deir father, being a portioun of hir awin is abill to gainstand Tresoun? Or quhat flesche, was sausit? God hes his counbandis and subscriptiounis can perswade sells to put in executioun, and alreddy thame to be trew, that are alls facill with hes begunnin to execute his jugementis. thair handis to subscrive, as with thair Sic as feiris God, and would the lauchfull toungis to speik the thing thay think nocht? and rychteous blude Royall continewit in The schame is thair awin, and the spot the successioun of our Crowne, will wiland ignominie will lest unto thair poste- linglie obey us and forth set our authoriteis. Gif ony in the degre of nobilitie, rititie. The same God that has overcū or ony other our meanest subjects, had the rebellious factioun anis will zit repres beene oppressed, disdanit, or handlit thair insolence, gif they tend to farther otherwayis nor the ancient Lawis of the outreueth and copspiricies. And we dout cuntrie prescrivit, than men mycht have nocht but ze will assist us, in thair conhad occasioun to werie of our governe. trair, to thair opprobrye and confusioun. ment, and to have socht alteratioun; bot Our will is theirfoir, and we straitlie coquhat is he, that in his conscience is abill mand and charge 30w all and sindrie our to complene or accuse that estait, of un- liegis and subjectis foirsaidis, as ye will just dealing or uncourtessie, zit seditious answer to God and upon jour alligeance men of unquyet spirite, inuifull to se the and bundin dewtie to us, that none of. pure peple of this our Realme enioy that 30w take upon hand, to ryse, assist, for


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tifie, mantene, or obey our said Mother, for its title. This last named producor any conspyratouris, movaris of sedi.

tion is of course of a very different tioun and insurrectioun, under cullour of character to a state proclamation ; it is quhatsumever other pretendit authoritie, distinguished by that satirical and por orders, under the pain of tresoun. And that Lyoun King of Arms, his nether pointed vein with which some of Bu. Herauldis, Masaris, Pursevātis, and Mes

chanan's writings abounded, and oc. sangeris quhatsumever, mak publicatioun casionally by that coarseness for which heirof at the mercat croces of the heid

he was censured by his enemies. I Burrowis of our Realme, and otheris places shall lay a short extract of this comneidfull, that nane pretend ignorance of position before your readers, and I the same. Given under our signet and think they will be disposed to concur subscrivit to our said deirest cousing and in the conclusion, that if he penned the Regent at Glasgow, the 14th day of Maye, one he was also the author of the and of our Reyne the 1st zeir. 1568. other. Imprentet at Endenburgh be Robert Lek.

An agent in Queen Mary's amours, previk, printar to the Kingis Maiestie,

one Dame Reres, is described in the A. D. 1568.

“ Detection" as follows: The above state manifesto was pro

“ Bot scho layet all the blame upon bably written under the direction of

my Lady Reres, ane woman of maist vyle the Regent by Buchanan, That ac. unchastitie, quha had sumtime bene ane complished scholar was sent for out of Bothwellis harlottis, and then was ane of France to become the preceptor of of the chief of the queenįs previe chal. the youthful son of Mary, as his ad. Be this woman, quha now in hir vanciog years might require. . He had age had from the gayne of huredome be. too much stubborn virtue, drawn from

takin herself to tbe craft of bawderie, was Scripture, and the sages of antiquity, to

the Quene, as herself said, betrayit, for

Bothwell was throw the gardine brocht approve the moral conduct of that mis

into the Quenis chalmer * guided princess, and he zealously ad

But how mekle aganes her will Dame hered to the party opposed to her. The

Reres betrayit hir, tyme, the mother of Regent it is said employed him to write

trueth, has disclosit, for within a few dayis the tract intituled, " Ane Detectioun of after, the Quene did send Dame Reres the Doingis of Marie Quene of Scotis,"*

to bring him (Bothwell) capwhich is penned in the broad Scotish tive unto hir heichpes. The Quene, with dialect, used by Buchanan whenever Margaret Carwod, ane woman previe of he dismissed for a time the ele. all hir secretis, did let hir downe by ane gant and comprehensive medium of string over ane auld wall into the nixt Latinity, in which he was such an

gardene; bot in sic weirly affairis all adept.

The proclamation inserted thingis cannot ever be sa vel forseine, above, although verbose, in conformity overthortly (overthwartly) happein. Bea

bot that sum incommodious chance may with the style of state documents, is

hold, the string suddanely brak, and by no means destitute of strength of downe with a great noyis fell Dame Reres, diction, and in solemn appeal to the

a woman verray hevie, baith be unweildie hearts of the Scotish people against age and massie substance. Bot scho, ane the detestable crimes which it de. auld beatin souldiour, nathing dismayit

with the darknes of the night, the hight The mode of expression and dialect of the wall, ne the suddenes of the fall,

up is precisely that of the tract attributed scho gettis, and winnis unto Bothwillis to Buchanan; and indeed it seems to

chalmer, scho gat the dure oppin, and

out of his bed, evin out of his wyfis armis, be expressly referred to, in the passage of the proclamation which says the bringis the man to the Quene.

half asleep, half nakit, scho forceabilly

This murder of Darnley was not only

maner an circumstances of the deid, not clearly brought home to Bothwell by onlie the maist part of thame that than the report of divers actually present, and by many circumstances, but also

f The crime of Buchanan with these that " writ declarit the trueth, resolv.

appears to have been the satires which he ing many of the doubt they stood composed against the corruptions of the

monastic orders; according to them“ prointo;" which seems to be a direct cita.

ductions ingenieuses, mais pleines d'emtion of the tract bearing " Detection's

portement contre les ordres religieux et

l'Eglise Romaine."--Nouveau Dict. His. * See Anderson, vol. ii.

torique, &c. GENT. MAG. VOL. XV.


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