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ment has been made by erecting a new in the distance from the foundations, with frontage to the house of the Dowager the arcades and stories of the choir. Marchioness of Westmeath, which over

NEW CHURCHES. looks the Colour-yard : the whole of that The church which has been erected at side of the quadrangle has been re-erected, Bickleigh, co. Devon, through the muniand is now in keeping with other parts ficence of Sir R. Lopes, Bart., is in the of the building.

Gothic style, composed of a nave and two The Royal Exchange.---The workmen aisles, with a chancel extending eastward, engaged in removing the foundation of and a vestry leading from the same at the this building have found it necessary to end of the south aisle. The whole have recourse to explosions by gunpowder. breadth is divided by two rows of columns Several portions of figures, supposed to and arches of granite ; the principals of have belonged to the original statues 'the roof, which spring from stone corwhich were damaged when the Royal bels, and all other timbers of the roof, Exchange was first burnt, have been dis-, remain the natural colour of the wood, covered in the old foundation, where they as frequently seen in our old Churches. appear to have been used along with the

The sittings are made of solid oak; those other materials. The gilt surface repre. in the nave being in the old style of open senting armour has prevented the adhe- seats, with handsomely carved ends; while sion of the mortar, and the remnants of those in the aisles are in close pews. the specimens are comparatively perfect. There are no galleries, but rising seats for They will be added to the newly-formed the choir are placed at the west end. A collection of antiquities at Guildhall. noble arch, of considerable height, lays Application is intended to be made for an

open the extreme length from the altar act of Parliament in order to remove the window, wbich is of stained glass, from a remainder of the church of St. Bene't design by Mr. Fowler, and executed in Finck for the contemplated improve- London; right and left, at the head of ments.

the window, are the arms of Sir Ralph A bill is prepared for the sanction of Lopes and those of the See; in the cenparliament to construct a new street or tre the Royal arms richly emblazoned ; way from the west end of Newgate-street the under compartments are formed into and the Old Bailey to the end of Fetter. gothic foliage and tracery; and at the lane, whereby the dangerous declivities of base there is an inscription on a band, the present lines by Holborn and Snow. bearing the date of the restoration of the hills are avoided. It is to be called Victo- Church, and the name of Sir Ralph ria-street, and will, at its beginning, inter- Lopes, as the donor. The altar-piece, sect Green Arbour-court, Braziers'-build- altar-table, and the pulpit and stairs to ings, and Castle-street, on the eastern the same, are all of stone, beautifully side of Farringdon-street, and will be carved, and otherwise enriched; these connected to the western side by a bold were executed by Mr. Samuel Knight, and splendid viaduct of one arch of con- of Exeter, whose kill has been previously siderable architectural beauty. The line shown at Honiton new church, and will then continue westward, crossing other ecclesiastical edifices. The buildShoe-lane, Thavies-inn, and Bartlett's- ers were Messrs. Marshall and Nicholas, buildings, where it will make a curve to of Plymouth. the northward, and occasion the removal Oct. 15, was opened for public worship of some houses at the end of Fetter-lane, the new Church at Ponthewyndd, a hamto bring it upon a level with the top of let in the parish of Pontypool, the scene Holborn-hill.

of the Chartist outbreak of last year. Whitby Abbey.-- The several parts of This is the 64th church or chapel which this interesting ruin have lately been re- owes its rise to the fostering encouragepaired; of which it may be said that time ment of the Church Pastoral Aid So. has brought it precisely to what it should ciety. remain ; and that, a single feature further Oct. 22. A new Church at Iping, allowed to perish, the effect now so pic- Sussex, was consecrated by the Bishop turesque would be marred or destroyed. of Chichester. It has been erected in In 1830, when the tower fell, the regret the Gothic style, by Mercer, of Midwas general; but it is now acknowledged, hurst. that, from the loss of that low

Oct. 27. The Bishop of Rochester in the centre, a finer composition in the consecrated the church dedicated to the view is obtained, particularly from the Holy Trinity, at Sunning-hill Dale, in south, the transept on the north or further the parish of Old Windsor; the first side, previously hidden by the tower, being stone of which was laid by her late Royal now open from the interior, so that with Highness the Princess Augusta in Sept. its tall lights and pinnacles it is traceable 1839. The architectural style is strictly

square mass

Lombardic; and it is the first erected in Diocesan Church Building Association. this style in England. The whole ex- At the close of the ceremony, a liberal pense of the building (about 13001.) and collection was made towards building a the sum for its endowment (19001.) have residence for the Minister. been raised by voluntary contributions. Oct. 28. The Church of the Holy It contains nearly 400 sittings, about half Trinity, at Stratford-upon-Avon, was reof which are free. The patronage is in opened for Divine Service, after its the diocesan, the Bishop of Oxford. recent renovation under the superintend. James Stewart, esq. of Sunning-hill ent of Mr. Egginton, Architect, of Dale, most liberally subscribed 500 Worcester, who had previously exercised guineas towards the expenses of the his taste in the improvements of the building, besides presenting the commu. chancel, where the ashes of Shakspere nion plate, and giving 101. annually to- repose. The church has been entirely wards the endowment. The Commission- re-pewed with oak, carved in the Gothic ers of Woods and Forests gave 2001., the style, the fronts of the two galleries, Queen 1001., his late Majesty 1001., and each extending the whole length of the the Queen Dowager 301. The parish of body of the church, presenting, in open Old Windsor (containing a scattered, but Gothic carved-work, an exceedingly light numerous population) is 10 miles in

and beautiful appearance. length. The new Church is upwards of and reading-desk, placed side by side, six miles from the old parish church, and near the venerable arch. that opens into will be useful to portions of the parishes the chancel, are finished like stonework of Chobham, Egham, and Windlesham. of pure white. One of the great im

On the same day, the consecration took provements is the increase of sittings, place of St. Matthew's, the first of the the number of additional seats being 550, ten new churches proposed to be erected affording, altogether, accommodation for within the limits of the borough of Bir- 1,340. mingham. It is a very plain but elegant Nov. 18. A new Chapel at Holywell, structure, and was designed by Mr. Tho. in the parish of Guilsborough, Northampmas, of Leamington, who liberally pre- tonshire, was consecrated by the Bishop sented the committee with a window of of the Diocese, and a collection was made stained glass. The church contains up- of 5301. 6s. 11 d. as the commencement wards of 1000 sittings, including about of a fund for endowment. The Chapel 400 free seats.

has been erected under the auspices of The new Church at Derry-hill, near Mr. Watson, and Mr. Kempthorne was Calne, was consecrated on the same day the architect. The whole height of the by the Lord Bishop of Salisbury. The building is 70 feet, including the bell Marquess of Lansdowne and other land- tower; the breadth 30 feet inside, the owners have contributed very liberally to length 67 feet, including the chancel; the undertaking, assisted by grants from and the roof is of massive oak in the the Church Building Society, and the

ancient style.



Dec. 9. Master Herbert Lowther Wilson to GAZETTE PREFERMENTS.

be Page of Honour to her Majesty. Nov. 17. Sir Woodbine Parish, K.C.H. (late Dec. 11. Colonel William Wylde, R.A. to be Chargé d'Affaires at Buenos Ayres,) and Ste

C.B. phen Henry Sulivan, esq. (now Secretary of Dec. 14. John Hamilton, Earl of Stair, to be Legation at Munich,) to proceed to Naples as Keeper of the Seal appointed by the Treaty of her Majesty's Commissioners, to liquidate Union to be made use of in place of the Great certain claims of her Majesty's subjects Seal of Scotland. against the Sicilian government arising out of Dec. 15. 7th Light Dragoons, Capt. T. E. the late Sulphur Monopoly.

Campbell to be Major. — 35th Foot, Major Nov, 21. John Trenchard Pickard, of Pox- B. F. D. Wilson to be Lieut.-Colonel ; Capt. well, Dorset, D. C. L. (in compliance with the John Gordon to be Major.--36th Foot, Capt.C. last will of his maternal great-uncle, John Ashmore to be Major. -Brevet Capt. C. Jones, Trenchard, of Poxwell, esq.) to take the name 5th Foot, and Capt. P. Browne, 25th Foot, tó of Trenchard only, and bear the arms of be Majors in the army; brevet Lt.-Colonels Trenchard quarterly with those of his own J. N. Colquhoun, R. A. & R. C. Alderson, R. E. family.

to have the local rank of Lieut.-Colonel on a Nov. 30. Sir A. M. Downie, M.D. (Physician particular service. To have the local and temto her Majesty's Legation at Frankfort,) to be porary rank of Major, on a particular service. one of the Physicians to the Duke of Cam- G. F. Herman, esq., W. L. Freestun, esq.bridge.

George Grey, esq. to be Governor and ComDec. 4. Commodore Charles Napier to be mander-in-Chief of the Province of South AusK.C.B.

tralia, and Resident Commissioner of Public Dec. 7. Sir George Rose, Knt. to be one of Lands. the Masters in Ordinary of the High Court of Dec. 16. Robert Power, esq. to be Surveyor Chancery, vice Lord Henley.

General in the Island of Van Diemen's Land;


Boynton Wood, esq. to be Surveyor General Hon. and Rev. C. A. Harris, Wilton R. Wilts. and Civil Engineer in the Colony of Sierra Rev. H. Holmes, St. Catharine's P.C. Upper Leone.-Robert Schomburgk, esq. to be her Tranmere, Cheshire. Majesty's Commissioner for surveying and Rev. Jas. Horrox, Dinnington V. Yorksh. marking out the boundaries of British Guiana. Rev. H. Knapp, Swaynton V. Linc.

Dec. 18. 22d Foot, Major S. B. Boileau to Rev. R. Martin, Dore P.C. Derbyshire. be Lieut.-Colonel, Capt. William Raban to be Rev. H. Middleton, Barton Stacey V. Hants. Major.--Brevet, Major E. H. D. E. Napier, Rev. W. Meyler, Prescot P.C. Lanc. 46th Foot, to have the local rank of Lieut.-Co- Hon. and Rev. G. T. Noel, Romsey V. Hants. lonel on a particular service.- To be Colonels Rev. E. Penny, St. Andrew and St. Mary in the Army, Lieut. Col. G. E. P. Barlow, 22d Breadman RR. Canterbury. regt.; Lieut.-Col. C. Newhouse, late R. Art. ; Rev. W. B. Pole, Condicote R. Glouc. Lieut.-Col. P. Campbell, late R. Art.-To be Rev. G. T. Potchet, Denton R. Linc. Companions of the Bath : Captains C. J. Aus- Rev. S. Richards, Thorp R. Yorkshire. ten, the Hon. W. Waldegrave, M. F. F. Berke- Rev. J. R. Rushton, Hook-Norton P.C. Oxon. ley, E. Collier, W. W. Henderson, A. Fan- Rev. J. H. Short, Whittle-le-Woods P.C. Lanc. shawe, H. Stewart, E. Boxer, H. B. Martin, Rev. C. Smyly, Drumcar V. Louth. H. J. Codrington, all of the Royal Navy; Rev. J. C. Villar, Hoggeston R. Bucks. Lieut.-Col. W. Walker, R. M.; Capt. W. H. Rev. R. C. Ward, Tollerton R. Notts. Henderson, R.N.; and Capt. H. T. Austin, Rev. J. West, St. Anne's V. Dublin. R.N.

Rev. W. F. Wharton, Barningham R. Yorksh. Dec. 21. Col. Sir Joseph Thackwell, K.C.B. Rev. W. Williams, Elton P.C. Hereford. Lieut.-Col. 3d Light Dragoons, serving with Rev. John Wilson, Wigtoft-cum-Quadring V. the rank of Major-General in the East Indies, Lincolnshire. and K.H. to accept the insignia, of the second Rev. John Winpenny, Yarm P.C. Yorkshire. class, of the Order of the Dooranée Empire ; Rev. Joseph Wood, All Saints' new church, Lt. Col. C. R. Cureton (16 Lancers) and Lt.- Clayton-le-Moors, Lancashire. Col. G. J. M. Macdowell, esq. Major in the Rev. T. Young, Salcombe P.C. Devon. same regiment, to accept the insignia, of the third class, of the same Order.

Dec. 22. Henry Bradshaw, of Abshott,
Hants, esq. eldest surviving son and heir of

Rev. M. T. Farrer, to the Earl of Eldon.
Capt. J. Bradshaw, R.N. by Eliza, dau. and Rev, Thomas Grylls, to Lord Rolle.
coh. of John Blagrove, late of Ankerwyke-

Rev. T. Halton, to the Earl of Lonsdale. house, Bucks, esq. in compliance with the

Rev. C. A. Harris, to the Bp. of Salisbury. will of his maternal grandfather,) to take the

Rey. W. Harris, to Lord Wharncliffe. name and arms of Blagrove only.-Benjamin

Rev. W. H. Hugall, to Lord Beaumont. Sampson Cloak, of Tullimaar, Cornwall, gent.

Rey. E. H. Johnson, to the Bp. of Chichester. (in compliance with the will of his maternal uncle, Benjamin Sampson, esq.) to drop the

CIVIL PREFERMENTS. surname of Cloak, and bear the name of Sampson only.

The Rev. W. H. Whitworth, M.A. to be Mas

ter of Dedham Free Grammar School.

The Rev. Matthew Wilkinson, M.A. to be Members returned to serve in Parliament.

Head Master of Kensington Proprietary

Carlow Co.-Henry Bruen, esq.
Mayo Co.-Mark Blake, esq.

Rev. Francis Hessey, B. C. L., Fellow of St.

John's coll. Oxf., to be Principal of Hud

dersfield Collegiate School. ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. Mr. Arthur Baynham, to be Second Master of

Brewood Free Grammar School. Rev. R. Daly to be Dean of St. Patrick's. The Rev. G. Elliott, B. A. to be Principal of Rev. G. P. Burney, D.D. to be Archdeacon of the new Commercial School at Southampton. St. Alban's.

Wm. Linwood, esq. B.A. to be one of the Rev. F. B. Twisleton, D. C. L. to be a Canon Masters of Shrewsbury School,

Residentiary of Hereford.
Rev. W. Gresley to be an Hon. Canon in Lich-

field Cathedral.
Rev. W. J. Philpotts to be Precentor of Exeter. Νου. 12. At Normanby, the Countess of
Rev. A. Annand, Road-P.C. Northamptonsh. Sheffield, a dau.-16. At the vicarage, Kenil-
Rev. Wm. Barlow, Northenden R. Cheshire. worth, the Hon. Mrs. Montague Villiers, a
Rev. J. Bedingfield, Debenham V. Suffolk. son. The wife of the Rev. J. J. Blunt, D.D.
Rev. R. Blackmore, Charles R. Devon. Margaret Professor of Divinity, a dau.--21.
Rev. T. Boydell, Coddington R. Cheshire. At Sible Hedingham, Essex, the wife of the
Rev. W. Brooke, Bentley V. Suffolk.

Rev. Charles Burney, a son.--23. At Naples, Rey. Stafford Browne, Christ church, Studley, the Hon. Mrs. Adeane, a dau. -29. At Cumin the parish of Calne.

berland-place, the Hon. Lady Butler, a son Rev. A. N. Buckeridge, Kennerleigh R. Devon. and heir. 30. At Shobden-court, Herefords. Rev. - Claughton, Kidderminster V. Worc. the Right Hon. Lady Bateman, a dau.---In Rev. Jas. Coyte, Polstead R. Suffolk.

Park-st. Grosvenor-sq. Lady Graham, a dau. Rev. A. Crowdy, Winnal R. Hants.

Lately. At Chambly, Lower Canada, the Rev. H. Fielding, Salmondby R. Linc.

Lady Georgiana Cathcart, a dau.. At KathRev. Edw. Forbes, Ramsey P.C. Hunts.

more, Kildare, the lady of the Rev. Sir J. Rev. F. Forster, Ridgewell V. Essex.

W. King, Bart. a son. At Dublin, the wife Rev. John Fox, Kirby Bellars P.C. Leicester. of the Hon. W.O. Grady, a dau.- At LeaRev. W. Gibbs, St. Peter's church, Halliwell mington, the lady of Sir Edward Mostyn, P.C. Lanc.

Bart, a son.--At Drakeloe lodge, Woburn, Rev. A. H. Gore, Lewannick V. Cornwall. Lady Charles Russell, a dau.At Tenby, Rev. J. Gould, Burwash R. Sussex.

Lady M. Knox, a dau. Rev. T. Gregg Hornby P.C. Melling, Lanc. Dec. 1. In Belgrave-st, the wife of T. GladRev. C. Greswell, Tortworth R. Glouc.

stone, esq. a dau.--At Swillington-house, Rev. J. C. Harper, Stratfield Mortimer V. Yorksh. the wife of C. Lowther, esq. a son. Berks.

-3. In Windham-pl., Bryanston-sq., the GENT. MAG. VOL. XV.


Hon. Mrs. C. L. Butler, å dau.-4. At esq. Lieut. R. Art. to Anna-Maria, only dau Brigliton, the Countess Cowper, a dau. At of the late Rev. C. Shipley, of Twyford-house? Exeter, the wife of Major Hallifax, 75th regt. Winchester.--At Clapham, the Rev. Alfred a son-7. The Countess of Arran, a son.- Radford Symonds, to Mary, youngest dau. of At Upper Clapton, Harriet-Caroline, the wife the late Rev. Richard Hunt, Vicar of Medmen. of J. R. D. Tyssen, esq. a son. -9. At the ham, Bucks. At Witney, Oxon, S. H. Heath, rectory, Houghton Conquest, Beds. the wife of esq. of London, to Caroline Maitland, second the Rev. Henry J. Rose, a son.--10. In dau. of the Rev. Robert Tozer, of Witney, Ox. Grosvenor-sq. the Countess of Carnarvon, a ford. -At Yarmouth, Charles,

second son of dau., who survived its birth a few hours only. Charles Wix, esq. of Battersea Rise, to Caro.

line, eldest dau. of W. P. Mann, esq. of YarMARRIAGES.

mouth, Norfolk.-William Blood, esq. Capt.

in the Madras Army, to Mary-Louisa, eldest Aug. 25. At Nusseerabad, E. I., Lieut. Mac

dau. of Christopher Gallwey, of Killarney. pherson, 22d Bengal N. Inf. to Mary, eighth

26. At Malpas, Monmouth, J. Hawell, esq. dau. of Brigadier Kennedy, C.B.

of H. M. 45th regt. to Henrietta, second dau. Sept. 3. At Colombo, Ceylon, Fred. H. Clark,

of T. Prothero, esq. of Malpas-court. At esq. 95th regt. son of the late John Clark, esq.

Abinger, John Fraser, esq. of York-terr. Reof Poole, to Eliza-Jane, dau. of W. A. Rogers,

gent’s-park, to Hester-Anne-Mary Mostyn, esq. of the same corps.

eldest dau. of Edmund Lomax, esq. of Nettly, Lately.-At Ootacamund, in India, Hatley

Surrey.-Thomas Barrett, esq. of Bath, to Frere, esq. M.S.C. nephew of the Right Hon.

Marian, only child of the late Lieut.-Col. HaJ. Hookham Frere, to Theodora, dau. of the

milton O'Neille, of Queen's Co. Ireland, and Lord Bishop of Madras and Mrs. Trevor

Portman-sq. London. At St. George's, Spencer. At Calcutta, Frederick Bellair,

Bloomsbury, Samuel, eldest son of Samuel esq. to Sarah, dau. of William Oxborough,

Baydell, esg. of Liverpool, and late of the esq. Accountant-General's office.

Manor, Flintshire, to Eliza, fourth dau. of the Oct. 7. At Demerara, Thomas Porter, jun.

late R. B. Griffiths, esq. of Vaschoel, Montgo. esq. eldest son of T. Porter, esq. of Rockbeare.

mery. At St. George's, Han.-sq. John Si. house, Devon, to Charlotte-Elizabeth, eldest

meon, esq. eldest son of Sir Richard Simeon, dau. of W. B. Wolseley, esq.

Bart. of Swainston, Isle of Wight, to Jane-Ma15. At Bombay, Robert Lindsay Leckie,

ria, only dau. of the late Sir F. Francis Baker, esq. to Eliza-Jane, youngest dau. of Capt. Tan

Bart.At St. Mary's, Marylebone, Bonamy, ner, Ind. N.

only son of B. Dobree, esq. of Great Cumber. 15. At Niagara, John Bower Lewis, esq.

land-st. Hyde-park, to Emma, fourth dau. of barrister, to Anna, eldest dau. of Capt. Eccles,

N. S. Chauncy, esq. of Bryanston-sq. and Lit. of Dublin, and of Weston, near Bath.

tle Munden, Herts. 23. Thos. B. L. Hall, esq. of Sidney Sussex

27. At Ardmillan, David Dalton Kennedy, coll. son of the Rev R. Hall, M.A. Rector of

esq. of Craig, to Margueretta, youngest dau. Westborough, to Emma, youngest dau. of the

of A. C. B. Craufurd, esq. of Ardmillan, Ayr. Rev. W. Butcher, M.A. Rector of Ropsley.

shire. Nov. 3. At St. John's, Newfoundland, Capt.

28. At Walworth, Peter Anderson, esq. of R. J. Dacres, R, Art, son of the late Vice-Adm.

Clapham Rise, to Phæbe, dau, of the late A.L. Sir R. Dacres, G.C.H. to Frances-Brooking,

de Haes, esq. of Union-road, Clapham Rise. only dau. of Henry P. Thomas, esq. merchant.

-At Plymouth, Richard Torr, esq. of the 10. At Bayton, the Rev. Archer Clive, Rec

South Hams, Devon, to Grace, third dau. of tor of Solihull, Warw. to Caroline, second dau.

John Hewitt, esg. of Hornsey-house, Nyneof the late E. Meysey Wigley, esq. of Shaken

head, Som. -At St. Pancras, Thomas Goodhurst, Worc. At Southampton, Samuel

man, esq. of Leighton Buzzard, to Carolina, Grey, esq. youngest son of the late Hon. Sir second dau. of William Hopkins, esq. of GuildGeo. Grey, Bart. to Laura-Mary, fourth dau.

ford-st. At Brighton, Archibald Park, esq. of Charles A. Elton, esq. and grand-dau. of Sir of Madeira, to Elizabeth, second dau. of the Abraham Elton, Bart.

late Thomas Solly, esq. of Blackheath. 11. At New Ross, Wexford, H. G. Beagin,

Lately. At Watford, the Rev. William esq. of the Madras Service, to Sarah, youngest

Ricketts, Fellow of Merton College, Oxford, dau. of E. Carr, esq. of Arnestown.

to Caroline-Frances, eldest dau. of the late 12. At St. George's, Han.-sq. the Rev. J. H.

Robert Lukin, esq. -The Rev. Thomas AtAllen, Rector of Mapowder, Dorset, eldest son

kinson, of Rascelf, Yorkshire, to Henrietta, of J. H. Allen, of the Rhyd, near Worcester,

third dau. of Capt. Wil R.N. of Langdown, esq. to Frances-Anne, youngest dau. of the

Hythe.—At Lisbon, H. D. Scott, esq. of Rev. W. Tournay, Rector of Denton, Kent.

Easby, Yorksh., and Apthorpe, Linc. to Sarah, At Halifax, the Rev. Henry J. Smith, Perp,

dau. of Edward H. Fitzgerald, esq. of Bally. Curate of Birkenshaw, Yorksh. to Ann, third

reen, Roscommon, and of Ashburton.- At dau. of Wm. Emmet, esq.

Cambelltown, near Fort George, N. Brit., W. 17. At Newington, Surrey, the Rev. G. Greig,

B. Gardner, esq. R. A. eldest son of Major. A.M. Curate of Barford, near Warwick, to

Gen, the Hon. W. H. Gardner, to Eliza, eldest Sarah, youngest dau. of the late Rev. D. Brad- dau. of Col. Sir Alex. Anderson, C.B. -At bury, of Kennington.

Prestbury, the Rev. C. J. Daniel, of South 20. At Cheltenham, George, third son of Jo

Hackney, Middlesex, to Susan, second dau, of seph Lloyd, esq. of Abinghall, Forest of Dean,

John Ryle, esq. of Henbury-hall, Cheshire. to Elizabeth, third dau. of R. W. Jearrad, esq.

Dec. 1. Át Cheltenham, the Rev.J. F. Beddy, of Westhall, Cheltenham.

M.A. Perpetual Curate of St. Thomas's, Mon21. At Charlton, Kent, Dr. John Wilson,

mouth, to Jane, youngest dau. of the late John R.N. to Catharine, dau. of the late John Peake,

Pidcock, esq. of the Platts, Stafford. At esq: At Paddington, Jasper Pyne, esq. of

Oldbury, Charles-Henry Twyford, esq. of BueBallyvolane, Cork, and of Codham-hall, Essex, nos Ayres, merchant, to Elizabeth-Jane, dau. to Emily, eldest dau. of the late John Maxfield, of the Rev. George Sproston.—At Exeter, esq. of Islington.

the Rev. Robert Scott, Fellow of Balliol, and 23. At Stanmore, Charles Edmund Law,

Vicar of Duloe, Cornwall, to Mary-Harriet, esq. (Rifle Brigade,) son of the Hon. Charles only dau. of Capt. T. F. Baugh, R.N. Ewan Law, M.P. to Lady Eleanor Cecil How- 2. At Marylebone, Rich. P. Amphlett, esq. ard, dau, of the Earl of Wicklow.

of Lincoln's-inn, Fellow of St. Peter's coll. 24. At Worting, Walter-Frederick Crofton, Cambridge, eldest son of the Rev. R. H, Amph.


lett, M. A. of New-hall, Worc, to Frances, only Branderton, Scots Fusileer Guards, to Elizachild of the late Edw. Ferrand, esq. of St. Ives, beth-Mary-Anne, dau. of Lewis Agassiz, esq. York. ---At Dilwyn, Heref. the Rev. Walter of Stone 'Lodge, Bradfield.At St. MaryB. Johnson, M.A. of West Wycombe, Bucks, lebone, C. Evans, esq. of Ludgate-st. to Miss to Louisa, fourth dau. of the late Joseph Ste- Schofield, late of Park-place, Chelsea.-At phens, esq.

Brompton, Stephen Digby, eldest son of the late 3. At Marylebone, James Chapman, jun. Adm. Robert Murray, to Georgiana-Francesca, eldest son of James Chapman, esq. of Paul's dau. of J. G. Brett, esq. Grove House, Old Cray-hill, Kent, to Ellen, third dau, of the late Brompton. -At Torr, Devon, L._0. Bigg, Rev. G. Hutchinson, Preb. of Southwell.- esq. of Clifton, to Eliza, widow of J. B. Brown, At Newington, the Rev. Vincent Shortland, esq. of Torquay, Devon, and dau. of the laté Chaplain Madras est., to Anne, widow of Capt. Arthur Hogue, esq. formerly of Calcutta. R. Nixon, 25th Madras N. Inf.- At Clifton, 14. The Rev. George B. $. Isbell, Minister Glouc. Captain Harris, I. N. of Hertford-st. of Providence chapel, Štoke, to Frances-Maria, Mayfair, to Emily-Eliza, eldest dau. of the eldest dau. of the late Rev. Charles Philpot, late Charles Calland, esq. of Upper Forest, M. A. Rector of Ripple and Vicar of St. MarGlamorganshire.- -Át St. Mary's, Lambeth, garet's, Kent. -At All Saints, Stamford, the the Rev. J. C. Smith, second

son of R. Smith, Rev. Jas. Eastwick, M.A., of Colleyweston, to esq. of Crumlin, Dublin, to Catharine, dau, of Charlotte, youngest dau. of William Thompthe late T. Saunders, esq. of Rochester.

son, esq. solicitor, Stamford. 5. Alfred Jolliffe Beloe, esq. of Brompton, 15. At St. George's, Hanover-sq. Edward to Dorothy-Margaret, eldest dau. of Jonah Tylee, esq. of Oxford-sq. Hyde Park, to HanWilson, esq. of Huntingdon.

nah, youngest dau. of the late Sir David W. 7. At Langton, Isle of Purbeck, John Smith, Bart.--At Booterstown Church, Rob. Bingley Garland, esq. of Leeson House, Lang. Wildbore, esq. of Tilton-on-the-Hill, Leic. to ton, to Miss Read, dau. of T. Read, esq. of to Emily, eldest dau. of Wm. Stewart, esq. of Poole.-P. Moncrieffe, esq. of St. Ann's, Frescati, Blackrock, and of the Law ExcheJamaica, to Henrietta, eldest dau. of the laté

quer. H. Cary, esq. of Highgate.--At Kew, Au- 16. At Crich, Derb. the Rev. Urban Smith, brey-William Beauclerk, esq. of St. Leonard's- M.A. Incumbent of Stoney Middleton, to Jodge, Sussex, to Rosa, dau.

of Joshua Robin- Charlotte, eldest dau. of the late Mr. John son, esq.

Barlow, of Islington.--Rev. R. B. Bradley, 8. William-Henry Butler, esq. of the Stone B.A. Perp. Curate of Ash Prior's, Som., to House, Kenilworth, to Mary-Copeland, second Anna-Maria, only dau, of the late Charles dau. of Robert Poole, esq. of Leamington. Yeatman, esq. D. Med.

At Croydon, J. R. Sterritt, esq. Surgeon 17. At Twickenham, William Newnham, R.N. to s. H. Reid Duff, widow of Lieut. esq. of Henrietta-st. Cavendish-sg., to Mary, James Reid, R. N. -At Newcastle-on-Tyne, eldest dau. of the late Col. W. A. S. Boscawen, Sydney Smirke, esq. of Berkeley-sq. to Isa- and relict of Major W. H. Foy-At Walbella, eldest dau. of John Dobson, esq.At worth, Thomas, second son of John Laker West Rasen, the Rev. George-Alington Robin. Napper, esq. of Tisman's House, Sussex, to son, to Penelope, youngest dau. of the late Frances-Coupland, only dau. of B. M. HarRer. Marmaduke Alington, of Swinhope-house, rison, esq. of Walworth. -At Marylebone, Lincoln. -At Honiton, Mark Glanville, esq. William, eldest son of Archibald Little, esq. of Melton Pahanbury, Devon, to Mary-Ann, of Shabden Park, Surrey, to Emily-Ann, only fourth dau. of the laté John Cookson, esq. of child of the late 'James Bishop, esq. of YorkClapham, Surrey.

terrace, Regent's Park.- At Christ Church, 9. At Islington, Edward-John Field, esq. of the Rev. Thomas Ward, Curate of Dawley, Lower Edmonton, to Augusta, fourth dau. of Salop, to Mary-Anne, eldest dau. of William the late Lieut. E. J. Cavell, R.N.- At Alver- Ward, esq. of Abbey-road, St. John's Wood. stoke, Robert, fourth son of the late T. Tryon, -At Westham, Essex, Gustavus-Edward esq. of Bulwick park, Northamptonshire, to Hilleary, esq; of Stratford, to Susan, youngest Henrietta, youngest dau. of Capt. Prevost, dau. of the late Richard Mount, esq. of LayR.N.At St. Marylebone, Edmund Rush- tonstone.—At Chatteris, the Rev. Charles worth, esq. of Hereford-street, Park-lane, to Tombs, third son of Major-Gen. John Tombs, Susanna, second dau. of Richard Hermon, E. I. service, to Mary, youngest dau of the esq. of St. John's-wood.

Rev. R. Chatfield, LL.D., Vicar of Chatteris. 10. At Effingham, William L. Nash, esq. of At Liverpool, Chas. Isaac, second son of Letherhead, to Lucy-Rosa-Kinloch, second the late Rev. Philip Yorke, of Horkesley, dau. of Capt. Stringer, of Hill Lodge, Stowt- Essex, nephew of the Earl Somers, to Ellen, ing.At Lockwood, near Huddersfield, the youngest dau. of the late John Leigh, esq. Rev. John C. Leppington, of Birmingham, to Sandhills. At Breedon, Worc. the Rev. T. Caroline, dau. of the

late Timothy Bentley, A. Strickland, Rector of Breedon, to Anne, esq.At Clapham, Edward Shewell, second only dau. of the Rev. Henry Fitzgerald, of son of J. H. Turner, esq. to Jane-Anne, Castletown Delvin, Westmeath, and niece of youngest dau. of E. R. Pickering, esq.- At Sir William Fitzgerald, Bart. Stoke, Robert, eldest son of the Hon. Lindsey 18. At Exeter, the Rev. A. F. Merivale, Burrell, of Stoke Park, Suffolk, to Sophia- Fellow of Trinity Coll. Cambridge, and one Jane, only child of Fred. W. Campbell, esq.of of the Assistant Masters of Rugby School, to Barbreck, N.B.-At Clitheroe, the Rev. John Juliana-Lavinia, fourth dau. of the late RearAspinall Addison, Perp. Curate of Barbon, Adm. F. G. Bond. Westmorland, youngest dau. of Leonard Wils 19. At Wellingborough, Alfred, youngest kinson, esq. of Rock-house, Slaidburn. At son of the late Rev. G. W. Malim, Vicar of Broadclyst, the Rev. Thomas Shelford, Rector Higham Ferrers, to Jane-Elizabth, youngest of Lambourne, Essex, to Caroline, youngest dau. of the late 'C. H. Hodson, esq. of Weldau, of the laté Rev. Wm. Barker, Řector of lingborough. Silverton, Devon.

21. Rev. W. S. Birch, Rector of Easton At Marylebone, Edward Brooke, esq. of Gray, Wilts, to Laura, youngest dau. of Jas. the Inner Temple, to Christiana, eldest dau. of Neale, esq. of Woburn-place, London.- At the late Walter Clerk, esq. of East Bergholt Petworth, the Rev. W. C. Roughton, of EmHouse, Suffolk.

manuel Coll., Camb. to Lucy, second dau of 12. At Mistley, Essex, Capt. Frederick the late John Blagden, esq. surgeon.


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