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ECCLXI. The Christian rejoicing in the Views of Death and Judg.

ment. Revelation xxii. 20.
BEHOLD I come,” the Saviour cries,

“On wings of love I fly:"
“ So come, dear Lord," my soul replies,

“ And bring salvation nigh.”
2 Come, loose these bonds of Aesh and sin:

Come, end my pains and cares;
Bear me to thy serene abode

Beyond the clouds and stars.
3 I greet the messengers of death,

By which thou call'st me home;
But doubly greet that joyful hour,

When thou thyself shalt come.
4 Come, plead thy Father's injur'd cause,

And make thy glory shine ;
Come, rouse thy servants mouldering dust,

And their whole frame refine.
5 O come amidst the angelic hosts

Their humble name to own;
And bear the full assembly back

To dwell around thy throne.
6 With winged speed, Redeemer dear,

Bring on the illustrious day:
Come, lest our spirits droop and faint

Beneath thy long delay.






CCCLXII. A Morning Hymn, to be used at awaking and rising. | AWAKE, my soul, to meet the day;

Unfold thy drowsy eyes,
And burst the ponderous chain that loads

Thine active faculties.
2 God's guardian-shield was round me spread

In my defenceless sleep :
Let him have all my waking hours,

Who doth my slumbers keep.
3 (The work of each immortal soul
Attentive care demands

Think then what painful labours wait

The faithful pastor's hands.)
4. My moments fly with winged pace,

And swift my hours are hurl'd;
And death with rapid march comes on

To unveil the eternal world,
5 I for this hour must give account

Before God's awful throne:
Let not this hour neglected pass,

As thousands more have done.
6 Pardon, O God, my former sloth,

soul with

grace ;
As, rising now, I seal my vows

To prosecute thy ways.
7 Bright Sun of Righteousness, arise;

Thy radiant beams display,
And guide my dark bewilder'd soul

To everlasting day.

And arm my

CCCLXIII. An Erening Hymn, to be used when composing one's

self to Sleep
INTERVAL of grateful shade,

Welcome to my weary head!
Welcome slumbers to mine eyes,
Tir'd with glaring vanities !
My great Master still allows
Needful periods of repose.
By my heavenly Father blest,
Thus I give my powers to rest ;
Heavenly Father! gracious name!
Night and day his love the same:
Far be each suspicious thought,
Every anxious care forgot :
Thou, my ever-bounteous God,
Crown'st my days with various good:
Thy kind eye, that cannot sleep,
These defenceless hours shall keep :
Blest vicissitude to me!

Day and night I'm still with thee.
2 What though downy slumbers Aee,

Strangers to my couch and me!
Sleepless well I know to rest,
Lodg'd within my Father's breast.
While the empress of the night
Scatters mild her silver light;
While the vivid planets stray
Various through their mystic way;
While the stars unnumber'd roll
Round the ever-constant pole;
Far above the spangled skies
All my soul to God shall rise ;
'Midst the silence of the night
Mingling with those angels bright,
Whose harmonious voices raise
Ceaseless love and ceaseless praise ;
Through the throng his gentle ear
Shall my tuneless accents hear :
From on high doth He impart
Secret comfort to my beart.
He in these serenest hours
Guides my intellectual powers,
And his Spirit doth diffuse,
Sweeter far than midnight dews;
Lifting all my thoughts above
On the wings of faith and love.

Blest alternative to me,

Thus to sleep, or wake, with thee!
3 What if death my sleep invade !

Should I be of death afraid?
Whilst encircled by thine arm,
Death may strike, but cannot harm.
What if beams of opening day
Shine around my breathless clay!
Brighter visions from on high
Shall regale my mental eye.
Tender friends awhile may mourn
Me from their embraces torn;
Dearer better friends I have
In the realms beyond the grave.
See the guardian-angels nigh
Wait to waft my soul on high!
See the golden gates display'd!
See the crown to grace my head !
See a food of sacred light,
Which no more shall yield to night!
Transitory world, farewel!
Jesus calls with him to dwell.
With thy heavenly presence blest,
Death is life, and labour rest.
Welcome sleep, or death to me,
Still secure, for still with thee.

CCCXLIV. On Recovery from Sickness, during which, much of the

divine Favour had been experienced.
· My God, thy service well demands

The remnant of my days;
Why was this fleeting breath renew'd,

But to renew thy praise ?
2 Thine arms of everlasting love

Did this weak frame sustain,
When life was hovering o'er the grave,

And nature sunk with pain.
3 Thou, when the pains of death were felt,

Didst chase the fears of hell;
And teach my pale and quivering lips

Thy matchless grace to tell.
4 Calmly I bow'd my fainting head

On thy dear faithful breast;
Pleas'd to obey my Father's call
To his eternal rest.

5 Into thy hands, my Saviour-God,

Did I my soul resign,
In firm dependence on that truth,

Which made salvation mine.
6 Back from the borders of the grave

At thy command I come:
Nor would I urge a speedier Aight

To my celestial home.
7 Where thou determin'st mine abode,

There would I chuse to be;
For in thy presence death is life,

And earth is heaven with thee.

CCCLXV. The last Words of David. 2 Samuel xxiii. 1–8*. 1 THUS

"HUS hath the son of Jesse said,

When Israel's God had rais'd his head
To high imperial sway:
Struck with his last poetic fire,
Zion's sweet Psalmist tun'd his lyre

To this harmonious lay.
2 Thus dictates Israel's sacred rock:
Thus hath the God of Jacob spoke

By my responsive tongue:
Behold the Just One over men
Commencing his religious reign,

Great subject of my song!
3 So gently shines with genial ray
The unclouded lamp of rising day,

And cheers the tender flowers,
When midnight's soft diffusive rain
Hath bless'd the gardens and the plain

With kind refreshing showers.
4 Shall not my house this honour boast?
My soul the eternal covenant trust,

Well-order'd still and sure?
There all my hopes and wishes meet:
In death I call its blessings sweet,

And feel its bond secure.
5 The sons of Belial shall not spring,
Who spurn at heaven's anointed King,

And scorn his bigh command:

* Agreeable to the ingenious metrical version of the learned Dr. Richard Grey. YOL. III.

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