Our Folks at Home, Or, Life at the Old Manor House

C.G. Henderson & Company, 1855 - 316 Seiten

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Seite 58 - Work, work, work, In the dull December light, And work, work, work, When the weather Is warm and bright, While underneath the eaves The brooding swallows cling, As if to show me their sunny backs, And twit me with the spring.
Seite 58 - Oh, but to breathe the breath Of the cowslip and primrose sweet With the sky above my head, And the grass beneath my feet, For only one short hour To feel as I used to feel, Before I knew the woes of want And the walk that costs a meal!
Seite 75 - An' the water that sooms a' the ships in the sea ? — But after I've tauld him as weel as I ken, Again he begins wi' his wha ? an' his when ? An' he looks aye sae watchfu', the while I explain, — He's as auld as the hills — he's an auld-farrant wean. And folk wha ha'e skill o' the lumps on the head, Hint there's mae ways than toilin' o' winnin' ane's bread ; — How he'll be a rich man, an' ha'e men to work for him, Wi...
Seite 144 - They were alive, and the cat, who had lately lost her own kittens, carried them off — it was supposed to eat them ; but it soon appeared that it was affection and not hunger that actuated her, as she suckled them and brought them up as their mother. Cats may be trained to obedience and to regular habits by those who choose to take the necessary pains. We have seen a cat sit at table, spectacles on nose, apparently reading a big volume, and occasionally turning over the leaves with all the gravity...
Seite 173 - Hans, cannot exist in the history of all. To all, however, the Tyrolese motto may speak, and all will experience its truth. None need stand useless members of God's great family. There is work for every one to do. if he will but look out for it. So long as there is ignorance to instruct, want to relieve, sorrow to soothe, let there be no drones in the hive, no idlers in the great vineyard of the world.
Seite 261 - There was a place for every thing, and every thing in its place. Better oysters, turbot, or turtle could be found nowhere in London; at least the west-end gentry and rich city people thought so. I have seen aldermen's ladies and French cooks at the shop by...
Seite 75 - I'm unco ta'en up wi't, they mak' a' sae plain : — He's just a town's talk — he's a by-ord'nar' wean ! I ne'er can forget sic a. laugh as I gat, To see him put on father's waistcoat and hat ; Then the lang-leggit boots gaed sae far ower his knees, The tap loops wi
Seite 173 - ... you should weep for me; I am happy now. Yes. mother, it is true, " God has his plan For every man. You see he had it for me, though we did not know what it was.
Seite 160 - Yes, to you; I cannot work for you, cannot support you in old age. Why was I made, mother?" "Hush, Hans," said his mother; "these repining thoughts are wrong. You will live to find the truth of our old proverb: " God has his plan For every man.
Seite 75 - Wi' a kyte like a bailie's, shug shugging afore him ; Wi' a face like the moon, sober, sonsy, and douce, And a back, for its breadth, like the side o

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