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Being a resident, for some time, in the southern district of New York city, we were enabled to avail ourselves of an Act of Congress, which secures to such resident (only !) the copyright, in the United States, of any work he may there publish or sell; and we beg to subjoin a true and faithful transcript thereof, for the benefit of all "land-rats and water-rats, water-thieves and land-thieves—we mean pirates," and of ourselves in particular :

"Southern District of New York, S. S.

"Be it Remembered, That, on the thirtieth day of May, Anno Domini 1853, Alfred Bunn, of the said dis



trict, hath deposited in this Office the title of a book,

"the title of which is in the words following, To wit:

"OLD ENGLAND AND NEW ENGLAND, in a series of Views taken on the Spot.' By Alfred Bunn, Author of 'The Stage, Before and Behind the Curtain;' and other works, the right whereof he claims, as Author and Proprietor, in conformity with an Act of Congress, entitled 'An Act to amend the several acts respecting Copyrights.'



"Clerk of the Southern District of "New York.

"N. B. A copy of the above work must be deposited in this office, within three months from

the publication hereof, to secure the Copyright."*

* The Author is in error as respects copyright.—As a temporary resident he cannot hold one; he, however, receives without regard to copyright a sum of money for the early sheets of this work, sent out to this country for republication.


There, transatlantic gentlemen booksellers and publishers, the murder is out! Read us, and approve us according as the milk of human kindness may flow in your veins; if you have none, why cut us up root and branch. Print us, if you will; do anything but publish what you print; or, as Billy Lackaday says of falling between two stools, "you may" between those of printing and publishing, "happen to break the small of your back!"

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