Nugæ Antiquæ: Being a Miscellaneous Collection of Original Papers, in Prose and Verse; Written During the Reigns of Henry VIII. Edward VI. Queen Mary, Elizabeth, and King James, Band 1


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Seite 352 - Majesty's lap and fell at his feet, though I rather think it was in his face. Much was the hurry and confusion; cloths and napkins were at hand to make all clean. His Majesty then got up and would dance with the Queen of Sheba, but he fell down and humbled himself before her and was carried to an inner chamber and laid on a bed of state, which was not a little defiled with the presents of the Queen which had been bestowed on his garments, such as wine, cream, jelly, beverage, cakes, spices, and other...
Seite 184 - The king talked much Latin, and disputed with Dr. Reynolds at Hampton ; but he rather used upbraidings than argument, and told the petitioners that they wanted to strip Christ again, and bid them away with their snivelling.' The bishops seemed much pleased, and said his majesty spoke by the power of inspiration. I wist not what they mean; but the spirit was rather foul-mouthed.
Seite 352 - I am certain she was not joined with good works, and left the Court in a staggering condition; Charity came to the King's feet, and seemed to cover the multitude of sins her sisters had committed; in some sort she made obeisance and brought gifts, but said she would return home again, as there was no gift which...
Seite 347 - I wish I waited now in her presence-chamber, with ease at my food and rest in my bed. • I am pushed from the shore of comfort, and know not where the winds and waves of a court will bear me ; I know it bringeth little comfort on earth ; and he is, I reckon, no wise man that looketh this way to heaven.
Seite 354 - I have much marvelled at these strange pageantries, and they do bring to my remembrance what passed of this sort in our queen's days ; of which I was sometime an humble presenter and assistant: but 'I ne'er did see such lack of good order, discretion, and sobriety, as I have now done.
Seite 364 - When she smiled, it was a pure sunshine, that every one did choose to bask in, if they could; but anon came a storm, from a sudden gathering of clouds, and the thunder fell, in a wondrous manner, on all alike...
Seite 395 - Ask no more questions than what may serve to know the prince's thought. In private discourse the king seldom speaketh of any man's temper, discretion, or good virtues ; so meddle not at all, but find out a clue to guide you to the heart and most delightful subjects of his mind.
Seite 352 - Queen which had been bestowed on his garments; such as wine, cream, jelly, beverage, cakes, spices, and other good matters. The entertainment and show went forward, and most of the presenters went backward, or fell down; wine did so occupy their upper chambers. Now did appear, in rich dress, Hope, Faith, and Charity: Hope did...
Seite 354 - I will now, in good sooth, declare to you, who will not blab, that the gunpowder fright is got out of all our heads, and we are going on, hereabouts, as if the devil was contriving every man should blow up himself, by wild riot, excess, and devastation of time and temperance.
Seite 353 - King, who did not accept it, but put it by with his hand; and, by a strange medley of versification, did endeavour to make suit to the King. But Victory did not triumph long, for, after much lamentable utterance, she was led away like a silly captive, and laid to sleep in the outer steps of the ante-chamber.

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