Asiatic Society of Bengal, 1894

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Seite 192 - Catalogue of section one of the Museum of the Geological Survey, embracing the systematic collection of minerals, and the collections of economic minerals and rocks, and specimens illustrative of structural Geology.
Seite 88 - the execution was generally done when he was at dinner, so near his dining room that the groans and cries of the poor delinquents served him for music.
Seite 162 - DEVRIES, WILLIAM LEVERING. Ethopoiia: A Rhetorical Study of the Types of Character in the Orations of Lysias.
Seite 145 - Annual Report of the Trade and Commerce of Chicago, for the year ending December
Seite 50 - Society. —Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland. Royal Astronomical Society. —Royal Geographical Society. —Royal Institution of Great Britain. —Royal Microscopical Society. —Royal Society.
Seite 162 - Annual Report on the Police Administration of the Town of Calcutta and its Suburbs for the year
Seite 186 - Grierson does not mention it, although it seems to fall within the scope of his paper, it may be of interest to give a short description of this work. It is in 12 mo.,
Seite 164 - Cyclone Memoirs, No. V. Account of three Cyclones in the Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea during the month of November 1891.
Seite 182 - An Anthology of Arabic Poems, about the Prophet and the faith of Islam, Part I.
Seite 105 - known to exist, one in the British Museum and the other in the Bodleian Library

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