Oddities of history: and strange stories, for all classes of readers

Charles Griffin, 1872 - 90 Seiten

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Seite 38 - tis all a cheat, Yet fool'd with hope, men favour the deceit : Trust on, and think to-morrow will repay; To-morrow's falser than the former day ; Lies worse; and while it says we shall be blest With some new joys, cuts off what we possest.
Seite 14 - If we were to prophesy that in the year 1930 a population of fifty millions, better fed, clad, and lodged than the English of our time, will cover these islands, that Sussex and Huntingdonshire will be wealthier than the wealthiest parts of the...
Seite 44 - His Majesty then got up and would dance with the Queen of Sheba, but he fell down and humbled himself before her and was carried to an inner chamber and laid on a bed of state, which was not a little defiled with the presents of the Queen which had been bestowed on his garments, such as wine, cream, jelly, beverage, cakes, spices, and other good matters.
Seite 69 - ... or pack of hounds, or reside one night at Newmarket, that infamous seminary of iniquity and ill-manners, during the course of the races there ; or shall resort to the said races ; or shall lose, in any one day, at any game or bet whatsoever, the sum of .£500, then...
Seite 72 - And angling, too, that solitary vice, Whatever Izaak Walton sings or says: The quaint, old, cruel coxcomb, in his gullet Should have a hook, and a small trout to pull it.
Seite 43 - One day a great feast was held, and after dinner the representation of Solomon, his temple, and the coming of the queen of Sheba, was made, or, as I may better say, was meant to have been made before their majesties, by device of the earl of Salisbury and others.
Seite 64 - Sun, moon, and thou, vain world, adieu, That kings and priests are plotting in; Here doomed to starve on water-gru-el, never shall I see the U-niversity of Gottingen,— -niversity of Gottingen.
Seite 54 - When the Lords were not to be conquered by this, the two duchesses (very well apprised of the use of stratagems in war) commanded a dead silence of half an hour; and the Chancellor, who thought this a certain proof of their absence (the Commons also being very impatient to enter), gave order for the opening of the door; upon which they all rushed in, pushed aside their competitors...
Seite 40 - Thence home, and there, in favour to my eyes, staid at home, reading the ridiculous History of my Lord Newcastle,' wrote by his wife, which shows her to be a mad, conceited, ridiculous woman, and he an asse to suffer her to write what she writes to him, and of him.
Seite 88 - For here, too, lies a sole. And here five little ones repose, Twin born with other five, Unheeded by their brother toes, Who all are now alive. A leg and foot — to speak more plain...

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