Japan Advancing - Whither?

Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society, 1912 - 226 Seiten

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Seite 9 - Know ye, Our subjects: Our Imperial Ancestors have founded Our Empire on a basis broad and everlasting, and have deeply and firmly implanted virtue; Our subjects ever united in loyalty and filial piety have from generation to generation illustrated the beauty thereof. This is the glory of the fundamental character of Our Empire, and herein also lies the source of Our education.
Seite 101 - Japanese subjects shall, within limits not prejudicial to peace and order, and not antagonistic to their duties as subjects, enjoy freedom of religious belief.
Seite 71 - So long as the sun shall warm the earth, let no Christian be so bold as to come to Japan ; and let all know, that the King of Spain himself, or the Christians' God, or the great God of all, if he violate this command, shall pay for it with his head.
Seite 163 - For we throw out acclamations of self-thanking, selfadmiring, With, at every mile run faster, — ' O the wondrous wondrous age,' Little thinking if we work our SOULS as nobly as our iron, Or if angels will commend us at the goal of pilgrimage.
Seite 211 - The primary, intention in holding! the Conference is to direct attention to religion as a necessary means to the highest spiritual and moral welfare of both the individual and the nation. For a number of years this matter has not been given the importance that properly belongs to it*; and the primary purpose of the Conference is to reassert that importance. "• (2) No attempt is intended to unite the adherents of the several religions in one body.; still less to establish a new religion. Shintoism,...
Seite 37 - tis not what man Does which exalts him, but what man Would do!
Seite 210 - At present moral doctrines are inculcated by education alone, but it is impossible to inculcate firmly upright ideas in the mind of the nation unless the people are brought into touch with the fundamental conception known as God, Buddha or Heaven, as taught in religion. It is necessary that education and religion should go hand in hand, to build up the basis of the national ethics, and it is, therefore...
Seite 119 - It being essential from the point of view of educational administration that general education should be independent of religion, religious instruction must not be given or religious ceremonies performed at Government Schools, Public Schools, or schools whose curricula are regulated by provisions of law, even outside the regular course of instruction.
Seite 73 - Sunday, December 6, 1857. This is the second Sunday in Advent. Assisted by Mr. Heusken I read the full service in an audible voice, and with the paper doors of the houses here our voices could be heard in every part of the...
Seite 211 - It is necessary, therefore, that education and religion should go hand in hand to build up the basis of the national ethics, and it is, therefore, desirable that a scheme should be devised to bring education and religion into closer relations to enable them to promote the national welfare.

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