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were all the curtains drawn, you'd find
not one, perhaps, but who is kind.
Minerva, naked from above,
with Venus and the wife of Jove,
exposing ev'ry beauty bare,
descending to the Trojan heir;
yet this was she whom poets name
goddess of chastity and fame.
Penelope, her lord away,
gave am'rous audiences all day;
now round the bowl the suitors sit,
with wine, provoking mirth and wit,

then down they take the stubborn bow,

their strength, it seems, she needs must know.
Thus twenty cheerful winters past,
she's yet immortaliz'd for chaste.
Smile Myra, then, reward my flame,
and be as much secure of fame;
by all those matchless beauties fir'd,
by my own matchless love inspir'd;
so will I sing, such wonders write,
that when th' astonish'd world shall cite
a nymph of spotless worth and fame,
Myra shall be th' immortal name.

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were all th

not one, p
with Venus
exposing ex
yet this was
goddess of cl
gave am'rous
now round th
with wine, pro
then down the
their strength,
Thus twenty c
she's yet immc
Smile Myra,

and be as much

by all those mat

by my own mat
so will I sing, su
that when th' ast
a nymph of spotl
Myra shall be th'

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