The Investigation of the Charges Brought Against His Royal Highness the Duke of York, Band 1


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Seite 117 - Majesty very nearly for twenty-six years ; for the last twenty-four of which I have been employed in every part of the world (the East Indies excepted) where His Majesty's troops have been stationed, and with very little intermission. I have been four times to the West Indies, and have been there nearly six years ; I have been twice to America...
Seite 398 - ... transmit a return quarterly, of the number of officers in each regiment disposed to purchase, and to mention in such return where the purchase money is to be had ; those returns are entered in a book in the .Commander in Chief's office, and in the event of a vacancy those returns are invariably referred to, and, the officer senior upon the list, if in all respects eligible, is invariably recommended, provided it does not interfere with other officers of greater pretensions. Q. In whose hands...
Seite 446 - Clavering is mistaken, my angel, in thinking that any new regiments are to be raised ; it is not intended; only second battalions to the existing corps; you had better, therefore, tell him so, and that you were sure there would be no use in applying for him.
Seite 346 - I will instantly give a draft to your Grace. " For Salisbury, Three Thousand Pounds.
Seite 400 - The bearing that this has upon the army, is a very extensive question, but there can be no doubt that it is extremely advantageous for those officers who cannot purchase. I cannot...
Seite 180 - York was so distressed for money that she could not bear to ask him, and that it vas the only way in which her establishment could be supported. I beg leave to state, that in consequence of this, Mrs. Clarke was offended with my freedom, and I ceased to see or hear from her, for I cannot tell how long, till I think nearly my departure for South America, in 1806.
Seite 529 - ... being' the price limited and fixed by his MaJesty's regulation, as the full value of the said Commission.
Seite 326 - Donovan for having uttered gross falsehoods, the same proceeding must certainly take place with any other witnesses, who, by their conduct, placed themselves in the same predicament.
Seite 529 - I do declare and certify, upon the Word and Honour of an Officer and a Gentleman, that I will not...
Seite 446 - Nothing could be more satisfactory than the tour I have made, and the state in .which I have found every thing. The whole of the day before yesterday was...

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