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amongst us. The incident was not only ministers during the year in performing pleasing but affecting. Thereon a reso- missionary labour. Among the places lution was adopted expressive of the visited are Bath, Bristol, Bury, Chatestimation in which they were held for teris, Huddersfield, Luton, Northampthe eminent uses they had performed, ton, Over Darwen, Stockport, St. Ives; and were still performing, to the church, and, besides making known the glad and inviting them to share in the deli- tidings of the Lord's Second Coming to berations of the Conference.

the public, much benefit bas resulted When the school reports were brought from these exertions to many societies. up, £126. were divided in equal sums of So impressed was the Conference with £18. each to the schools at Accrington, the uses of this Institution, that the Birmingham, Embsay, Heywood, Man- committee appointed to carry out its chester, Middleton, Salford. These purposes during the year have been grants enable the Conference to perform instructed to solicit societies to make à larger service to the cause of New collections on its behalf, and to commend Church education than merely providing it also to individual support; aid is at the for the instruction of so many children. same time to be applied for also to the It gives them a certain supervision of Students and Ministers' Fund. the schools to which such grants are Much anxiety was manifested to pro. made. Committees are appointed to vide for the regular administration of visit and examine them, and one of their the Holy Supper, which is so imporinstructions is to see that the doctrines tant, if not essential, a means of spiritual of the New Church are systematically support to the members and societies taught in them.

of the church, and of Baptism, which Besides the sums bequeathed at an is so useful as a means of introduction early period of the church for the into the church on earth, and of coneducation of poor children, the recent nection with the church in heaven. Crompton bequest of £10,000., and the Besides granting licences to the leaders Students and Ministers' Aid Fund, hare of the societies of Brigbtlingsea, Dalton, placed in the hands of Conference the Edinburgh, Nottingham (Trinity-street), means of enabling young men who re- and St. Ives, and instruct the comquire help to prepare for the ministry. mittee of the National Missionary InstiAt present there are two, Mr. Potts, tution to afford all possible assistance who is maintained, and Mr. Goldsack, to societies desirous of having these who is assisted, from this fund; and divine ordinances administered in them, some other probable candidates are a resolution was passed requesting so. spoken of. The maximum amount of cieties to endeavour to induce isolated assistance to any student, except by a receivers in their neighbourhood to special grant from Conference, has been become associate members, with the fixed this session at £10. a-year; and special view of securing to them also at this rate a goodly number may these sacred means of spiritual improvereceive substantial encouragement to ment. As the Magazine will be received prepare for so useful a work. From by many of these isolated brethren the second of these funds assistance is wbom the minutes of the Conference given to ministers or leaders of societies may never reach, we may add a recomof limited numbers or means, and some mendation to them to seek association grants of this kind were this year made with the nearest society, as a means of or continued.

connection with the body of the church Another of the funds annually dis- and of mutual be efit. pensed is that for incapacitated minis- Societies--lesser centres of commuters and the widows of ministers; and nication-are gradually becoming more the Rev. David Goyder and the widow numerous, so that the distance is conof the late Rev. Thomas Goyder, had stantly lessening that separates the their annual grants of £30. and £10. members of the church from each other, respectively renewed.

and prevents many of our brethren from The National Missionary Institution, enjoying the benefits of social interrecently enriched by the gift of £2,000. course and worship. Four new societies and the bequest of £180., and which is have this session been added to our list. under the direction of Conference, has Those of Brighton, Hammersmith, Not. been able to employ most of the working tingham, and St. Ives, which had applied to be admitted into connection with the from the bodies of the church at home Conference, were received. The proposal and abroad, and this forms perhaps to receive the Nottingbam society into the most deeply interesting part of the connection gave rise to a good deal of proceedings, not only of the day but discussion. Doubts of its stability and of the whole session. We wish we endurance existed in some minds; but might give those addresses entire. these were so far removed in the course This our space forbids ; nor would of the debate, that the motion for we be justified in doing so, since they its admission was almost unanimously will be printed in the Appendix to adopted. We have no doubt that this the Minutes. Still, as the Minutes are society, which consists of seventy regis- read by comparatively few, it may be tered members, and bas an intelligent allowable to give an outline of the more and experienced leader at its head, will important at least of these utterances of endeavour, by Divine help, to do every fraternal love between the churches, thing required to make it an addition of which will afford to our readers high moral as well as of numerical strength gratification. The address to the memto our body.

bers of the church throughout the It was agreed to present an address kingdom forms the first article in the of condolence and sympathy to the present number of the Magazine. The Queen, on her sorrowful bereavement, next in importance is undoubtedly that by the death of the Prince Consort; and sent to the General Conference of the a committee of ministers was appointed church in America, written by Mr. Kento prepare it. The address, prepared by nerley. The prominence of the body to Messrs. Smithson and Rendell during which it is addressed, and its own excelthe sitting of Conference, was read and lence, alike entitle it to the largest space. adopted at a subsequent stage of its proceedings. We cannot, of course, in- To the General Convention of the New sert it before it has been pre-ented to

Church in America. Her Majesty; but we can assure our This address commences by saying friends that it embodies at once senti. that the deep regret of the members of ments of the truest loyalty and of the most the church on the non-reception of an elevating and consoling Christian truth. address was only exceeded by the deep

Among the last of the resolutions feeling of Christian sympathy felt for the adopted by the Conference was one brethern in America, when vividly rewhich may appropriately close this brief minded of the cause which had internotice of its proceedings; it was in rupted our reciprocalcongratulations and reference to the International Exhibi. loving encouragements, that“ the bond of tion. The present being the year of the perfectness” may now unite more closely Great International Exhibition, in which the varied elements of the Anglo-Saxon almost every nation in the world is re- race, especially within the walls of the presented by the various productions of New Jerusalem. “We were gratified, the earth, and by the marvellous im- however,” it proceeds to say, " by hearprovements in the arts and sciences, it ing, in a private communication, the viwas resolved :-“That this Conference gorous advocacy of our esteemed brother, desires to express its gratitude to the the Rev. Dr. Worcester, in the cause Lord, for these evidences and illustra- of human liberty, regardless of colour, tions of the universal progress of man- nation, or clime. We endorse fully the kind, which the Conference acknowledges sentiment that slavery is not, and canto be the result of the Second Advent of not be proved to be, in accordance with our Lord, and hails as the sure har- the genuine teachings of the Divine binger of a new era—the reign of peace Word. Equally incompatible is it with on earth, and goodwill towards men;' the nature and principles of true humaand the earnest that the kingdoms of nity. Tbe earnest and faithful among this world are becoming the kingdoms men must hold it in utter abhorrence, of our Lord and of His Christ, when He and regard its toleration, much more its shall reign for ever and ever.'"

defence or extension, as a deep stain

upon our common Christianity as well ADDRESSES.

as upon the philanthrophy of our race. Among the documents read to the Hath not God made of one blood all Conference are the addresses to and nations of men ? Is it not a special [Enl. Series.—No. 105, vol. ix.]


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doctrine of the New Jerusalem that no on earth, good will to men!' War will one is reformed in states of non-ration- then be held in abhorrence, nations will ality and liberty'? While the golden peacefully develop their resources, the rule of Christian charity obtains, and fruits of industry will not be absorbed this will be for ever, that we should by expensive armaments, and rebellion do unto others as we would that they and aggression will hide their heads. should do unto us,' slavery must tarnish We hope when the calm has succeeded the escutcheon of its advocates, and dis- the present storm, that the fruitage of honour the flag of the nation that so far your afflictions will be abundant, and that allows the selfish element to destroy or the God who has helped you hitherto imprison its higher thought, as to foster, will continue to aid you to an extent sustain, or justify its existence. Our only limited by your own reception. King Alfred said that an Englshman Amongst us there are signs of adshould be as free as his thoughts;" and vancement. The writings are being what is true of one man is, in such essen- more read; tracts by tens of thousands tials, true of all men.

are being distributed; lectures are being • While your present pressure of na- delivered throughout the kingdom; the tional affliction may have been prepared pastoral care of our several societies is by the growth, interests, and advocacy of increased, and the lambs of the flock slavery, still it has been heightened by are being led unto the fold. The modern the unchecked love of dominion, spring. necromancy has sped its meteoric course, ing from tbe love of self. The love of and has left our horizon. The religious rule is the baneful source of all indivi- world is reviving the associations, expedual and national distress and sorrow. riences, and traditions of the nonMay the Lord in His own good time conformity of the Puritans. In the restrain its influence in every person, but Church of England all is unstable as especially among our dear brethren in an ocean of sand, while the Thirty-nine the west! May the spirit of repentance Articles, like the sphinx of Egypt, half rather than of desperation and despair buried amid the ever moving, suffocating unite with the love of union, which is flood, are being assailed by the developstrength, rather than with the love of ment of rational thought, both from conquest, to bring you into calm and within and from without. But we hear peaceful states of national reflection and of some, even among the clergy, who earnest patriotic action, that your great find light in their darkness and peace country may be a city set on an hill in their distractions from the writings which cannot be hid!' We all know that of the New Jerusalem. But while we patriotism is a true Christian characte- regard this as a sign of progress, we look ristic. But still our love of country rather to the education of the rising should never cause us to forget that generation, especially by their parents, every land is some man's country, and in our societies, for the solid and permathat as we are all the children of one nent establishment and extension of the common Father, we must ever be so far visible church. cosmopolitan as to love other lands as “In conclusion, dearly beloved brethren, we love our own. This sentiment of with fraternal affection we say, Farewell! fraternality received by the people of the greeting you in the name of the Lord earth will establish harmony and united Jesus, whose we are, and whom we ought action throughout the world, while it to serve,-confiding you to His tender preserves the peculiar identity of each mercies and providential keeping. May people, and sustains a variety in liar- we ever feel that we are all watchmen; mony which enhances the happiness of and in all our meetings together upon all, and is the only foundation of lasting earth, may we be reminded of the eternal peace. Action on this idea will substi- and perfect meeting of the church triumtute the arbitration of reason for the phant in heaven! Thus watching, and decision of the sword. The Lord will ever praying, may we find our faith inthen reign amongst men. Self-love crease, our hope strengthen, our hearts will become a servant; national jealousy enlarge, while charity and mutual love will be unknown, because the pride of adorn our duty-doing, until we are called nations will then be to uphold the to enter into the kingdom prepared for Gospel banner, on which is emblazoned, us from the foundation of the world!” in characters of celestial light, ‘Peace This address had been read at the General Convention which met at Boston quality, and the foundations of the New in June last, when an answer to it was Jerusalem will be established and its directed to be sent; but at this stage of walls erected. Within these spacious our proceedings it had not arrived. On walls, which, unlike walls built of mere the Saturday evening, when the minister earthly materials, can be constantly exappointed to close the Conference stood tended, all who acknowledge the Lord up to read from the Word, it was an. in His Divine Humanity as the one and nounced by the Secretary that the only Source of Life, and the one only desired answer had just been received, Object of worship, will be gathered and the service was delayed till the together, and form one fold, under one interesting document should be read, Shepherd, 'who has laid down His life the substance of which may be given for the sheep.' here. The address was brief, but af- “But this happy state of true union fecting. It spoke in terms of great and brotherhood cannot, in the nature admiration of the address which had of things, according to the laws of been sent from this country. It reci. Divine Order, be speedily accomplished. procated in the warmest terms the Time is required for its accomplish. assurances of their ardent affection ment, and the Lord will hasten it in which the Conference bad addressed His time.' We must, therefore, 'keep to the brethren in America, and thanked our souls in patience, and abide the them for the deep sympathy which Lord's time, for the increase and estabthey had expressed for them in their lishment of His Church. great national affliction. It deplored, “Now, although the reception of our and recounted with terrible effect, the heavenly doctrines, both in Germany, horrors and the miseries of war; it at in France, and in our own country, is the same time pointed out and lamented not so rapid and so extensive as we the causes in human corruption and evil could wish, yet we find the good work is which led to it, but expressed a pious going on, for the ground of reception reliance on Divine Providence, who must first be prepared before the recepwould certainly bring good out of the tion itself can take place. And do we evil, and make the present dreadful and not see that, in every region of Christendesolating scourge the means of correc. dom, the Lord, by His new and powerful tion and improvement in righteousness. influx, is undermining the strongholds

of false doctrines; and that, to very To the Church in Germany. many thinking minds, who wish to This address, written by Mr. Smith, understand the grounds of their faith, son, we should gladly print entire, but the false creeds and fallacious doctrines must be content to give some extracts, are becoming unpalatable ? as follows:

“ In Germany, for example, you have " It rejoices us to find, that although a negative rationalism, which is poweryou are not in possession of religious fully at work in undermining the belief liberty, as is the case in our beloved in unintelligible dogmas, and in delivercountry, yet you can assemble together ing the mind from the dark bondage in as a religious body, and unite. your which it has been held. And although efforts and your means in promoting this negation has carried its operathe good and holy cause we have all so tions even into the province of Revelamuch at heart.

tion itself, and has cast doubts and “We rejoice to see that, through the denial upon many portions of the Divine indefatigable industry of our beloved Word, yet we have reason to believe brother, Dr. Tafel, all the precious that the Son of Man,' or the Word, works of our enlightened Swedenborg must go through this ordeal and this are being gradually translated into suffering before it can enter into its German, for your instruction and edifica- glory,'--that is, beforeits spiritual sense tion in the spiritual truths of the Word, can be seen and acknowledged, and its and in the great realities of eternal true interpretation be admitted in the life. As the mind becomes impressed church. And in other countries also a with these truths, not only will the false similar pause is, under the Lord's Prodoctrines of the Old Church be seen and vidence, going on, which will, we have condemned, but the New Church will reason to believe, prepare the way for gather strength both as to number and the reception of the doctrines of the

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New Church. Whilst, therefore, we do lowing of the Lord Jesus, by doing His not externally see that increase in the commandments in His spirit and in His reception of the doctrines which we all name; a loving study of the holy Word might desire to behold, yet we know that and the writings of the church, that we the ground is being extensively pre- may be wise and good; a constant effort pared for their reception. In the erec- in our various circles of life to do justly, tion of a magnificent building or temple, love mercy, and walk humbly with the there is for a long time much work to Lord ;-these are the grand means of be done under ground before any of the exciting inquiry around us, and of inducstructure is visible, yet unknown that ing others to ask the way to life which the work is going on. And can there prepares for heaven by bringing heaven be a more magnificent building or temple already within the soul; and which will than that which the Lord has now be fulfilling the command—Let your begun to erect?-A temple which is to lights so shine before men that they last for ever, and which can never decay may see your good works, and glorify or be destroyed. The foundation of your Father who is in heaven.'' this magnificent temple is the Lord Himself in His Divine Humanity. This From the Church in Canada. is, as the prophet says, the 'sure The present is the first which has foundation, and precious corner-stone,' been sent from this part of the British upon which the church must be built, possessions. As this communication, both in our minds individually and in while expressing a warm brotherly affecthe church universally. That we may tion, and an earnest desire for comall through our enlightened faith in the munion, contains an interesting account Lord, and through a holy love of Him, of the origin of the church in that be established on this sure foundation, colony, an abstract will no doubt be is the sincere prayer of your brethren acceptable. The address is not from a in England."

single society, but from “ The Associa

tion of the New Church in Canada," To the Church in Adelaide, Australia. formed by the union of several societies.

This address was written by Dr. Bayley. “On the 20th of June last," the address It speaks of the children in that distant informs us,“ nearly all the receivers of land as being regarded by the Conference the doctrines in Canada, either in person as children far away from home, as mes- or by proxy, assembled in Berlin, in sengers to remote lands having invalu- Canada West, and formed themselves able treasures, as out-posts of the Holy into an association, under the title of City, communicating to the surround. The Association of the New Church in ing wastes some of the influences which Canada.' By this union the brethren are descending to bless mankind. It there desire to work strenuously for the expresses the desire that they may be Lord's good cause in that part of His specially strengthened to maintain the earthly kingdom, where humanity is good cause in difficult circumstances, awakening to the perception of new and be increased in all heavenly gifts, wants which nothing but the new truths so that in them may be realised the can satisfy. But the main object of our prophecy—“They shall lay hold of the present address is to greet you as breskirt of Him that is a Jew, saying, we will thren in the name of the Lord, who has go with you, for we have heard that God said— By this shall all men know that is with you.” It expresses the pleasure ye are my disciples, if ye love one with which the Conference has heard of another. May we strengthen each their diligently sustaining public wor- other, not so much by the enthusiasm ship and social meetings; it prays them of a lofty faith as by the pure sphere of not to be discouraged by alternations a lowly charity. The letter gives a brief that are incident to all societies, and it account of the origin and progress of exhorts them ever to be faithful to duty the church in that province. The first in their various relations, which, amid society in Canada was formed in Berlin all their changes, will secure them the in 1841; three persons met for worship Divine blessing. After stating to them in private, who built a church, which some of the causes of thankfulness was opened on the 25th of December of among ourselves for providential aids, the following year. The origin of this it concludes by saying—“A faithful fol society is remarkable. Mr. Christian

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