Gaillard's Medical Journal, Band 41


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Seite 463 - Transactions" in the language in which it was presented, and preliminary abstracts of papers and addresses also shall be printed, each in the language in which it is to be delivered. All discussions shall be printed in English. 10. The President of the Congress, the...
Seite 432 - The notion prevails that the nourishing qualities of the meat pass into the decoction, and that the dry, hard remnant of meat-fibre which remains undissolved is exhausted of its nutritive properties, and this latter is often given to the cat or dog, or even, as •I have known, thrown away as useless rubbish into the slop-pail.
Seite 464 - Sections shall be nominated to the Congress at the opening of. its first session. 14. The Executive Committee shall, at some convenient time before the meeting of the Congress, prepare a list of foreign Vice-Presidents of the Congress and foreign Vice-Presidents of the Sections, to be nominated to the Congress at the opening of its first session. 15- There shall be a standing Committee on Finance, composed of one representative from each State and Territory, the District of Columbia, the Medical'...
Seite 683 - First American, from the manuscript of the second German edition, with Additions. Ninety Plates, with 105 Illustrations, Chromo-Lithographs. Square 8vo. Cloth, $6.00.
Seite 79 - ... and often disappear under its administration. 2. Cimicifuga has a positive antispasmodic effect upon the parturient woman. The neuralgic cramps, and irregular pains of the first stage of labor are ameliorated, and often altogether abolished. In fact during the first indiscriminate use of the drug in all cases, I had the mortification, with a few women, of terminating the labor so precipitately, and without prodromic symptoms, as to be unable to reach the bedside before the birth.
Seite 463 - Congress and of the Sections. This Committee shall have power to add to its membership, but the total number of members shall not exceed thirty. A number equal to one-third of the members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.
Seite 315 - This has a strong aromatic odour, which I have often detected about the patient and his room on the following day. With this there is a rapid decline of temperature, immediate abatement of frontal headache — in a word, complete defervescence — and it seldom happens that a second bottle ia required ; if so, the dose must be repeated as above.
Seite 271 - Why, of course, we should open the abdomen promptly, clean out the peritoneal cavity, search for the perforation, pare its edges and bring them together with sutures, and treat the case as we now treat other cases involving the peritoneum. Rest assured...
Seite 462 - Congress may see fit to admit. 2. The dues for members of the Congress shall be ten dollars each for members residing in the United States. There shall be no dues for members residing in foreign countries. Each member of the Congress shall be entitled to receive a copy of the "Transactions
Seite 309 - The most reliable ready method is probably that proposed by Dr. Vaughan a year ago, and it is as follows : Press a small strip of blue litmus paper (which can be obtained at any drug store) against a freshly cut surface of the cheese ; if the paper is reddened instantly and intensely, the cheese may be regarded with suspicion.

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