Transactions of the Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society

Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society., 1906
Vol. 7-10, 12-21 contain section: "Bibliography of Lancashire and Cheshire antiquities" (v. 12-21 include also bibliography).

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Seite 71 - Sardanapalli. monstro quod ipse tibi possis dare; semita certe tranquillae per virtutem patet unica vitae. nullum numen habes, si sit prudentia: nos te, nos facimus, Fortuna, deam caeloque locamus.
Seite 11 - Index to archaeologists is now recognised. Every effort is made to keep its contents up to date and continuous, but it is obvious that the difficulties are great unless the assistance of the societies is obtained. If for any reason the papers of a society are not indexed in the year to which they properly belong...
Seite 219 - ... government who are most instrumental in my death. I freely forgive such as ungenerously reported false things of me ; and I hope to be forgiven the trespasses of my youth by the Father of infinite mercy, into whose hands I commend my soul.
Seite 109 - January, 1741-2, in which he states he is seized in fee simple of 'one moiety of a building in King Street called the Exchange, which lies open and is used as a footway or passage for all persons passing and re-passing for King Street and the new church in Manchester, with a chamber or room over the said way or passage, now used for an assembly room, and a cellar under the same.
Seite 235 - Candidates for admission to the Society must be proposed by one member of the Society, and seconded by another. Applications for admission must be submitted in writing to the Council, who shall, as soon as possible after the receipt of the application, determine the election or otherwise of the candidate. Each new member shall have his election notified to him by the Honorary Secretary, and shall at the same time be furnished with a copy of the Rules, and be required to remit to the Treasurer, within...
Seite 236 - ... from him. The Council shall have power to remove any name from the list of members on due cause being shown to them. Members wishing to resign at the termination of the year can do so by informing the Honorary Secretary, in writing, of their intention, on or before the 30th November, in that year. 4. HONORARY MEMBERS. — The Council shall have the power of recommending persons for election as honorary members. 5. HONORARY LOCAL SECRETARIES. — The Council shall have power to appoint any person...
Seite 236 - Council shall have power to appoint any person Honorary Local Secretary, whether he be a member or not, for the town or district wherein he may reside, in order to facilitate the collection of accurate information as to objects and discoveries of local interest. 6. SUBSCRIPTIONS. — An annual subscription of ten shillings and sixpence shall be paid by each member. All such subscriptions shall be due in advance on the first day of January. 7. ENTRANCE FEE. — Each person on election shall pay an...
Seite 162 - ... Kamehameha, who himself laid the corner stone. It stands on the brow of a hill, a little back from the beach, and fronting the seashore. It consists now principally of a high wall about ten feet thick at the base and five at the top, twenty feet in height on three sides of the parallelogram, which is about a hundred and twenty feet in breadth and two hundred and forty feet in length, but on the front side the wall, instead of being elevated much above the area inclosed, consists of four or fire...
Seite 238 - His decision on all questions of precedence among speakers, and on all disputes which may arise during the meeting, to be absolute. In the absence of the President or Vice-Presidents, it shall be competent for the members present to elect a chairman. The Treasurer shall...
Seite 11 - ... which they properly belong the plan is to include them in the following year ; and whenever the papers of societies are brought into the Index for the first time they are then indexed from the year 1891. By this means it will be seen that the year 1891 is treated as the commencing year for the Index and that all transactions published in and since that year will find their place in the series.

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