The History of Market-Harborough, in Leicestershire, and It's Vicinity ...

The Author, 1808 - 102 Seiten

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Seite 29 - Talk what you will of the Jews, that they are cursed, they thrive wherever they come ; they are able to oblige the prince of their country by lending him money ; none of them beg ; they keep together ; and for their being hated, my life for yours, Christians hate one another as much.
Seite 57 - Th' adventure of the bear and fiddle Is sung, but breaks off in the middle. When civil fury first grew high, And men fell out, they knew not why; When hard words, jealousies, and fears, Set folks together by the ears, And made them fight, like mad or drunk, For Dame Religion, as for punk...
Seite 96 - For as the country grew more populous, and persons more devout, several other churches were founded within the extent of the former ; and then a new parochial circuit was allotted in proportion to the new church, and the manor or estate of the founder of it. Thus certainly began the increase of parishes, when one too large and diffuse for the resort of all...
Seite 73 - Ui come in ; till their piftob being difcharged, the cavalier, with a flanting back blow of a broad fword, ^chanced to cut the ribbon that held Cromwell's murrion, and, with a draw, threw it off his head ; and now, juft as he was going to repeat his ftroke, Cromwell's party...
Seite 14 - That person which by open denunciation of the Church is rightly cut off from the unity of the Church, and excommunicated, ought to be taken of the whole multitude of the faithful, as an Heathen and Publican, until he be openly reconciled by penance, and received into the Church by a Judge that hath authority thereunto.

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