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Leaves from an Actor's Note-Book; with Sword and Gown. By the Author of " Guy Reminiscences and Chit-Chat of the Green- Livingstone." Boston. Ticknor & Fields. Room and the Stage, in England and Ameri- 16mo. pp. 308. 75 cts. ca. By George Vandenhoff. New York. D. The Money King and other Poems. By Appleton & Co. 12mo. pp. vi., 347. $1.00. John G. Saxe. With a New Portrait. Bos

The Manufacture of Photogenic or Hydro- ton. Ticknor & Fields. 16mo. pp. X., 182. Carbon Oils, from Coal and other Bitumin- 75 cts. ous Substances, capable of supplying Burn- Chambers's Encyclopædia; a Dictionary ing Fluids. By Thomas Antisell, M. D., Pro- of Universal Knowledge for the People. On fessor of Chemistry in the Medical Depart- the Basis of the Latest Edition of the German ment of Georgetown College, D. C., etc. New Conversations-Lexicon. Illustrated by Wood York. D. Appleton & Co. 8vo. pp. 144. Engravings and Maps. Part VII. New York, $1.75.

D. Appleton & Co. 8vo. pp. 64.

15 cts. The Boy's Own Toy-Maker; a Practical A Good Fight, and other Tales. By Charles Illustrated Guide to the Useful Employment Reade, Author of " Love Me Little, Love Me of Leisure Hours. By E. Landells, Author Long," “ Peg Woffington," " Christie Jolinof “ Home Pastime, or the Child's Own Toy- stone,” etc., etc.; with Ilustrations. New Maker.” With Numerous Engravings. New York. Harper & Brothers. 12mo. pp. 341. York. D. Appleton & Co. Square 16mo. 75 cts. pp. viii., 153. 50 cts.

Family-Circle Glee-Book; containing about The Children's Picture-Gallery. Engrav- Two Hundred Songs, Glees, Choruses, etc., inings from One Hundred Paintings by Emi- cluding many of the most Popular Pieces of nent English Artists. Adapted for the Young. the Day; arranged and harmonized for Four New York. D. Appleton & Co. 4to. pp. 105. Voices with Full Accompaniments for the Pia$1.50.

no, Seraphine, and Melodeon. For the Use of Women of Worth. A Book for Girls. Illus- Glee-Clubs, Singing-Classes, and the Home trated by W. Dickes. New York. W. A. Circle. Compiled by Elias Howe. Vol. II. Townsend & Co. 16mo. pp. 302. 75 cts.

Boston. Russell & Tolman. Square fro. The Headsman; or, The Abbaye des Vi- pp. 240. $1.50. gnerons. A Tale. By J. Fenimore Cooper. Gold Foil Hammered from Popular ProyIllustrated from Drawings by F. 0. C. Dar- erbs. By Timothy Titcomb, Author of " Letley. New York. W. A. Townsend & Co. ters to the Young." New York. Charles 12mo. pp. X., 496. $1.50.

Scribner. 16mo. pp. 358. $1.00. The Physiology of Common Life. By George Address Commemorative of Rufus Choate. Henry Lewes, Author of " Seaside Studies," By Theophilus Parsons. Delivered before the “Life of Goethe," etc. 2 vols. Vol. I. New Students of the Law School of Harvard UniYork. D. Appleton & Co. 16mo. pp. viii., versity, at their Request, on the 29th of Sep368. $1.00.

tember, 1859. Boston. Little, Brown, & Co. The Glory of the House of Israel; or the 8vo. pp. 40. 25 cts. Hebrew's Pilgrimage to the Holy City; com- Life of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. By prising a Picture of Judaism in the Century Alphonse de Lamartine. New York. Shelwhich preceded the Advent of our Saviour. don & Co. 18mo. pp. 275. 50 cts. By Frederick Strauss. Philadelphia. J. B. Loss and Gain; or, Margaret's Home. By Lippincott & Co. 12mo.

pp. xxiii., 480.

Alice B. Haven. New York. D. Appleton $1.25.

& Co. 16mo. pp. 315. $1.00. Women Artists in all Ages and Countries. At Home and Abroad; a Sketch-Book of By Mrs. Ellet, Author of " The Women of the Life, Scenery, and Men. By Bayard Taylor. American Revolution," etc. New York. Har- New York. G. P. Putnam. 12mo. pp. vi., per & Brothers. 12mo. pp. XX., 377. $1.00. 500. $1.25.

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