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ing the voyage, any of them should be conveniencies, with a hurdle, fitter to is come; Liberty is proclaimed to the stimulated to attempt a recovery of their put the body to torture, than to afford it captive, and the opening of the prison just and rightful liberty, horrid mang- eafe for a bed.”

to them that are bound, they fall reft Jings, shocking mutilations, are the ine- It is impossible adequately to represent from their forrow, and from their fear, vitable consequence. Even if no such the varied injuries, the multiplied wrongs, and from the hard bondage wherein they attempt be made, they are, on divers which these our fellow creatures suffer were made to serve."

T. occafions, thrown alive into the sea. from unrelenting talk-masters, who, in- Kingston, Dorset, Nov. 23. Humanity, I hear thee, loudly thou ex- Itead of sympathising with them, deride claimest, 'It is not possible! Would to their sorrows, mock the tears they force heaven, it were not. But that, in the to flow, enjoy the groans, and as it were,

ANECDOTE year 1981, 133 unhappy Africans were lap the blood of misery; Nor can we bé handcuffed and thrown alive into the at all surprised to find that not less than devouring deep, whilst the very dogs of twenty thousand die annually in what is of the Court of Guildhall will afford if roused by these intolerable injuries, fimplicity of whose diction, we cannot theirheyrānts were preferred; the records sjocularly perhaps) called the seasoning / WHEN this nobleman, of the plaindamning proof. Well has it been ob- the hapless victims of the most insatiate speak in terms fufficiently strong, paid served on this horrid deed, that “God, cruelty should at any time attempt to re- his last visit to his estates in Ireland, he who looks down upon all his creatures affert that liberty which alone makes life attempted to exercise the captivations of with an impartial eye, seems to have in- valuable, this is considered as an ample his address on his unsuspecting tenants in fatuated the parties concerned, that it juftification of the most diabolical bar- that kingdom, but not on all with an might be recorded in the annals of a pub- barity-Never shall I forget the account equal degree of success. Riding out one Jic court, as an authentic specimen of the which a West Indian planter once gave day, he met with a Mr. W who treatment which the unfortunate Africans me of the punishment inficted on fome occupied a large farm from his Lord Chip; receive, and at the same time as an ar- rebel Naves (as they were termed) in An- and understanding that he was hattening gument that there is no species of cruelty tigua; who, having not forgotten that home to the christening of one of his that is recorded to have been exercised they were born free, and had never fold children, the Peer very frankly offered upon these wretched people so enormous their liberty, resolved, if possible, to re- himself to be his guest: The other, bowthat it may not readily be believed.cover their Soul's beft, only blessing.” | ing very respectfully, in return for this

Here, gentlemen, you will do well to They failed; and horrible was the ven- offer, replied, “ that he could not possibly pause a little, and adore the goodness of geance of their tyrants. As far as it is

accept of the honour intended him;the great Father of all, who hath gra- in my power, I will recollect his very

that his friends, who were afsembled on ciously cast your lot in a land of liberty; words"Martial law was proclaimed the occanion, were all honest plain-speaking and whilft your hearts beat high with We seized seventy of the rascals, and, men, and as such could not be fit Company grateful transport for the ineitimable making large fires, chopped off the legs for his Lordship." blelling, think, I entreat you, on the and arms of several, and threw them wretched Af/ican, the offspring of the into the fire, before their eyes. Some of fame God, the heir of the lame heavenly them we hung alive in chains, on a beach

A certain Cure for the MEASLES in inheritance, with yourselves, wearing where you would think no European

SWINE. away life in hopeless misery, and deprived, could live twenty-four hours: one harunder a British Government, of all pro- dened dog lived Some days; bawling incel- IT frequently happens tha: (wine are

, Water” When, after surviving distresles next to My blood ran cold, and my heart died nes, which is casily discovered by the intolerable, the much-injured Africans within me at the recital ; which the meat or felh containing finall globular red are landed in a Christian Country, our planter. perhaps observing said, with or white puftules of different lizes, varyWest-India settlements—the dominions much indifference, “ These things seem ing according to the different degrees of of England; they are exposed to sale, ex-shocking; but they are very necessary.” the disease ; which originates from their actly like cattle in a market, and, hav- Perish, say I, (anticipating, Gentle being fed with fusty damaged corn, or ing undergone a shocking examination by men, your own feelings) for ever perith some unwholesome food; or from their those who gage and span

the commerce which makes such horrid being boiled in lead and copper vessels, in And buy the muscles and the bones of man," cruelties necessary. Let us unite to abo- which it has lain too long; or from their are sold to the best bidder, branded lish them, and call, with a voice which being kept in a wet or dirty pen; either on the breast with a hot iron, and have must be heard, on our Representatives in of which causes tends to obstruct the free their ears fit. This cruel introduction Parliament, to rescue the unjustly-afflicted circulation of the Auids; hence arise those to their slavery being finished, they be Africans from violence, to listen to the globular pustules, which are the juices come the absolute property of their pur-cry of the needy, and of those that have rendered viscid and coagulated.- About chasers, and may be beaten, tortured, no helper.

once a week mix too spoonfuls of madder mangled, murdered, starved, at the will To see you, gentlemen, nobly taking in their food, which prevents obftrucand pleasure of their masters. From five the lead in this great work of philan- tions, acting as a diuretic, and is at the in the morning till nine at night, during thropy, is my ardent wilh; and should same time an aftringent. And on some the greater part of the year they are com- you be disappointed—but it cannot be other day in the week give a spoonful or pelled to ftrain every labouring sinew, Already fee I the glad vessel, freighted two of an equal quantity of flour of fulin a burning climate, under the eye of with the precious boon of freedom, on phur and salt petre, well pounder and merciless agents, deaf as the lath they her way (whilft every propitiatory wind mixed, which purifies and cools the wield to all the inabilities of weakness, kiffes all her fails) I witness the extatic blood. over fatigue, or sickness; and when this joy which penetrates the bosoms of thy to each pail of food in the morning, on tedious day of wretchedness is past, they Irons, O Africk! and hear these joyous separate days, entirely prevent the meaare graciously permitted to return to “á sounds wasted over the vast Atlantic; nes, keep the swine extremely healthy, narrow, unwholesome hut, without any “ Behold the acceptable year of the Lord and fatten them more expeditiously,

COME Abiye teme and guardian of my fame;

THALIA's Invocation to Mrs. ABINGTON.

For bald hopes that once 'bove worlds could foar, Then, to your judgnient, would I owe
Wake keener wues that bleed upon the light;

All that I read, and write, and know; NOME, Abington, thou ever honour'd name,

These crouding rise, and urge the desp'ra te lore, Can those who wish like me pretend, " To fink defpondent in the shades of night."

To part the Lover and the Friend !. Forego the habits of luxurious ease,

Now as some wretch 'fore whom in tort'ring Coine, then, and let us dare to prove, And deign to act as you were born to please.


Disinterested sweets of Love;
Gladden the motly tenants of the earth,
In horrid forms-nocturnal spectres play,

For generous Love no dwelling finds,
Revive good humour, and establish mirth;
With joy.fraught argument pursue your way,
He itarts aghaft!--but soon his visual streams

In poor and mercenary minds : And make the offspring of despair your prey. Seem'd glad once more to mingle with the day. Laugh at life's idle Autt'ring things;

Careless who like, or discommend, The bleak dominions of pale care invade, For now reflection, with a thousand tongues,

Bled in the Lover and the Friend !
And bring the force of reason to thy aid;

Pleads from the names of father, husband, friend,
Drive giant Folly from a sinking stage,
Whilit Pity wept from sympathetic wrongs,

Oh! come, and we'll together hafte,
Assume the fock and regulate the age.
Urging how far the social ties extend.

O'er life's uncomfortable watte: See Truth demands you for her scenic guide,

Bear the sharp thorn, to find the rose, And all the passions woo you hy her fide.

Half-footh'd, he hears-when-lo! a form before And smile at transitory woes ;
Thou laughing chief of female greatness, say,
Suspicion fram’d, with years all silver crown'd;

Keep the bright goal of hope in view,
Shall Genius perish, and thall Truih decay?
An auburn belt around his loins he wore,

Nor look behind, as others do ;
Bleft by her Ministry, support her rule,
O'er amice grey, in ancient days renown'd.

Till Death, and only Death, shall end, Enforce her precepts, and adorn her school. Whom thus, “ Fond wight, ah ! thun that Sy- At once the Lover and the Friend. Survey the mind of prostituted wit,

ren's charms; And Mew where Honour trembled when he writ; Alas! to thee the ear of Fate is steel'd! Whisper the axiom that Longinus taught,

What though she bids thee linger in her arms, And place the Stagyrite before his thought.

Ε Ρ Ι Τ Α Ρ Η To gild thy prospects Fortune ne'er will yield." 'Tis thine the race of Envy to defeat,

In NEWMARKET Church-Yard.. And solace Wisdom on the judginent-seat;

He ends; -and now resolv’d from all that charms,
Where recreant fools in busy inyriads crowd,
Indignant ftrait the hapless subject turns;

Here lies,
Weak, though didactic, and unlearn'd, tho' loud.
That fires the hero, or the poet warms,

Ready to start, with full Hopes to save bis Distance,
With polish'd jest to banish reddening strife,
And every melting soft endearment spurns.

THOMAS TURF, And brighten every link of social life;

Oh, Virtue ! thee in vain have I ador'd, Strip Falsehood of her sevenfold difguise,

Formerly Grooin to Sir Marmaduke Match'em, Or where's the meed you taught me to demand ? Admonish Anger, and delight the wise. Whene'er Distress to me her plaints hath pourd,

But was beat out of Sight by that great Rockingham
Seize Sa'ire on the wild fantastic wing,
Affail iis object, and apply the sting;
If ever I with-held my lib'ral hand.

D Ε Α Τ Η,
Give force and spirit to the Muse's fung,
Then, then I yield; 'tis juft-oppofing strife

And draw ihe boundaries of right and wrong. Has left me thus to poignant scorn a prey;
Obedient Merit waits on thy command,

Here lies a Groom who longer life deserv’d, He said ;-and glowing with contempt of life, As Truth implores you to correct the land;

Whose course was strait, from which he never His vengeful steel diftain'd the verdant way. Resplendant Phæbus marks you for his care,

fwerud; And Virtue adds a postscript to my pray'r.

W. H. R. Yet ere was quite complete his fiftieth round*,

Grim death at Choak Jade + brought him to the


This tyrant oft' to cross and jofle tried,

The LOVER and the FRIEND. But not till now could gain the whip-hand side. TнE SU I CI DE.

In youth he saw the high-bred cattle, train’d
NDU'D with all that could adorn,
Or bless
the first and faireft born,

By gentlest means, and easiest trammels rein'd.
A foul !- that looks superior down,

He taught them soon the ending stand to gain, ORN from his home by iron-handed pow'r, Let gidiy fortune smile or frown ;

Swift as CAMILLA O'er the velvet plain; Onwards he moves with blent pace and flow;

With age's wisdom not her years,

Oft' from the crack ones bear the prize away, What gloomy passions on his fancy lour !

Stella, all excellence appears :

And proudly triumph in the blaze of day.
De pair and discord triumph on his brow.

Then who can blame me, if I blend
The name of Lover with the Friend?

But of late years he train’d the useful plough, Mute through the town each busy scene he past,

To grace with yellow grain the naked brow : Wild o'er his eye the burning frenzy rolls ;

Like Noah's dove, my busy breast,

And the green turf, which they were wont to tread, Not once behind one ling’ring look he calt,

Has rov'd to find a place of rest!

Affords the trembling oats with which they're fed. But meant disdain on all between the poles.

Some faithful bosom, to repose, Irresolution still his course attends,

And hush the family of woes.

O may this sod, with thorny texture bound, Indiff'rent that to those who hopeless rove;

Then, do I dream ? or, have I found

Protect from feet prophane this sacred ground; Yet to’ards the fields his feet unheeded winds;

The fair and hospitable ground?

And may his colts and fillies I truly run For Melancholy loves the solemn grove.

Oh! quit your sex's rules, and lend

Their Beacon Course ll, and see a later fun.

A Lover's wishes to the Friend. But Sylvan scenes in vain fresh views supply,

* The King's Plate Course. The welkin's gloom in vain fresh breezes clear;

Absence I try'd,—but try'd in vain! Too weak's each charm to move his earth-fix'd It heals not, but upbraids my pain;

+ A fteep ascent in the Long Course. eye, For thee! I'd bear the reaper's toil;

| His infant sons and daughters. Nor choral songs could charm his fick’ning ear. For thee! consuine the midnight oil;

ll A long strait Course of four Miles.


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The ROSE: A SONG Chapel, and was written when he was a to the proprietors of the soil. The fupeboy at Winchester school.

rior elegance of the mahogany to any {pe[From WALLER.)

Speaking of the death of Christ he thus cies of our native timber, must be admitexpreffes himself:

ted, but, nevertheless, the walnut is far Godoybey Bhas Waltes her time and me,

from being devoid of beauty when properBUT now alas! far other views disclose

ly worked up; and as for durability it is That now the knows,

The blackest comprehensive scene of woes. preferable, as may be evinced, by beams When I resemble her to thee, See where man's voluntary Sacrifice

of that timber being frequently found in How sweet and fair she seems to be.

Bows his meek head, and God eternal dies ! old castles and manfions in England, which, Tell her that's young,

Fix'd to the cross, his healing arms are bound, after some centuries from the time of their And Muns to have her graces spy'd,

While copious Mercy streams from every wound. being cut down, were very little injured

Mark the blood-drops that, life exhausting, roll, by the weather, or the destructive tooth of That hadit thou sprung

And the strong pang that rends the stubborn soul ! time. In desarts, where no men abide,

As all Death's tortures, with severe delay,
Thou must have uncoininended dy'd.

Exult and riot in the nobleft prey.
Small is the worth

And canst thou, ftupid Man, those forrows see, To the Editor of the County MAGAZINE, Of beauty from the light retird:

Nor share the arguilh which he bcars for thee?
Bid her come forth,

Thy Sin, for which his sacred flesh is torn,
Suffer herself to be desir'd,

HERE cannot be a stronger argu.
Points every nail, and tharpens every thorn;
An I not blush so to be adinir'd.

Canst thou ?-While Nature Imarts in every wound,
And each pang cleaves the fyınpathetic ground!

of the military unnecessarily, than the con-
Then die ! that the
The common fate of all things r are
Lo! the black Sun, his chariot backward driven,

sideration that most of the nations of the May read in thee, Blots out the day, and perishes from Heaven:

world, who have been enslaved, have been

deprived of their liberties by a very small How small a part of time they share Earth, trembling from her entrails, bears a part,

number of men. That are so wond'rous sweet and fair! And the rent rock upbraids Man's stubborn heart,

Oliver Cromwell left behind him no more than 27,000 men. The Duke of

Monmouth, the darling of the people, VERSES.

was fuppresled with 2000. Cæsar feized The ROSE RETURN'D.

Rome itself with less than 5000. He

HEN laft Horatio bless'd my sight,
In Answer to the above.

fought the battle of Pharsalia, which deTho' funk in deep despair,

cided the fate of the world, with 20,000. GRI loving Balewaltes his time on me,

His presence quickly put to flight

Most of the revolutions, both of the RoEach soul-consuming care.

man and Ottoman Empires, fince Cæfar's That now he knows,

time, were caused by the Prætorian Bands, When he resembles me to thee,

Retorning vigour did pervade

and the court Janissaries; the former of How dangʻrous female beauties be.

My dillocated frame,

which never exceeded cight, nor the latter And reason more than half persuade

12,coo men. If no greater numbers could Tell him, while young,

His friendship was the same.

make disturbances in those vast empires, Who fain wou'd have my graces spyd,

what might only an equal number do, That had it thou sprung To every mercy prov'd bufore,

against the people, when supported by In desarts where no man abide,

Should this kind boon he giv'n,

royal authority.' The army, in short, is Thou had it not thus untimely dy'd.

The gem within my breast I'd lore,

not a part of our Conftitution; the Mili. And ask no more of Heav'u.

tia is. Calm is the breast

EL I Z A. Of beauty, from the light retird;

And peace her guest, Who wishes not to be defrid;

To the Elitor of the County MAGAZINE. Still hadit thou Nourishid, usadmir'd. OF WALNUT-TREE WOOD.

SIR, Go, die, that he The common fate of all things rare M mahogany internet of walnut timber, Vegetablies empie particulareon Pärftips,

TODERN refinement has substituted HAPPENING to see in a late publiMay read in thee, Pluck'd from thy ftem no more to share

for the purposes of furniture in the houses that if dried, they would, when soaked

of the rich, and even of the middling orders fome time in water, regain their pristine Of ought that made thee sweet and fair.

of the people. Before the discovery of state, and be as useful as a: first.
America, walnut-trees were planted in I made an experiment, by running a

great abundance, as from their planks, thread through : be taper end of them, and To the Editor of the County Magazine. tables, chairs, desks, &c. were fabricated hung thein in my kitchen as far froin the

for the domestic uses of the nobility and fire as possible, that they might not dry SIR,

gentry, while oak timber and other wood too quickly: they became so hard and MONG the many elegant produc- fupplied the fimilar wants of the rest of the brittle that you might break them short as a A

tions of the late Bishop of London, people. This proved a great encourage-dry stick. On putting them in water, for there is one not yet mentioned, which af- inent to planting; and while the trees 24 hours, they became properly swoln fords an early specimen of his taste for fenced the lands from the inclement and out; and on boiling were very good. Poetry and Divinity; it is a Poem on the corroding blasts from the northern points, this is the season for trial, the roots being, Genealogy of Christ, as it is represented on and proved a shelter to the corn and vege- I apprehend, at their full growth, I the cast window of Winchefter College tables, they also proved of vaft advantage hope the good wives of seafaring men


men will lay in a store for their husbands; be paralleled by the success which has been To ANNA MATILDA. who will, when all other vegetables fail at its consequence. His fermons preached fea, be grateful to their kind mates, as at Bampton's Lecture are deservedly adthese roots when well dried and packed in


N the sea-shore with folded arms I stood,

The fun just linking tot a level ray, casks to keep them from the moist sea air, style as models of Englith composition, Luxuriant crimson glow'd upon the firod, will of course remain unhurt, longer than but as exhibiting the clearest and most ia- And the curl d surf was ting’d with golden spray. almost any other vegetable they can carry, tisfactory view of Mahometanism as conand when boiled with the falt meat will be trafted to Christianity.

trasted to Christianity. We rejoice to Far off I faintly track'd the feathery sail; an agreeable repast.

hear that the Profeflor is now seriously When thy sweet number's caught my yielding I recommend a dry place for the experi- employed upon a work, which promiles ear, ment, as I tried some in a more open one, the most beneficial consequences to fcience. Borne on the bosom of the flutt'ring gale, with no fire, but they in consequence of the The history of Ancient Egypt presents to They struck my heart-and rous'd me to a tear. moist air, became rather mouldy, on the the studious mind an inexhaustible source : outside, and never became hard as the

it is to be considered as the parent foun- Yet flow'd no bitter angnish from mine eye, others.

tain, to which every production throughout A while remembrance left my wayward state; I recommend you and your brother all the regions of Literature owes both its And the soft cadence of thy warbled sigh, printers will make this as public as possible fertility and beauty. Upon this impor- Pour'd healing balm into the wounds of fate. immediately, as this is the proper season; tant and interesting work Mr. White is at if no one else thanks them, 1 thall, and I present employed, and we are happy toun

What tho'grim winter's desolating frown, assure them that I am their friend, if read- derstand it is in no inconsiderable forward- The wild waves uproar when rough Eurus blows, ing all the newspapers I can lay my hands ness. It does not appear that promotion The tangled forest, and the desart down, on is a proof.

and reward have hitherto gone hand Are all the pleasures Della Crusca knows : BENVOGLIO. in hand with this gentleman's claims; he enjoys, however, one fair and unfading

Yet from Matilda's pure celestial fire, meed, the admiration of scholars and the

One ruby spark Mall to his gloom be given, ACCOUNT OF THE CHICKEN OVENS esteem of his countrymen, teftified by the Lur'd by its light, his fancy may aspire,

extreme solicitude with which bis future And catch a ray of bliss-a glimpse of heav'n. AT MANSOUTA, IN EGYPT.

works are expected, and his former pub- Vain in the morn of life, and thoughtless too, (FROM SAVARY’s LETTERS.) lications are procured.

He rush'd impetuous as strong passion drove, MAGINE a building of two stories,

But soon each flatt'ring prospect fed his view, one under ground, and the other but

Deceiv'd by friendship much, but more by lover little above it, equally divided lengthways

For obe COUNTY MAGAZINE. by a narrow gallery ; on the right hand


Yes, he has lov'd to transport's dire excess, and left are small cells were the eggs are

Has felt the potent eye in tliet the wound,

I. put; the upper story iş vaulted with an

Has felt the female voice each pulse oppress, oxcere aperture at the top, and a smaller WHEN Shiloh came, at Heav'n's decree, And grown a breathless statue at the found, municated below; both have a small win- | The Heralds brought the welcome news,

But why recall the moments that are fled? dow carefully closed, and only one low “ Long may Jehovah reign.

For ever fled, like yonder sweeping blast, door for the whole building. The eggs

With love, each active principle is dead,

II. are arranged in heaps in the lower story,

And all, except its sau regret, is past. « On earth is universal Peace, and a fire of sun-dried cow-dung kindled

« Good-will to Man appears ; in the upper, morning and night, an hour “ Round God's celestial throne is joy

For this, he hies him at the peep of dawn', each. This is repeated for eight days,

O'er the lone heath, or near the torrent's fide, and the building, being sufficiently heated,

“ To dry up all our tears."

Quaffs the bleak bev'rage on the midnight lawn, the fire is put out, every aperture closed,


Or chases glitt'ring meteors as they glide. and a part of the eggs heaped up below Such joy let Mortals here below are carried above. On the nineteenth

To all the world display:

Ah! had he met thee in his happier hour, day the chickens begin to move in their such gratitude to Chriit our King

Ere yet he languishid in the gripe of care, cells, nibble with their beaks on the

Makes ev'ry heart look gay.

Thy Minstrel then had fondly own d thy pow'r, twentieth, endeavouring to break their

Thy Minstrel then might have escap d despair. prison, and are usually completely hatched

IV. on the twenty-first. Then do these heaps Angels the joyful fong have fung,

diff'rent lot! for he who daily grieves, of eggs, apparently lifeless, begin to move,

And Angels still do fing;

Then with thy beauty blest, and gen`rous mind, and roll about the foor, and thousands of And thall not Men their voices raise

Had not like fallow Autumn's falling leaves little various coloured chickens to run and

To God their Lord and King ?

Been shrunk, alas! and scatter'd in the wind. hop about the apartment. They are carried about in panniers the next day, and


Haply, he had not roam'd for ling‘ring years fold at a halfpenny a-piece. With well-tun'd inftruments of praise

On many a rugged Alp, and foreign fhore, We loudly will proclaim

He ne'er had known the caule of all his tears, Of Man's Redemption all the sumi

The cheril'd caule, that bids hiin-hope no LITERATURE. To great Jehovah's Name.


VI. T the University of Oxford, no mo

He would have led thee with attentive gaze, Welcome the day which brought on earth

Where the brown hamlet's neighb'ring shades

Th'incarnate God to light; nor more deservedly so, than Profeflor

retire, For ever blefled be his name White's. The assiduity with which he

Have hung entranc'd upon thy living lays, has cultivated Oriental Literature can only

In ev'ry Chritian's light.

J. M, And swept with feebler hand a kindred lyre.


While the dear Songstress had melodious stole charming idea!-the ties of blood, doubly softer fenfation ; for we cannot esteem

O'er ev'ry sense, and charm a each nier vu to rost, bound by the enchanting knot of friend without some portion of love; but, I Thy Bard, in silent extasy of fuul,

thip-You send me your lover's letter; fear, we may sometimes love where it is Had ftraind the dearer woman to his breast, and you tell me in your own, “ I judge impossible for us to respect : though time,

"harshly; that men of libertine prin reason, and virtue will always enable us Or had she said, that war's the worthiest grave, ciples have sometimes made amiable to conquer what is repugnant to honourHe would have felt his proud heart burn the “hulhands and affectionate fathers." But enough of this ungrateful subject. I

while, Have dard perhaps to rush among the brave,

“Excuse me, Emmeline, if I think promised you my narrative, but must deHave gain d perhaps the glory-of a sinile.

never ! A mind thoroughly vitiated can lay till next post: Farewell, my Emme

never regain its original purity- I have, I line ; tell Harriet I long to feei the friendAnd 'tis most true, while tiine's relentless hand, indeed, frequently

heard the light, un-Hy pressure of her arm. With fickly grasp drags others to the tomb, thinking part of our fex exclaim, Re: lights, the gaiety of dress, and compliThe Soldier scorns to wait the dull command,

formed rakes make the best hubands."ments of fools, are not suited to the difBut springs impatient to a nobler doom. Monstrous vanity! to think we poffels position of your Clara ; and I think of

more powerful charms than the many your sweet retirement with a sigh, yet not Tho' on the plain he lies, outstretch'd, and pale, they have deceived-The innocent, my

a figh of envy, it is only an emotion of Without one friend his stedfaft eyes to close, love, are not likely to retain their volatile the heart which we feel when we think Yet on his honour'd corse shall many a gale, hearts: the bold, who can fhare their on those we love, and wish to meet.

Adieu. Waft the moilt fragrance of the weeping rose. riots, may have some hold on them ; but

CLARA WELFORD, modesty, that Ihrinks at midnight revels, O'er that dread spot, the melancholy Moon and dies at the shadow of shame, will be

Shall pause a while, a fadder beam to shed, always too troublesome a companion to
And starry night, amidst her awful, noon, be pleasing:--Again you say, '“ Time
Sprinkle light dews upon tiis hallow d head. “ may cure the errors of his condua." The following is the exquisite Song, written

Habitual virtue increases with age ;

alas! There too the solitary birds Mall fweli I fear vice does the same; and the fault

by Mr. SHERIDAN, introduced by Mr. With long-drawn melody her plaintive throat, of youth will be the fin of age-0,- Bowden, in the Duenna. While distant echo froin responfive cell,

Emmeline, see in me a parent, friend, Shall oft with fading force return the note. and lifter: A dying mother gave me the MARKO, you her eyes of heav'nly blue,

of hue ? Such recompence be valour's due alone;

the second and nature ftamps the third. That eye in liquid circles movingTo me, no proffer'd meed muft e'er belong, -Then shall my Emmeline, untold, ex

That cheek abash'd at man's approvingTo ne, who trod the vale of life unknown, perience the horrors of a libertine's wife? The one love's arrows darting roundWhole proudest boast was but an idle song. Shall she alone count the long-told mid- The other blushing at the wound? DELLA CRUSCA. night hour, or the still more dismal note

of morn, in vain

expectant of a wretch's

return? -Must the contemplate an inFor the COUNTY MAGAZINE.

fant's face, while her heart trembles for
its fire; or press a cherub to her breaft DESCRIPTION of the PLATE

while she blushes for the author of its T

HE following excellent letter of being ? -Could I have my wish, my be. Embellishing this Number. all subjects, (the choice of a husband,) untainted morals; who, on a nearer ac- THE beautiful and inestimable antique rie written by one fifter to another, is ex- quaintance, should become more eftitracted from Mrs. Holmes's new favourite mable: whose good qualities should daily is in the Great Hall of Wilton HOUSE,

lievo whereof this drawing is an exact copy, production, entitled, “ Clara and Em: develope ; not one, who, like a falha of the

feat of Henry Earl of PEMBROKE:the sister who is supposed to be the writer, and leave a pestilential breath behind, It represents the fiory of that noble Roman, is married by compulfion to Mr. Welford, a wretch devoted to gambling, women,

to poison love, and embitter every fu- Quintus Curtius, in the ait of leaping and all manner of vice; and who is re- by no means pleased at matches made The story will be found at large in Live;

ture promised hour of happiness.--I am into the fiery gulph in the Forum at Rome. likewise as a husband to the second lifter? | a knowledge of disposition there cannot It is briefly this, that the earth being funk She likes him, and applies to her elder be elteem : people of very different tem- with a wide gap in the Forum at Rome, fifter for advice. The following letter is in answer:

pers, in an hour of gaiety, may be vio- whence issued frames of fire; it was report

lently smitten with each other; but whened that it could not be filled up unless fome Mrs. WELFORD to Miss Gower.

time removes the mask, the gay will seek
the gay-and the serious be left to con- 'CURTIUS hearing this, mounted his horfi,

prime young Nobleman were put into it; Harley-/treet.

template alone. "WHAT words can I find, my much- contrary, which commences in esteem, is and boldly rode into it, whereupon the earth loved filter, to thank you for your confidence? You know me then your friend; l in the beginning, may easily become a I giving up his life for his country's good.

far more likely to be happy-Friendship, instantly closeil upon him; thus gloriously


And sold by all BOOKSELLERS, NEWSMEN, &c.

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