Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern, Band 41

International Society, 1896

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Seite 16872 - Savior who is Christ the Lord; And this shall be the sign: "The heavenly babe you there shall find To human view displayed. All meanly wrapt in swathing-bands, And in a manger laid." Thus spake the seraph; and forthwith Appeared a shining throng Of angels, praising God, and thus Addressed their joyful song:
Seite 16860 - I WOULD NOT LIVE ALWAY» (JOB VII. 16) I WOULD not live alway: I ask not to stay. Where storm after storm rises dark o'er the way; Where, seeking for rest, I but hover around. Like the patriarch's bird, and no resting is found;
Seite 16798 - SLEEP on, my love, in thy cold bed, Never to be disquieted. My last "good-night!" Thou wilt not wake Till I thy fate shall overtake: Till age, or grief, or sickness, must Marry my body to that dust It so much loves; and fill the room My heart keeps empty in the tomb.
Seite 16846 - 1 need thy presence every passing hour. What but thy grace can foil the Tempter's power? Who like thyself my guide and stay can be ? Through cloud and sunshine, oh, abide with me! I fear no foe with thee at hand to bless: Ills have no weight, and tears no bitterness. Where is death's sting? where, grave, thy victory? I triumph still, if thou abide with me.
Seite 16848 - He hides a smiling face. His purposes will ripen fast, Unfolding every hour: The bud may have a bitter taste, But sweet will be the flower. Blind unbelief is sure to err, And
Seite 16906 - sedisti lassus, Redemisti, crucem passus: Tantus labor non sit cassus. Juste Judex ultionis, Donum fac remissionis, Ante diem rationis. Ingemisco tanquam reus, Culpa rubet vultus meus; Supplicant! parce, Deus! Qui Miriam absolvisti, Et latronem exaudisti, Mihi quoque spem dedisti. Preces meae non sunt dignae, Sed Tu bonus fac benigne Ne perenni cremer igne! Inter oves locum
Seite 16839 - Thou from primeval nothingness didst call First chaos, then existence. Lord! in thee Eternity had its foundation; all Sprung forth from thee; of light, joy. harmony, Sole Origin — all life, all beauty thine. Thy word created all, and doth create; Thy splendor fills all space with rays divine. Thou art, and wert, and shall be! Glorious! great! Light-giving, life-sustaining Potentate!
Seite 16870 - will, Or we despair, oh! may that peace rise slowly. Stronger than agony, and we be still. Now, Father — now, in thy dear presence kneeling, Our spirits yearn to feel thy kindling love; Now make us strong — we need thy deep revealing Of trust and strength and calmness from above.
Seite 16929 - There sits my sister who drowned me!" — By the bonny mill-dams o' Binnorie. Author Unknown. THE WIFE OF USHER'S WELL T HERE lived a wife at Usher's Well, And a wealthy wife was she; She had three stout and stalwart sons, And sent them o'er the sea. They hadna been a week from her, A week but barely ane, When word came
Seite 16907 - me sequestra, Statuens in parte dextra. Confutatis maledictis, Flammis accribus addictis, Voca me cum benedictis! Oro supplex et acclinis, Cor contritum quasi cinis, Gere curam mei finis. Lacrymosa dies ilia! Qua resurget ex favilla Judicandus homo reus: Huic ergo parce, Deus!

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