Annals of the French Revolution: Or a Chronological Account of Its Principal Events : with a Variety of Anecdotes and Characters Hitherto Unpublished


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Seite 191 - the affair of America, which I never think of without regret. My youth was taken advantage of at that time, and we suffer for it now : — the lesson is too severe to be forgotten.
Seite 262 - is fallen ; your real enemy is known ; the order given to general Bender tells you his name. It is the emperor ! The electors were but his puppets, the emigrants but his instruments! Despise the emigrants: the national court of justice will punish the rebellion of those mendicant princes. Nor are the electors more worthy of your anger ; fear has prostrated them at your feet, and a free people will not crush its humbled enemies. The emperor!
Seite 180 - leaving," as the cotemporary historian says, " nothing to the wretched inhabitants but the soil, which the Franks could not take away." The kingdom established by Clovis extended from the Rhine to the Pyrenees, from the Alps to the ocean, but its security was very uncertain. Wherever the conqueror appeared, he met nothing but submission from the various races settled in Gaul , as soon, however, as he passed onward, his nominal subjects closed upon his rear, retaining no more trace of his march than...
Seite 170 - In a cafe that involves the honour of the French people, and the fafety of the empire, 1 thought in my duty to be myfelf the bearer of my anfw'tr.
Seite 125 - Had the French who were driven from their country by the revocation of the Edict of Nantes...
Seite 124 - German princes continue to favour preparations direeted againft the French, we will carry among them not fire and fword, but liberty. It is for them to calculate what may be the confequences of the alarm of nations. For two years that French patriots have been perfecuted on the frontiers, and that rebels have there found fucrour, what ambafTador has fpoken in your name as he ought ? Net one.
Seite 190 - India, and enfure the poffeffion to France. That nothing might tranfpire of this affair, Tippoo had not mentioned it in his council, and had fecretly negociated the bufinefs with M.
Seite 191 - ... out he had declared that his private affairs would oblige him to return immediately to France. As M. Leger was directed to the Minifter of Marine, I informed the King of Tippoo Saib's propofal : but notwithftanding its advantages, and although the infurrection of the negroes of St.
Seite 121 - ... between public gratitude and the vengeance of the laws; and that by the word responsibility we understand death. Let us tell the king that it is his interest to defend the constitution; that he only reigns by the people, and for the people; that the nation is his sovereign, and that he is subject to the law. Let us tell Europe, that if the French people once draw the sword, they will throw away the scabbard, and will not raise it again till it may be crowned with the laurels of victory; that...
Seite 222 - the wifh of France for the prefervation of " peace: but at the fame time I declare to " him that if at the period I -have fixed, " the Elector of Trcves fhall not have ef...

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