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Bring in great logs and let them lie,

To make a solid core of heat;

Be cheerful-minded, talk and treat

Of all things ev'n as he were by:

We keep the day with festal cheer,

With books and music. Surely we

Will drink to him whate'er he be,

And sing the songs he loved to hear.

Crateras : ignis cor solidum, graves

Repone truncos. Jamque doloribus

Loquare securus fugatis

Quæ socio loquereris illo;

Hunc dedicamus lætitiæ diem

Lyræque musisque. Illius, illius

Da, quicquid audit: nec silebunt

Qui numeri placuere vivo.



BALMY Zephyrs, lightly flitting,

Shade me with your azure wing;

On Parnassus' summit sitting,

Aid me, Clio, while I sing.

Softly slept the dome of Drury

O'er the empyreal crest,

When Alecto's sister-fury

Softly slumb’ring sunk to rest.

Lo! from Lemnos limping lamely,

Lags the lowly Lord of Fire,

Cytherea yielding tamely

To the Cyclops dark and dire.


O QUOT odoriferi volitatis in aëre venti,

Cæruleum tegmen vestra sit ala mihi :

Tuque sedens Parnassus ubi caput erigit ingens,

Dextra veni, Clio: teque docente canam.


Jam suaves somnos Tholus affectare Theatri

Coeperat, igniflui trans laqueare poli: Alectûs consanguineam quo tempore Erinnyn,

Suave soporatam, coepit adire quies.

Lustra sed ecce labans claudo pede Lemnia linquit

Luridus (at lente lugubriterque) Deus :

Amisit veteres, amisit inultus, amores;

Teter habet Venerem terribilisque Cyclops.

Clouds of amber, dreams of gladness,

Dulcet joys and sports of youth,

Soon must yield to haughty sadness;

Mercy holds the veil to Truth.

See Erostratus the second

Fires again Diana's fane;

By the Fates from Orcus beckon'd,

Clouds envelop Drury Lane.

Where is Cupid's crimson motion ?

Billowy ecstasy of woe,

Bear me straight, meandering ocean,

Where the stagnant torrents flow.

Blood in every vein is gushing,

Vixen vengeance lulls my heart;

See, the Gorgon gang is rushing!

Never, never let us part.

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