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aloft, as if with some distrust, yet with a singular curiosity of their visitors.

A little apart from the other Spaniards, leaning against a mast by which he was partly hid from Sir Walter and those about him, stood a man, evidently from his long black habit, a priest of the order of Jesus. His figure appeared to be rather above the ordinary, formed in a mould more graceful than bulky, as far as could be seen of it under the ample folds of his garment. His face was mostly shaded by his arms, which were against the mast, but above them two large dark eyes peered upon Master Francis with an expression so fierce and penetrating, that once seen it was not possible to forget. Ever and anon he would take à stealthy glance round the ship, doubtless noticing of all things there, if he thought he could do so without being observed of any; but if he saw the eyes of one upon him, he would on the instant the more shade his face, and seem intent only upon what was going on before him. There was group round a gun on the other side of the vessel, at some distance, but not far enough to be shut out from a fair view of these proceedings, and it consisted of Harry Daring, Simon Mainsail, a rough looking fellow with proper broad shoulders and body thick and short, whose right ugly countenance looked none the handsomer for a huge scar across the face, who was no other than Tom Growler

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the boatswain-as surly a piece of goods as you shall see anywhere—and they, with divers others of the petty officers, were discoursing about the strangers.

“ Methinks it be clean contrary to all rule and reason to let these caitiffs live," observed Harry Daring. “If they be the monstrous villains they must needs be being Spaniards, I marvel they should be so well treated of us.”

6 Hang 'em !” exclaimed Growler emphatically.

6 Doubtless our commander is well advised of their true natures," said the old gunner. “He be not of that sort likely to venture upon a strange coast without taking soundings; and mayhap we shall find profit in what he be a doing of.”

Mayhap we sban't," muttered the boatswain. “ At least they seem proper men enough for killing,” added Harry. “I expected not to have found such tall goodly-looking fellows. I do long to out with my tool upon them, and see of what stuff they be made of.” They be dogs !" cried Tom Growler.

Despicable papists !” exclaimed one. “ The very cowardliest villains that live!” added another.

6 Wretched traitors and scurvy rogues !” said a third; and in a moment nothing seemed too vile to be said of them by any there.

“ They say the devil may be painted blacker than

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he is," remarked Simon Mainsail, “ But if
to paint any of these villain Spaniards, depend
on't, you shall find no colour of a suffinient

Hang 'em !” again cried the boatswain, is!.., very gruffest voice that ever was heard.

“ By Gog and Magog, my masters it must needs be a good action to rid the earth of such !” exclaimed Harry Daring with a very marvellous earnestness. “ Instead of giving of them good cheer, it seemeth to me the best thing they should have is no other than cold iron; and I for one would be well pleased to see they had enough of it. For mine own part, I think it be quite monstrous that these our enemies should be allowed to come aboard of us, each man armed as if ready to do us all manner of hurt, and only lying in wait for an opportunity to take us off our guard. How villainously familiar they be! Some lolling in this place, and some in that; and jabbering away as if there was either sense or honesty in their speech. I do hugely suspect those who cannot speak honest English. There be no good in them, that's a sure thing."

“ Never was and never will be," muttered Growler.

“ But mark you that fellow leaning of himself against the mast,” said the boy quickly, as he pointed out to his companions the figure of the priest. “Hath he not the very air of a skulker?

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See how heathenishly the caitiff stares upon my true friend Master Francis.

Hang me! if he don't look as if he meant him some hurt. O'my life!’if I knew for certain he had such traitorous thoughts in him I would not rest a moment ere I had clove him to the chine."

6 I have seen many such. He be a priest," observed the old gunner.

“ He shall be just as like to be the devil,” added the boatswain gruffly.

66 Priest or devil it matters not !” exclaimed Harry Daring, seemingly somewhat moved. 66 His looks be those of a murderous villain. And see how he hideth his face! Mayhap he hath a hidden dagger with him, and shall be intent upon springing upon my friend and killing him outright before he can be saved of any. By Gog and Magog !—I will have at him ere he hath time to do it.”

66 Not so fast, messmate !” cried Simon Mainsail, holding him by the arm as he was hastening away. 66 Seek not to do a man damage unless you

have better warrant for it than his looks. He be a villain Spaniard, therefore would I as soon see him killed as look at him, but he be now under the protection of our commander, who could not help but be exceeding angered were you to run aboard of him. I like not you should get yourself among breakers.

Beside, he be but a scurvy papist priest, and it be in no way in the nature of

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such craft to seek danger there shall be no chance of their getting out of. I will venture to say he meaneth no harm, but should he, it be quite certain he dare not act any."

“Let him go hang!” muttered Tom Gronor.

Harry Daring was prevailed upon to ren in where he was; but not without much pressing and almost forcible stopping of him by his companions. In the meantime the Spaniards seemed more and more pleased with their reception, for Sir Walter Raleigh did allow of their bartering for linen, a thing of which they stood much in need.

66 And is Don Antonio de Berrio still governor of this island ?” enquired Sir Walter of one better dressed than the others who stood by him.

" Ay, Señor," replied he.

6 Perchance you inay be able to tell me his residence, for I have a great desire to pay my respects to him before I make for Virginia,” added Raleigh.

66 Doubtless the Señor Gobernador shall be found at the new city he hath called Santo Josef de Oruño," answered the Spaniard.

“ Can I have any guide or direction as to finding it?asked the other.

6 The padre is going there, Señor Capitaine," replied the Spaniard.

“ What padre ?"
66 Padre Bartolomé."


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