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nance that

“ Have you left him on shore? Can I see him?
I should hold it in everlasting estimation if he
would be my guide to your excellent governor."
" There is the padre, señor.”

r Walter looked in the direction pointed out,
and, for the first time, observed the Jesuit. He
was now in deep abstractedness, with his eyes

upon a crucifix which was suspended from his neck
by a rosary of large beads. He might be nigh
upon forty years of age, yet a face of so mild a
character, and of so pious an aspect, seemed the
gazer never to have met before. Mayhap he was
younger, for was there a freshness in his counte-

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that hath been stated,
seldom have; and the flesh looked of such trans-
parency as may rarely be met with save in those
of younger years. Be that how it may, it is cer-
tain none could look on him without being pos-
sessed in his favour as he stood


mast, his saint-like head, perfectly uncovered, bent
a little back, shewing of a most comely neck, and
his arms raised holding, as if with both of his
hands, the crucifix before his face, while his lips
delicately rounded and exceeding rich in colour,
were parted but a little, as if in the very act of
breathing of some internal prayer. Sir Walter
looked on with some wonder and much admiration,
Master Francis also was surprised, because he could
not help fancying he had seen the face before, yet

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was he in a huge puzzlement to know where-the group about the gun, despite of their prejudices, were awed into respect; and others of the crew appeared to regard him with a like feeling, whilst the Spaniards all of a sudden began a crossing of themselves and saying of their prayers with as perfectra zeal as ever was beheld even amongst Carlolics eu

“ Salvė, Padre Bartolomé !” exclaimed Walter with much reverence as, after a lon. pause which seemed not like to have an end, te approached the ecclesiastic.

“ Benedicite, my son!” replied a voice, the softest and richest he had ever heard. Still the eyes were not moved from the crucifix.

“ You speak English then, father,” said Raleigh, and not without some astonishment.

“ Thou hast heard," answered the priest without the moving of a muscle. “ I would gladly have speech with you, reverend if you

could for a few minutes favour me with your attention.”

6s At the concluding of my devotions, which are now nighı unto the finishing, I shall be at thy service.”

Sir Walter Raleigh waited with an exemplary patience, employing of himself in more closely examining the appearance of the Padre Bartolomé; but upon the very closest scrutiny he detected nothing which could in the slightest degree shake the

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favourable impression the first sight of him had created.

“ Is there aught a poor son of the church can do to serve thee?” enquired the priest at last in such mild accents, and with so benevolent a look, that the other was charmed with him.

66 Being in these parts,” said Sir Walter, “ thinks I should be wanting in proper courtesy were I not to seek to pay my respects to your illustrious governor, Don Antonio de Berrio, to whom I have heard you are bound. If it is not asking too much at your hands, reverend sir, I should esteem it of you mightily, would you be my guide and messenger unto him. I am about to sail for my colony in our new territory of Virginia, but I should be loth to go till I had seen one whose excellent merit hath been so much bruited abroad.”

The ecclesiastic kept his dark eyes fixed upon the speaker with an attentiveness that made him feel he was before one who could look through the eyes into the heart; but he was not of a sort to shrink from such an ordeal.

“ It giveth me pleasure to know I can be of use to thee, my son,” replied the padre with the same kindliness of manner as at first. 66 And his excellent lordship, will, I doubt not at all, be in a marvellous delight to make thy acquaintance, for he hath ever been well inclined to receive with a proper honour all créditable navigators that stop

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at his ports. I am but an indifferent judge if each be not greatly admired of the other. It will be necessary

for me to return to the shore to make such scanty preparations as will suffice me for my departure, when I will embark in this ship and bring with me one who shall pilot thee to our new city, under the sanction of the Most High: a Dios, my son !” so saying, the priest took his leave with a respectful inclination of his head, and Sir Walter, all courteousness at the finding him of so obliging a spirit, saw him enter the boat with his companions and regain the shore.

The good ship, the Lion's Whelp, had scarcely been cleared of her visitors, when, as her gallant commander was speaking to his secretary concerning of some private matters, up comes to him Harry Daring.

“ Well, Harry, what want you ?” enquired Sir Walter.

66 Want to go ashere, an' it please you,” replied

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66 Want to go ashore !” exclaimed his patron in a considerable surprise.“ l'faith that is a marvellous want of a sure thing, considering that you would go among enemies, and as like as possible get your throat cut for your painstaking. I pray you tell me what want you go

ashore for?" “ To kill a Spaniard, an' it please you," answered Harry Daring, with as much unconcern as if it was

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but an ordinary sort of thing. Sir Walter could not restrain his mirth at this.

« You are indeed in a vast hurry, and possess an infinite lack of discretion," at last he observed.

Why you stand not an atom of a chance at the killing of a Spaniard should you go ashore, for you could not help but get shot ere you could well land."

“ Indeed and if they can they may,” replied the boy carelessly, “but I'll be hanged if I would allow of a paltry Spaniard shooting me.

An' it please you to let me go ashore by myself, if I kill not one or two at least, I will ask not to go again.”

“Quite preposterous, Harry,” said Sir Walter in an excellent good humour.

“ An' it please you, I am quite sick for the killing of a Spaniard,” added Harry Daring, with a dejected look, and with a more earnest voice. “I have clean lost mine appetite, I lack sleep wonderfully, I care not for one thing more than for another, I be in a most woful taking; and I shall break my heart an' I do not kill a Spaniard straight.'

“ In truth, you are in a very piteous way,” exclaimed his patron, quite amused at the boy's impatience to be at his enemies; and then added in a kinder voice, “ Restrain your eagerness awhile, Harry, and mayhap you shall have the opportunity you seek: but at present it cannot be. Attend to your duties. When the time comes, if you distin

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