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guish yourself as I hope of you, I will see that you shall be properly rewarded for it.”

Harry Daring was turning away looking monstrous disconsolate at what he considered to be his exceeding ill fortune; but stayed at the voice of Master Francis.

“ Can you say nought in thankfulness unto Sir Walter for his goodness to you?” enquired he.

“ Indeed I be wonderful thankful," replied the boy, yet in his countenance looking nothing of the kind,“ more especially for shewing of so generous a spirit unto you who hath been to me the truest of true friends; but would he have the bountifulness to allow of my swimming ashore, for I need not a boat or care for a companion, carrying with me only a pistol or two and my rapier, I”

“Sir Walter hath already told you his commands on that heerl," said Master Francis in some seriousness, interru/ o of him, “it is not acting a good part to moot th natter again, and I shall have great cause to be vexed with



angry one who hath done you such true service.”

At this Harry Daring said nothing, for he always had paid most extreme attention to what was said of the other, but presently moved slowly away. In a short time, however, it appeared as if all trace of his disappointment had vanished utterly, for having dared some of the nimblest of the mariners to follow him, he rapidly ascended the yards, and after leap

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ing and scrambling along the rigging like a very wild cat, from one part of the ship to the other, he at last got himself up to a point so high, and a place so fearfully dangerous, that his companions halted below with dread and wonder, and would come anigh him on no account, whilst he continued to shout to them all manner of taunts and bravadoes, and played such tricks as proved he felt himself quite at his ease.

Sir Walter Raleigh had said nothing to either of the young friends after Master Francis spoke, but he had listened and observed the two with a deep and lively interest.

- Omy life this barber-chirurgeon is as famous a little desperado as ever I saw,” observed he to his secretary

66 He bids fair to be of some note, but his too great hastiness must be put down, or he must needs be his own destruction before he is much older.”

“ I have feared that often, and have checked him as much as I could,” replied Master Francis, " but he hath always been of this humour after any sort of danger or mischief, which he seeketh entirely heedless of consequences, and merely for the kind of sport he findeth in it. At present and for some time past, the expectation of sharing in the danger of actual warfare hath so excited him that he can scarce contain himself. Still, however mischievously inclined he may be, it is ever from sheer

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thoughtlessness. Although his tricks have often been to the great loss of some one or another, he hath not an atom of malice in his heart. He cannot see any wrong in what he doth, let it be ever so full of harm; every thing of the kind to him appeareth only to be exquisite fine fun! and that seemeth sufficient excuse."

“ He wanteth only a little disciplining,” said his patron," he must be got out of that recklessness, which I doubt not will be no great difficult matter as he gets older; and then his valorous spirit will carry him forward wherever he goes. But what thought you of the Padre Bartolomé ?”

“He seems exceeding pious," remarked the secretary.

“ Few are what they seem," replied the other. Piety is a cloak that appeareth to fit all who wear it, and beateth every thing for excellence in the hiding of defects; and though I was somewhat impressed with the padre's spiritual countenance and benevolent manner, I now do suspect that when religion is mars such a display of as was apparent in him, it is bui a cloak I have stated; and concealeth something swhich requireth so to be hid. I shall watch him well."

66 At the first it did strike me I had seen him before," observed Master Francis, “but as I cannot bring to my mind under what circumstances, methinks I must have been mistaken."

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“ Doubtless you have," answered Sir Walter. “ It can scarce be possible that you have met before. But see—the boat is putting off with him.”

Sure enough the priest was seen standing up with his hands clasped, as the boat left the land, with his face towards the Spaniards, who were now kneeling in a confused crowd on the shore, as if sharing in his parting benediction, and supplicating of Heaven for his prosperous voyage. In the space of a few minutes the Padre Bartolomé came on board the Lion's Whelp, bringing with him a dark complexioned man, in the dress of a fisherman.

“ With God's good help I am here to fulfil my promise," said the padre, as he approached Sir Walter; "and here have I brought with me honest Tobias, who of all men hereabouts knoweth best the navigation of this island.”

“I am infinitely beholden to you, reverend Sir," replied Raleigh; then turning to the other, enquired,~“ You are well acquainted with the coast,

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my friend ?»

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• Ay, señor," answered the man, with a sulky look, yet taking off a rusty old hat, and making an obeisance nearly to the groundo:

56 And can undertake to conduct a ship safely to your new city Santo Josef de Oruño ?”

“ Ay, señor,” replied the Spaniard, repeating the genuflexion.

- Take the helm, then ; and if your perform

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ance be as good as your promise, doubt not of receiving a handsome recompense.”

Ay, señor," repeated the pilot, making a more profound bow than either of the preceding; and straightway went to fulfil his mission, as orders were given to weigh anchor. All the vessels being now in full sail, Sir Wa'er was walking the deck in company with the Jesuit

. « I have heard that Don Antonio de Berrio is governor of the right famous province of Guiana, observed Raleigh.

“Unquestionably is he, my son,” replied the priest. 66 He hath ever been a dutiful child of the true church, and the virgin hath favoured him as he deserveth. He married a kinswoman of the illustrious Quesada, the conqueror of the Neuvo Reyno de Grenada, and by the will of that hero, confirmed by a royal grant, hath become governor of Guiana, inclusive of the island of Trinidad and the mouths of the Oronoco."

66Tis a most notable fine government,” exclaimed Sir Walter, “and one that could not be placed in fitter hands than in those of so noble a gentleman. Methinks a space so great must require a vast force of soldiery for its proper security."

“Doubtless it doth, my son," answered the padre; “but I see but little occasion for soldiery, the governor being so much beloved of the natives."

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