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minutes. At this moment the voice of Sir Walter Raleigh was heard giving orders to put the ship about; the men returned to their duties; the necessary alterations were made in the sails; an experienced mariner was placed at the helm; and in the space of half an hour or less the good ship the Lion's Whelp was seen retracing of her way to the place she had lately left.

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Sir, be appeased; he is come to humble
Himself in spirit, and to ask your patience,
If too much zeal bath carried him aside
From the due path.


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Nay, then, I am betrayed,
I feel the plot cast for my overthrow.


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In at the window, or else o‘er the hatch;
Who dares not stir by day must walk by night;
And have is bave however men do catch,
Near or far off; well won is still well shot.


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It was with exceeding astonishment that Padre Bartolomé observed the ship receding from the shore. He began to feel a little uneasy at his own situation, and paced the cabin floor with hasty strides, and with wild malignant glances. Nevertheless, upon the hearing of a footstep close at hand, he hurriedly sunk down on his knees, and began praying with wonderful earnestness.

6 I have tarried not a moment longer than could help, Padre,” courteously exclaimed Sir Walter Raleigh, as he entered at the door.

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« But sit you,


“ I have not missed thee, my son,” replied the ecclesiastic, after he had risen from the ground.

“ But a strange accident hath fallen out that had like to have kept me longer, had I not done what I have," continued Sir Walter. good Padre, sit, I pray you."

“I hope nothing ill hath happened,” observed the priest, as he seated himself opposite the other.

“O' my faith! it might have been of great detriment to us all,” answered Raleigh ; " for upon my getting upon deck the whole ship was in a perfact confusion and uproar. I know not the exact n ts of it, for every one I have spoke to seemeth to have a different account of the matter. But it - appears that your pilot and one of my people had somehow or other got to giving of each other ill language, and Tobias drawing his dagger upon the other, they presently fell to blows, in which the former being cast headlong very heavily upon the ground, received such a fall that for the time being it knocked all sense out of him. In consequence of this mishap I have been obliged to turn the ship about, and make for the place whence we came, for I could no longer allow of the safety of the ship and crew being entrusted to one who seemeth of so hasty a temper: and indeed I am exceeding anxious to get him back with a whole skin, for he hath made all my people so incensed against him that I expect if he be not removed away straight

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he will suffer for it. I am sorely vexed at this, for that it will delay my long-desired interview with your honourable governor."

“ Indeed, 'tis much to be regretted, my son," answered the Padre Bartolomé, regarding his companion with one of his most searching glances. 6 Tobias deserveth to be well censured for behaving of himself so badly. Alack ! it doth make my heart ache wonderfully to observe how prone to strife are the children of one Father. What vile thing can there be in human nature that preventeth the whole world living as they ought in a universal brotherhood? I have strove early and late to destroy that hatefulness one of another which leadeth men into such riotous turmoils ; yet it hath availed me but little. In vain preached, in vain prayed for the removing of their quarrelsomeness. Ever have I gone amongst them on missions of peace and charity, yet have I seen of my labours no better ending than war and bloodshed. Oh, Madre de Dios !” continued the priest, lifting up his brilliant eyes to the ceiling, and raising of his voice to a tone of greater excitement.

66 Pluck from our sinful hearts these hateful passions, that with one accord men of all nations and conditions whatsoever, may bow down in thy worship, and glorify thy name with natures attuned by thy sweet influence unto everlasting harmony and love."

“ Amen !” exclaimed his companion reverently.

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“ Much pleased am I to hear of such sentiments; and doubt I not that if they were common, and were acted on by the different ministers of religion, one faith would soon pervade the world, and one feeling of love unite all mankind in a bond of peace that should never be sundered.”

“ Ah, my son !” cried the padre with increased fervoor, “ How earnestly would I strive to bring about so good a work. There are multitudes of my

brethren who hold that a man cannot be saved unless he be of the Catholic church; but my heart cannot consign to perdition so many of my fellowcreatures. Among Protestants I have met with a very many who without doubt were truly excellent Christians. They led good lives; they gave bountifully to the poor; they worshipped their Creator in a”, vratitude and sincerity; and that such are to be rev sed with the torments of the damned, seemeth me incredible.”

Sir Walter Raleigh now had some doubt that his companion was of the sort he had suspected. Ideas so liberal he had not met with before in any Catholic, much less a priest: and he could never have expected them in a jesuit.

“ I am afraid, padre, the superiors of your order would but little approve of such opiuions as you have just expressed,” said he. “ Yet I am wonderfully delighted with your liberality, and shall have

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