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Entered according to act of Congress, in the year 1838,

By ABEL TOMPKINS, In the Clerk's office of the District Court of the District of



30 Cornhill.


THE genius of reform-where dwells it? The politician answers :

In the halls of legislation, the courts and councils of the nation ; the divine points to the pulpit ; the moralist to public institutes for the promotion of virtue ; and the man of letters to the issues of

And is there no other voice to answer ? Yes, the low, soft voice of woman speaks : DOMESTIC INFLUENCE is the genius of reform, and its temple is

the press.



Young females (for whose benefit this little tale is more expressly intended,) are earnestly and affectionately exhorted to cultivate their domestic influence. While others are carrying their aid abroad to foreign objects of need, it is THEIR office to fulfill the home mission' -to encourage virtue and piety in the household circle, and when sin and degradation enter, to bring their whole energies to the work of salvation.

The author has but one word to say for herself. She relies implicitly upon the charity and forbearance of her friends, in obtruding a second volume upon their attention, and is most happy to testify, from past experience, to the

generous encouragement which they bestow upon the lowliest efforts in the cause of morality.

Boston, June 1838.

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