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ing thief.

brought on prematurely by sin, in time are curable, by becoming and always embittered by it. 3. The inveterate, are rendered desperate. nature of these regrets dreadful, But there is no desperate case unavailing

here :

you are ready to say, “With. From this last part of the dis- God all things are possible. His course (p. 260) we select our ex. grace is almighty' Acknowledged : tract :- What is this dying grief and you shall have all the encoualways and invariably unavailing? ragements derivable from a miracle I answer, We are to describe things of grace. But what probability is according to their natural and there, that an extraordinary discommon course, and not according pensation of grace will be adopl. to occasional and very unusual ex ed, atter all the ordinary means of ceptions ; and in the case before salvation have been despised and

Are not exceptious very ulneglected -and despised and nensual: Do not ieu commonly die glected too, in hope of this!' as they live? and, with regard to lu this, or in any instance we are those dying regrets to which so sorry to differ from our respected many look forward as a final re- coadjutor Mr. Jay; but as we are frige, and from which so many in- in the habit of inserting Obituaries stantancous suinis are furnished for in our

Magazine Calendars, and our magazine - elliendars, what do consider thein as formning an imgree of dependence is to be placed portant part of our work, we beg Upon them? In reply to this, let the leave to offer an apology for the following reinarks be examined :-- publication of soine which Mr.

• The first regards the Scripture. Jay, aud perhaps others of our There we find one, and only one, friends, would have suppressed. called at this four. It was the dy- 1. We insert no Obituaries on anv

He implored and olon nymous authority: generally they 'tuinct inercy when the heaven was come from ministers who attend covered with blackness, and the the parties in dying circumstances, earlh trembled, and the rocks and whoin we consider responsible rent, and the graves were opened, for the truth of the respective nar

il suffering, Saviour would ratives tlicy communicate. 2. The crown the prodigies of nature death-bed conversions recorded by with a miracle of grace : a case, in us are very few; not amounting to all its circumstances, so amazingly one in a thousand, or in ten thoupeculiar, that were not men inta- sand, of those who dic. 3. The reiuated by sin, it could never be sult of our personal observations is drawn into a precedent..

different from that of Mr. Jay. We • 'The second is derived from ob- huve known instances of persons servation. We have often attended becoming totally different charac. persons on what was deemed their ters, in consequence of convictions uying bed: we have heard their received during a fit of illness ; prayers and their professions ; we and that there are many such in the have seen their distress and their records of the church, we believe relief; and had they died, we cannot be denied. A. Affliction is should have presumed on their sal- one of the means of conversion nation. But we have never known stated in the word of God : it was . one of these who, on recovery, so to Manasseh, in particular. lived so as to prove the reality of 5. The converted thief is therefore bis conversion. We have oiten not the only character in the Scripe asked ministers concerning the tures introduced to encourage dy, saine case ; and they have been ing penitents. The prodigal did compelled to make the same awful not apply to his father till reduced declaration.

to the last extremity; and our The third regards the force of Lord represents the good husband, habit. · As well may the Ethio- man as dispensing equal rewards piau change his skin and the leo- to those labourers who entered his perd lris spots, as they learn to do vineyard, at the first and at the good who have been accustomed to eleventh hour. Lastly, Because do evil. Diseases which, if taken many, and perhaps far the greater


part of those who recover from zealously engaged in promoting the illness, under the circumstances study of the sacred' originals. supposed, relapse to sin and to the

Ainong these we noticed, in our world, it by no means foilows that Magazine for March last, Mr. this would have been the case with Boothroyd's Bib'in Hleb aien, with those who appear to die penitent, if critical notes and various readings, they had been spared. May not the which, we have the satisfaction to Lord often, in mercy to their weak- state, bas proceeded to the end of ness, take such to himself, thereby the Pentateuch. Marly, students; to rescue them from the evils to however, preferring to read the come :—from the temptations their Hebrew with the points, an edition faith was too weak to endure ? was also wanted for their use; and

After all, we commend the mo- Mr. Valpy and Mr. Jacob intimated tive of our author's jealousy, and their design of a new edition of wish:

: same time, we would guard Mr. Frey, however, having previagainst the opposite extreme. We ously issued proposals for the saine are equally unwilling to close the work, and being in a considerable

door of hope' before death shuls degree of forwardness, those genit, as to open the flood gates to li- tleinen have politely declined in centiousness and presumption. If Mr. Frey's favour; and his work Mr. Jay chuses to call such conver- in consequence has proceeded to

iniraculous, it can only be as the Third Number, which compres they are effects beyond the reach hends part of Deuteronomy, and is of nature, and require the same regularly progressing every two hand which made the world : and inonths, and to be completed in is not this true as respects conver,

Twelve Numbers. sion in general ? 'God who com- The high estimation of Vandler manded the light to shine out of Hooght's Bible among the learned darkness, hath shined in our hearts, is well known; and the present to give the light of the knowledge edition is stated to be an exact of the glory of God in the face of copy, except that a great number Jesus 2 Cor. iv. 6.

of errors of the press have been Nor Christeling these remarks, discovered and corrected. As to which are not meant to detract the correctness of the present work, from the general merit of the dis- it cannot be supposed that we have courses, we cordially recommend minutely examined the whole; but the volume before us; and esteem so far as we have been able to proall Mr. Jay's works so highly, as to ceed, we see no reason to question regret exceedingly that any of the great care and attention which them should be suffered to reinain the editor professes to have paid out of print, as we understand has to the work. been long the case with the first volume of his sermons.

The Transactions of the Missionary

Society, No. XXII. Price 1s. Biblia Hebraica: Dedicated by Per- This memorial of the proceedmission to the Right Reverend the ings of the Society, contains inteLord Bishop of St. David's. By resting Letters froin various parts the Rev. J. S. C: F. Frey. Part of the world in which their 'Mis-' 1, II, III, each 58 6d.-royal,78 6d.

sionaries are employed. Among the favourable signs of The first pages of this number the present day must surely be are occupied by an extract froin enumerated the activity of the reli- the last journal of that valuable gious world in diffusing the know. Missionary at Vizigapatain, Mr. ledge of the Scriptures; and that in Desgranges, with an account of his a variety of ways. While some are death, and a sketch of his character. exerting themselves to translate the He had just finished the translation sacred Word into every language, of St. Luke's gospel into the 'Telinand distribute it in every country ga language, and had sent it off to uader heaven, others are no less Calcutta, where it is now printingent

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under the superintendence of Anan- wisely on his guard against those darayer, the converted, brahmin, who are disposed to follow Christ who resided with Mr. Desgranges only for the loaves and fishes. until his death. The loss of such Many would become Christians if an able and devoted man cannot thereby they could be free from but be deeply lamented. Mr Gore • the public services;' but Mr. R. don and Mr. Lee are, it is hoped, lets them all know that the gospel still there, and, perhaps, by this does not release them from their time, joined by Mr. Pritchett, who civil duties. His account of one of bad been at hangoon, and by Mr. the Syrian churches which he visit. Thompson, from Gosport.

ed, is curious. We are sorry to find A letter from Mr. Loveless, dated they are so superstitious. The Sy. Madras, Sept. 13, 1809 affords this tiad Christians appear to have re: welcome information :- We have sided more than 1000 years in the not been in the least hindered in country; yet have done little in our work from any external causes, converting the heathen. Mr. R. save the inournful circumstances has baptized, in his several congreabove mentioned. Indeed, there ap- gations, 422 persons, including pears no hindrance whatever in the children. way of prudent, discreet, Mission- Mr. Morrison's letter from Can ary exertions, except the want of ton is interesting; his observations labourers to carry them on; and on the difficulty of the Chinese lanthey are greatly wanted indeed. guages are important. He is indeO thou great Lord of the harvest, fatigabiy engaged with his dicspeedily sevd forth a numerous host tionary and translation. of thy faithful servants into this This Number contains letters land of Pagan darkness and death! from New South Wales, with an ac

We sincerely hope this prayer, count of the Missionaries will be answered ; but let our in there, and the most recent ad vices telligent readers remember, that if respecting Otaheite. this be done, the supporters of the The whole concludes with the Missiouary Cause inust at least Report of the Missionaries at double their contributions. At the Bethelsdorp for the year 1810. A moinent this is written, we are in- great niass of interesting matter forined that the Society is, notwith- will be found in this Number, standing considerable receipts this which we recoinmend to the attenyear, in debt to the Treasurer tion of all who love Christ and rleven hundred pounds. Surely, all their fellow - creatures. the ministers of Christ throughout England will exert themselves to 1. Divide Revelation variously comreplenish the sacred fund devoted

municated : « Sernon froin Heb. to so great and good a work!

i. 1, 2, before the Ministers and Labourers do offer their services ;.

Messengers of the Churches be. hut a great sum is necessary for

longing to the Baptist Bourd in... their conveyance and support.

London, April 25th, 1871; and Mr.Hands, who is al Bellary, also

published at their request. By cries for help. 0 that some kind brother wonld come over and help

John Ryland, D. D. Price 18. me!'

%. The Harmony of the Divine 'The dealh of Mr. Brain, at Ran

Perfections in the work of Regoun, is recorded in this Number, demption : a Sermon before the page 369, and is a very affecting

Ministers and Messengers of the providence; and has induced (with Baplist Churches belonging to the many other circumstances) bis sur- Western Associglion, held at riving brother, Mr. Pritchett, to

Purtsey, June 6th, 1811; and pub. quit that station and join the Mis

lished at their request. By John sionaries in India.

Ryland, D.D. ls. Mr. Ringcltuube's journal shews, TŅB first of these sermons ja that he is among' a multitude of an introduction to a series of lecpersons who lend an open ear to tures for the present year, all: instruction; bat he appears to be founded on the Epistle to the He

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hrews. It was preached by Dr. Ryland, on account of the indispo

r. whenever solicited to print a ser

mon bearing on this subject, he will sition of the minsster whose turn it allow himself to enlarge upon it. was to preach on the occasion. It contains a brief but instructive re- Conferences between the Danish view of sundry times and divers Christinn Missionaries resident at manners' in which God spake unto il Tranquebar, the fathers, leading on to the gos

and the Heathen Nas

lives of Hindooslan. Now first pel dispensation under which he rendered into English from the hath spoken unto us by his Son.

original Manuscript. 12mo, 58, It discovers an intimate acquaint

To prevent the public from ance with the history of divine re- be

being misled by the title of this velation, and is calculated to re

work, we hasten to denounce it when unexampled efforts are mak- for the press purpose of repreattention

forgery, contrived ing to spread it through the earth. In the second, the author is still Christianity itself contemptible.

senting missions as dangerous, and more at home in his subject. There for our reasons for this decision, is here a considerable portion of mature and interesting thought,

we refer to last month's Eclectic

Review. especially on the obstructions which truth and rightevusness must have

LITERARY NOTICES. guilty, and on their removal by is ahout to publish a new edition the death and mediation of Christ. of his Greek Grammar, and Greek -It has been recommended to the and English Scripture Lexicon, in mate friends, to write and publish Grammar, and the whole of the a treatise on the harmony of the gos- Lexicon, have been composed anew; pel, with the moral charucter and and to the words of the New Testagovernment of God. The reason of ment are added those in the Septhe recommendation is said to have tuagint and

Apocrypha. The Prime conversant with this view of the Lexicon; and the most important interested in it. Many of his friends from the Scriptures, the Fathers, in Northamptonshire remember and the Classics. with pleasure how he, on various The Missionary Society has in public occasions, has been borne the Press an Italian Translation of away by this great and wonderful Dr. Doddridge's Rise and Progress thenie. We could wish Dr. Ryland of Religion. A few copies of the still to think of the recommenda- same Work in French (printed for tion of his friends ; but if, owing to the Use of French Emigrants and bis numerous avocations, he should Prisoners of War) remain on hand. find it impracticable, we hope that Price 2s. 61.

SELECT LIST OF RELIGIOUS PUBLICATIONS. 737 Extracts (by Order of the Mis- A Second Volume of Sermons. sionary Society) from the Mission- By Dr. Brichan, D.D. 8vo, 9s. ary Sermons of Drs. Grithin, Nott, Serious investigation of the Na.. Morse, and Miller, in America ls. ture and Effects of Parochial As..

A Scripture Directory for the Old sessments on Places of Worship. Testament. By the Rev. T. Jones, By R. Hill, A. M Second edition, Curate of Creaton. 12mo, 23. 6d. enlarged, Is. 6d.

The Nations imploring the Word The Last Enemy destroyed: a of Life: a Sermon for the Bible Funeral Serinon for the Rev. G. Society. By J. Scott, A. M. is. Phillips, A. M. with bis Life. By

The Life of John Knox. By the Jos. Fletcher, A. M. ls. Gd. Rev. D. M*Crie. Sy0, 12s. ; royal, The Ordination Service of the , l. ls.

Rev. Andrew Reed. 2s.



At a Meeting of the Directors of the Missionary Society, and a numher of Ministers, Deacons, and Managers of Chapels at the New Loudon Tavern, Cheapside, on Thursday, December 26, to consult on the Formation of Auxiliary Societies in London and its Vicinity, in aid of the Funds of the Missionary Society, the following Resolutions were unanimously adopted : viz.

Resolved, I. That it is the opinion of this Meeting, that the Formation of Auxiliary Societies in London and ils Vicinity, in aid of the Funds of the Missionary Society, will be productive of the highest advantage.-1). That London and its Vicinity be accordingly divided into Districls, and an Auxiliary Society formed, if practicable, in each District.-111. That the Ministers and Directors residing in each District be a Committee to aid in the Formation of an Auxiliary Society therein.-IV. That each of the District '('ominittees be requested to call a Meeting of their Friends, notice whereof to be given to the respective Congregations (whose Ministers approve of the measure)to consider the Printed Plan of Auxiliary Societies recommended to their attention, and to appoint a Committec, l'reasurer, and Secretary for such District, and a Collector or Collectors for each Congregation in that District.-V. That the present List of Districts now presented be immediately printed and circulated, with a request that any additions or improvements be forthwith transınitted to either of the Secretaries, G. BORDER or S. W. TRACY.

AMERICA We are happy to announce the safe arrival in America of Mr. Juda son, one of the Andover Missionary Students; from whom the following Leiter, daled Nov. 16, 1811, has been reccived:

As you may not have received mine of the first of September last, I will repeat that I arrived at New York the 7th of August, after a pleasant passage of 50 days.

• Accompanying this I send a copy of the September Panoplist, which contains an account of the proceedings of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, at their Second Annual Meeting. Froin this you will learn something of the state of our Missionary affairs, as well as my particular prospects. The coinmissioners earnestly hope to relieve you from the burden of conveying the Missionaries from this coluntry; but, on account of the present inadequacy of their means, and on account of the uncertainty in which the Missionary bequest, of 30,000 dollars, of Mrs. Norris is yet involved, it is very doubtful, whether in case a ship should sail for India, they would undertake our support, or feel necessitated to resign us to your care. 'The Will was indeed established last week by the Supreme Court; but the heirs at law immediately entered an action, on the ground that the commissioners were not incorporated to hold property; and this action will not be tried until the. liext annual session of the Court.

* Your Missionaries, Spratt and May, as well as the two Baptists, Lawson and Johns, are still at Philadelphia, . waiting for the moving of the water.' My brethren Newell and Hall are also there, attending a course of medical lectures; in which they have now been engaged above a year. - It is very iniprobable that an opportunity of leaving America will he soon presented.

to l'am residing in this college, - preaching occasionally,-- applying to the Sanscrit, and attempting to excite more of the Missionary spirit in this country. The Society of inquiry among the yonng men is doing well. Our library contains between one and two hundred volumes, ali rélating to Missions. We have republished several works, particularly

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