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Broad Scotch."-N.B. This book was written by permiffion of his late Royal Highness Frederick Prince of Wales, for the informa tion of his eldest son, our present Sovereign.

THEOLOGY, POLEMICAL. A Controverfy with the People called Methodists, written occafionally against divers of the Sect, in the Years 1758 and 1759, and confifting of the following Pieces: 1. A Difplay of the bad Principles of the Methodists, in certain Articles proposed to the Confideration of the Company of Salters in London; 2d edit.-2. Rules for the Difcovery of falfe Prophets, &c.; a Sermon preached before the University of Oxford, on Whit-Sunday, 1758, dedicated to his Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury; 3d edit.-3. Dr. Free's Edition of Mr.Wesley's firft Penny Letter; the fecond impreflion, dedicated to Mr. Welley. -4. His Edition of Mr. Welley's Second Letter.-5. Dr. Free's whole Speech to the London Clergy, at Sion College, May 8, 1759; with a Remonftrance to the Bishop of Winchefter. That printed in "The Monitor" is imperfect.

POETRY and MISCELLANEOUS. 1. Poems upon feveral Occafions, the fecond Edition, 1757, containing an Ode to the King of Pruffia on the Victory at Prague; an Ode of Confolation to his Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland, on the Lofs of Minorca, &c.; Jephtha, an Oratorio, fet to Mufick by Mr. Stanley; Advice to the Fair Sex; Stigand, or, The Antigallican, a Poem; Sufannah, an Ethic Poem; Judith, an Heroic Foem, &c. To the whole is prefixed a curious Account of the Origin and peculiar Nature of English Poetry, and how far it is fimilar or different. from that of the Greeks and Romans, in a Letter to a Member of Parliament.-2. A poetical Dialogue, intituled, "The voluntary Exile," 1765.3. Stadia Phyfiologica duo, or, Two Stages in Phyfiology, exbibiting all along the Opinions of the best Writers, &c. with Variety of Obfervations entirely new, 1762.-4. A genuine Petition to the King; and likewife a Letter to the Right Hon. the Earl of Bute; concerning the very hard Cafe of an eminent Divine of the Church of England. Published from the Originals by the Rev. Dr. Free.— 4. The Petition of John Free, D. D. relative to the Conduct of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York; most humbly addreffed to the Hon. House of Commons.~5. Matrimony made easy, &c. a Serio-comic Satire, . tending to expofe the Tyranny and Abfurdity of a late Act of Parliament, intituled, An Act for the better Prevention of Clandestine Marriages, &c.-6. A Plan for the Ufe of the Emprefs of Ruffia, in founding a free Univerfity for the Reception of People of all Nations and Religions: with a Specimen of the Univerfal Library, for the Ufe of the Students, in Latin, French, and English; zd edit. 1761.-7. Tyrocinium Geographicum Londinenfe; or, The London Geography :

confifting of Dr. Free's fhort Lectures, come piled for the Ufe of his younger Pupils. Published chiefly for the Information of genteel young Citizens. Dedicated, by Pe.miffion, to the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen; and the Author honoured for the Work with the Freedom of the City. To which is added, by the Editor, tranflated from the Greek into English Blank Verfe, the Periegefis of Dionyfius, the Geographer, from the Edition of Dr. Wells: comprehending, for the Use of the Ladies who read Hiftory, and the Youth of the Universities, both the antient and modern Systems.

The following Epitaph was found among the papers of the deceased, and appears to have been intended by him for his tomb. We therefore infert it for the amufement of our learned readers:

"Hic fepultus eft JOANNES FREY,

in Academiâ Ŏxonienfi Sacræ Theol. Doctor, Et Civitatis ejufdem Nominis Civis natus, Utriufque Pater;

Quoniam non fupererat in Civitate Civisfenior Nec in Univerfitate Doctor.

Hic vir fruftrà vixit; nam laboravit fruftrà Nunquam enim quod Ufus Vitæ postulat, Utcumque moderatum, aut fibi aliccutus eft, Aut fuis.

Concionator publicas per Annos LIL Et Doctor fuæ Facultatis XL1 Quinetiam, fruttrà: Nam cum hæc fcriberet, licèt admodum Senex, Nunquam Ecclefiam obtinuiflet, Quæ redderet quotannis LXXX Minas. Mirum!

Sacerdos attamen fuit Sub Imperio Georgii 11. Magne Britannia Regis,

Qui caput effe audit infuper Ecclefiæ. At vero, quanquam Regis Familiæ fidus Subditus,

Et fuo damno fidus,

Nunquam tamen tulit, vel fide politicæ, Vel operis facerdotalis præmium. Adeò ut bujus hominis vita comparetur Proventui arboris, naturâ fertilis; Sed quæ, tempeftatibus fubinde agitara, CaliqueInclementiâ oppreffa, et tandem vista, Fructum fuum cum vitâ perdidit; Quod perinde eft, ac fi a principio Facta fuiffet fterilis.

Sic vifum eft CREATORI Opus texere, et retexere fuum. Siccine, ait Pfalmifta, Deus, Omnes homines in mendacium, Aut deceptionem creafti * ?Si hoc verum fit, Tum præter inferna illa,ab antiqu's temporibus Credita et formidata, Locus Pœnæ eft etiam hæc Terra noftra, Ubi fic decipimur; ubi 1

* Pfalm lxxxix. ver. 48. odit Jun, ot Tremell.



Births and Marriages of confiderable Perfons.

Per tramites perplexos iter, et ad quodvis
Divorticulum crebri laquei et infidiæ locantur,
Atque poft infinitum molimen
Spei perpetua fruftratio :-
Qui cruciatus!

Patet,igitur, in hunc orbem eo fine inducimur,
Semper aliquid pati;

Et, quod maximum inter homines
Habitum eft, et nominatum fupplicium,—
Patiendo mori.

Nonne hæc eft pœna per totum,
Quando Mors, cujus causâ nafcimur,
Ut fupremum et grande officium ultionis
Coronat opus?

Cur ita comparatum eft, aut quam ob caufam
Huc venimus puniendi ? An in hanc vitam
Ex aliâ vitâ et naturâ profecti fumus? An→

Sed melius eft intactas relinquere
Quæftiones tam difficiles:-DEus noverit,
Hominem verò puto fcire nullum.
Abi, Viator:

Nam adhuc calcanda tibi femita tortuofa vitæ:
Repone animo, et converte, fi potes, in tuum


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Sept. 22. The Princess, confort to his Royal Highness the Prince of Denmark, a prince, who was immediately baptized by the name of Chriftian, but expired after a fhort life of feven hours.

27. Mrs. Tory, wife of Mr. T. gardener, of Dike, in the parish of Bourn, co. Lincoln, three children (two girls and a boy).

Lately, at Moira caftle, in Ireland, the Countess of Granard, a fon.

08. 3. At Dalford, near Namptwich, in Cheshire, the Lady of Henry Auguftus Leicefter, efq. a fon.

5. At Twickenham, the Lady of Nathaniel Davifon, efq. late conful-general at Algiers, a daughter.

6. At his Lordship's houfe in Binfield-vale, Berks, Lady Kinnaird, a daughter.

9. At the house of her father, Anthony Todd, efq. at Walthamstow, Lady Lauderdale, a daughter.

10. Hon. Mrs. Hay, of Newhall, a daugh. 12. At Philorth, Lady Saltoun, a fon. 13. At Wells, the Lady of the Hon. David Anftruther, a daughter.

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14. At Bramhope-hall, co. York, the Lady of Tho. Wybergh, efq. a fon.

16. Hon. Mrs. Drummond, of Perth, afon. 17. In Ruffel Street, Upper Charlotte-fr. the Lady of Rob. Adamfon, efq. a daughter.

In Great Cumberland-street, Fortman-fqu. the Lady of James Mufgrave, efq. a fon.

19. At Hampton-court-palace, the Lady of Thomas Farquier, efq. a fon.

20. At Foxdenton, near Manchester, Lady Mary Horton, a daughter.

22. At his houfe in Bolton-street, the Lady of R. Brooke Supple, efq. a fon.

27. At his Lordship's house in Saville-row, the Countess Delawar, a fon.


Aug.refter, merchant, to Mifs Barts,

T St. Petersburg, Mr. Francis For


eldest dau of Peter B. efq. of St. Petersburg.

Sept.... Andrew Douglafs, M. D. of Savile-row, and brother-in-law of the celebrat ed Mifs Carter, of Deal (fee vol. LX. p. 478), formerly furgeon at Sandwich, Kent, to Mrs. Beauvoir, only daughter and heiress of Fane William Sharpe, efq. M.P. for Callington, in Cornwall (XLI. 475), and widow, by a fecond marriage, of Ofmond Beauvoir, D. D. (LIX. 672), formerly mafter of the freeIchool at Canterbury.

12. At Drumlanrig caftle, in Dumfriesfhire, Charles Granville Stuart Monteath, efq. of Clofeburn, to Mifs Ludivinia Loughman, eldest daughter of the late Tho. L. efq. merchant, of London.

17. Mr. Leake, watch-maker, Enfield, to Mifs Lee, of Shoreditch, with 3000l. fortune. 19. At Hacconby, Linc. Mr. Caffwall, of Rippingale, to Mrs. Hodgkins, of Stainfield.

22. Mr. Green, attorney, of Ayliffe-itrect, Goodman's-fields,to Mifs Ackroyd, of Stepney. 23. Geo. Harrison, efq. of Lincoln's-inn, to Mifs Bunting, of Middleton-lodge, co. York.

24. At Denton, near Newhaven, Suffolk, Mr. Geo. Ellifon, attorney, of Crane-court, Fleet-treet, to Mifs Mary Nares, of Jamesftreet, Westminster.

26. At Martock, Mr. John Westcott, to Mifs Wood, of Milton, Somerset.

27. At Exeter, Wm. Paget, M. D. to Mifs Doubleday, daughter of the late Rob. D. efq.

28. At Norwich, Wm. Utten, efq. feoretary to the Bishop of that dioc. to Mrs. Leech.

29. At Berlin, his Royal Highness the Duke of York, to the Princefs Frederique-Charlotte Ulrique-Catherine, eldest daughter of the King of Pruffia.

30. Geo. Nixon, efq. of Devonshire-fqua. to Mifs Stokes, of King-ftr. Covent-garden. Lately, at Liverpool, Mr. Bartholomew Prefcott, merch. to Mifs Rogers, dau. of the Late Mr. Tho. R. proctor, at Bangor.

At Llanwenog, co. Cardigan, Griffith Williams, efq. of Wormwood-grove, co. Carmarthen, to Mifs Evans, of Highmead, Cardigan.

Mr. Thompson, of Sutton, to Miss Fanny Wilkins, of Fairlawn, Bedfordshire.

02. 1. At Berlin, his Serene Highnefs the Hereditary Prince of Orange, to the Princess Frederica-Sophia-Wilhelmina, fecond daughter of his Pruilian Majefty.

3. Mr. Edw. Wakefield, jun. of the OldJewry, to Mifs Crush, of Felited, Effex. 4. Hon. Henry Cecil (nephew to the Earl of Exeter), to Mifs Higgins.

5. At Sherborne, Mr. Jof. Staines, of Wareham, furgeon, to Mits Fanny Foote.

6. Mr. David Ellis, of Long-Acre, to Mifs Ander fon, of Bedfordbury.

8. At York, John Bourke Ryan, efq. of London, to Mrs. Gollip, relict of Wilmer G. elq of Thorp-Arch.

10. Mr. Jn. Jackson, clerk to Meffrs. Curtis and Co. to Mifs Williams, of Wapping. 12. Mr. Geo. Codling, a coal-meter of the port of Lynn, to Wifs Anne Towers.

13. Rev. Wm Sneyd, to Mifs Emma Vernon, dau. of the late Tho. V. efq. of Hanbury. 14. Mr. Wm. Barfoot, of Colemau-street, to Mifs Catherine Penton, of Highgate.

15. Mr. Thomas Jordan Hookham, of Old Bond-ftr. to Mifs Holland, of Greek street. 17. Mr. W. Chefwright, of the Bank, to Mifs H. Fawcett, of King-ftr. W. Smithfield. 20. Tho. Hunt, efq. of Lincoln's inn, to Mifs King, of King-street, Covent-garden. 23. Mr. Thomas Hayter, to Mits Smith, both of Huggin-lane.





T Nagpour, where he had been refiding about eight months, Mr. George Forster, fo famous for travelling from Calcutta to London. It may prove fome confolation to the literary world that he had previously arranged and completed a relation of his journey from Kashmir to England, through Afghanistan and Perfia, and into Caffia by the Cafpian Sea.

May 17. On the coaft of Africa, Mr. Nicholas Latham, late midshipman of the Naffau, and eldest fon of Mr. L. of Collegegreen, Bristol.

July 18. In Spanish-town, Jamaica, Rev. Alex. Cumine, D.D. rector of the parish of St. Catherine.

29. At New Providence, the Rev. James Manning, S. T. P. prefident of Rhode-iland College, North America.

Aug.... In St. Elizabeth's, aged 110, an old Negro-woman, named Cooba. She belonged to the Hon. Thomas Chambers, efq. cuftos of that parish. From her maiter, and a numerous family of defcendants, down to the fourth generation, he had every comfort and convenience of life; befides which, having been entirely at liberty to do as the pleafed for 20 or 30 years pait, the used regularly to vifit a circle of acquaintance for many miles round, and not only was well received both by whites and blacks, but made herself ufcful to them, as the poffeffed her recollection to the laf, and had her fenfes fo perfectGENT. MAG. October, 1791.

ly, that, to inftance only her fight, which genevally fails first, the could fee to thread a needle, and was ftill fo active, that, a few months before her death, fhe was feen to dance with as much apparent eafe as a girl of 15 years of age.

1. In Charles town, South Carolina, Gea. Abbot Hall, efq. collector of customs there. 6. At North Elmham, near Folkstone, co. Kent, aged 81, Mr. John Andrews, a repu table, fubftantial farmer, whofe lofs is felt not only by a numerous family, but by a refpectable lift of country gentlemen in that neighbourhood, with whom he had been from his youth accustomed to affociate. Good-nature and a chearful difpofition made all ranks, as well as ages, defirous of his company. The common foibles of old age did not keep pace with his increafing years. When he had the misfortune to have any of his old friends taken from him, he was fure of a fucceffor in their reprefentatives, for youth as well as age enjoyed his fociety. Few have travelled through life, to the age of 81, fo much beloved. He was well known alfo in that part of the country as a fox-hunter, to the three laft generations; he loved the sport dearly, and rode boldly after it at the age of 80. A ftoppage of urine carried him off, after a fhort illness, which he bore with much fortitude and refignation, during which he frequently expreffed a wish to enjoy one more hunting feafon. He has left behind him numerous relations, moft of whom he had the happinefs to fee doing well in the world, owing to his kind attention to their welfare.

18. At Saltfleet, a watering-place on the Lincolnshire coaft, Mrs. Stovin, relict of Rich. S. efq. formerly of Withern, and late of Louth, co. Lincoln, and youngest daughter of the Rev. Sir Richard Temple, bart. deceased, late rector of Langton, near Spilfby.

Sept. 3. At Saddleworth, near Manchefter, where he went for the recovery of her health, Mifs Mary Buckley, of London, who bore a lingering illness with patience and fortitude.

8. At Peterborough (after he had faithfully and honestly served his matter, the Rev Dr. Brown, upwards of 45 years) Hen. Bracken.

13. At Dunfany castle, in Ireland, the Lady of Lord Dunfany.

At Bourn, aged oc, Mrs. Mawby, widow. 15. At his feat at Rockfield, co. Dublin, in his 75th year, John Sheppy, efq. many years deputy-customer and collector of the port of Dublin.

At Paris, Charles Orby Hunter, efq. Lord of the manor of Crowland, co. Lincoln, which, it is believed, he inherited from his uncle, Tho.. H. eiq. who died Oct. 20, 1769.

19. At Donnington, co. Lincoln, Mrs. Emmerfon, mistress of the free-school there. All the children attended her corpfe from the fchool-houfe to the grave.


970 Obituary of confiderable Perfons; with Biographical Anecdotes. [O&.

At her house at Nottingham, Mrs. Drury, relict of Wm. D. efq. of Oakham, Rutland, and mother of Wm. D. efq. of Look's-hall, near Derby, formerly of Nottingham, and whofe family have refided there 400 years. 20. At Whitehaven, in his 63d year, Mr. John Ware, fen. proprietor and publisher of the Cumberland Packet.

At Farningham, Kent, the fon of JohnHenry Warre, efq.

At Langton-lodge, near Northallerton, co. York, in her 6th year, the eldest daughter of the Mafter of the Rolls.

Mr. Jonathan Taylor, farmer and grazier, of Kirton, near Boston.

21. At Winchester, the Rev. Mr. Mulfo, prebendary of South Alton, in that cathedral, and rector of Meonstoke and Easton, Hants. At Walthamstow, Jas. Bennett, efq, many years an eminent grocer. His fon died not Jong before him.

At his country-feat at Dulwich, James Bulcock, efq. in the commission of the peace, and deputy-lieutenant of the county of Surrey, and treasurer of the Surrey Difpenfary.

22. At Edinburgh, in his 105th year, John Strachan, fleshcadie. He retained his fenfes till within a short time of his death, and feldom had any complaint. He recollected the time when no flether would venture to kill any beaft till all the different parts were befpoke, butcher's meat being then a much more unfaleable article than now.

Rev. Francis Broade, D. D. of Southwick, co. Northampton, rector of Benifield, in that Courty, worth 3col. per annum, and in the gift of Lady Pocock.

24. At Gibraltar, Mr. Charles Green, clerk in the Victualling office there.

At Ellesmere, Dr. Hatchet. He was accidentally shot by Mr. Edwards, his brother-inlaw, by his fowling-piece going off while he was examining the flint. Dr. H. expired foon after, in the greatest agony, having received the whole contents of the gun in his groin.

Mrs. Barker, wife of Rich. B. efq. of Golden-fqu. furgeon to the 2d reg. of life-guards. At Thorganby, in the Eaft riding of the county of York, the Rev. John Knowles.He was drawing a bucket of water out of a well adjoining his habitation, when the weight of the fweep falling of, and the poll ftriking his head, he fell down into the well. He was inftantly discovered, and taken out; yet there did not remain any figns of life. Mr. K. was much refpected in his parith, where he had been curate 22 years, and, greatly to his credit, was never known to have neglect ed the duties of his church.

25. At his feat of Groll-caftle, in Glamorganshire, Sir Herbert Mackworth, bart. F.R.S one of the vice-prefidents of the Marine Society, colonel of the Glamo ganfhire militia, and M. P. in the last parliament for Cardiff, as was his fa her (who died Aug 20, 1765) in 1739. He was created a baronet Aug. 24, 1776. His death was occafioned



by a thorn breaking in his finger, which brought on a violent inflammation and fwelling in the hand and arm. No medical af fiftance being called in till a month after the accident happened, an abforption of matter took place, and he died under violent fymptoms of putrefaction. He married... daughter and fifter of Robert Trefufis, efq. by whom he had iffue Robert, his fucceffor, born in 1766, another fon and a daughter, born in 1769, of elegant accomplishments; who, as the estate is not entailed, are expected to be confiderable tharers in the large property their father died poffeffed of. Lady M. who was at Richmond when she received, the melancholy news of Sir Herbert's death, was fo much affected, that she was carried fenfeless to her bed, and her recovery was long very doubtful.

At his houfe at Mile-end, Mr. Archibald Stewart, many years abroad-clerk at the late Sir Beni. Trueman's brewhouse.

At his feat at Barr, near Birmingham, aged 73, Tho. Hoo, efq.

Mr. Edw. Hall, of Manchester, 38 years one of the furgeons of the infirmary there. At Glasgow, Jn. Dunn, efq. of Tannochside. At Chatham, Mrs. Locker, wife of Mr. Jn. L. cabinet-maker.

At Croydon, Surrey, after a lingering illnefs, Mrs. Braithwaite, relict of Rev. T. B.

26. At Exton, Rutland, Mr. Wm. Wells. He had been valet-de-chambre to the Earl of Gainsborough near 30 years.

At Boxford, in Suffolk, in an advanced age, greatly lamented, Rev. Mr. Wade, master of the free grammar-fchool there, and rector of Kirtling and Ashley cum Silverley, co. Cambridge which preferment is in the gift of the Earl of Guildford. Mr. W. performed his duty at church the preceding day as ufual.

At Laufanne, in his 53d year, Right Hon. William Lord Craven, Baron of Hamstead Marshall, lord lieutenant and cutlos rotulorum of the county of Berks, colonel of the Berkshire militia, recorder of Newbury, &c. His Lordfhip was born Sept. 22, 1737, and fucceeded his uncle, the late Lord, in 1-69. He married, 1767, Elizabeth, daughter of the late, and fifter of the prefent, Earl of Berkeley; of his feparation from whom, and her fubfequent "Travels" with the Margrave of Anfpach, fee our vol. LX. p. 237.-He was a moit indulgent parent, a kind relation, a fteady friend, and a good man. His urbanity of manners, chearful good humour, and conviviality of difpofition, will long be remem hered with regret by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance; while his inflexible mtegrity, and uniformly independent, conduct in the House of Peers, will be recorded to the latest polter ty, and may ferve as a bright example to all who follow him. During the conteft relative to the Middlefex election, and at that period of the unfortunate American war when party ran higheit, he refuted the most fautering ofors of honours and emo


lument from those in power; and when the late Regency was in agitation he offered his fervices to the Prince of Wales, telling his Royal Highnefs that he would accept any office, in his household, provided there was no Salary annexed to it. He is fucceeded in his title and vast eftates by his eldest fon, William, born Sept. 1, 1770, and recently come of age. The prefent Lord has two brothers, now at school: Henry-Auguftus, born 1776; and born 1779; and three fifters, who were with their father at the time of his decease: Elizabeth, born 1768; Maria-Margaretta, born 1769 Georgiana, born 177..

27. At his houfe in Earl-ftreet, Blackfriars, John Hart, efq. He was elected alderman of Bridge Ward Within in 1774; , and ferved the office of theriff in 1775; but his election as alderman of Bridge Ward baving been declared void by de nurrer in the King's Bench, 1776, he was elected alderman of Dowgate Ward in 1777; and principal land coal-meter in 1784. This place, worth near roool. per annum, was nominally given to Alderman Hart (to whom Alderman Pugh was tacitly joined) in 1784, on condition of refigning their gowns (it being agreed that the furvivor thould have the whole). Mr. P. lived but a thort time; and Mr. H. enjoyed the office till his death.

At his brother's houfe at Yelling, co. Huntingdon, in his 73d year, Mr. Rich. Venn.

At Bourn, co. Lincoln, aged 61, Rev. Wm. Young. He had been 30 years minifter of the General Baptift Congregation there.

28. At Barkby, co. Lincoln, in his 72d year, Mr. Ralph Woodcock.

At his mother's houfe in Bucks, James Fisher, efq. of Lincoln's-inn.

Suddenly, Mrs. Barber, wife of George B. efq. of Clock-house, near Bradford. She was at the affembly, at the Talbot inn, at that place, and, after dancing but one dance, fat down, and expired in lefs than five minutes.

29. At Newbury, Mr. John Sealy, for merly an eminent grocer in Threadneedle-ft.

At Hoddefdon, Herts, in her 55th year, Mrs. Martha Moore, wife of Wm. M efy.

In his 70th year, Win. Mafon, efq. in the commiffion of the peace for co. Surrey.

Sam. Hoare, efq. many years jerker of the cuftom house at Cork.

30. Mr. John Payne, many years one of the common-council of Breal-street ward.

Mr. John Munn, of the Crown, Barnet. Lately, in town, Jamaica, in his 55th year, the Hon. Rofe Herring May, one of the members of his Majesty's council..

At Jamaica, Benj. Alten, efq.-Mr. Rob. Dowfe. Mr. Andrew Eryne.—Mr. John Robertfon. Mr. Myrie, fon of the late Gen. M.-Dr. Fastfe.

In Ireland, Edmund Eyre, efq. fon of the Jate Rev. Archdeacon E. of Lynn, in Norfolk, and nephew to the late B.hop Keene, Lieutenant-colonel of the 64th regiment of foot, and a colonel in the army.

In Dublin, in an advanced age, the Hon. Mrs. Fofter, mother of the Right Hon. John F. fpeaker of the Irish House of Commons. At Cork, aged 31, Mrs. Anne Winthrop, widow of J. W. efq.

At the fame place, Eneas Bury, efq. alderman of that city.

In Perthshire, in a very advanced age, Mrs. Menzies, widow of Capt. James M. and daughter of Lord Menzie.

At Chatham, aged 66, Mr. Daniel Brames, late of the dock-yard there.

At Brompton, near Chatham, Mr. William Elvey, many years a master shoemaker there. At the fame place, Mr. Broughton, gent. At the fame place, aged 83, Mr. Jn. Lane, one of the people called Quakers.

At Melton, co. Lincoln, Mrs. Stokes, wife of Mr. S. attorney.

At Extoo, co. Rutland, Mr. Jas. Brearly. The banns for his marriage had been publithed just two days before his death.

Of the hooping-cough, the Hon. Thomas Henry Coventry, youngest fon of Lord Vifcount Deerhurst, born June 30, 1789.

Mrs. Moriand, wife of Rev. Tho. M. of Darlington, co. York.

At Blawith, near Ulverstone, Mr. W. Gibfon. This extraordinary perfon, whose skill in the mathematicks aftonished all who knew him, was a fervant at a little farm-houfe at the age of 23, and ignorant of the rules of common arithmetick; but, after learning these from the children that were taught on an evening, he foon made himself mafter of Euclid's elements, algebra, and fluxions, and could multiply together any number of figures, under 9, by mere strength of memory.

At an alms-houfe in Monmouth, aged roz, Sarah Price. When about 50, the could not fee without the help of glaffes; but as the further advanced in years, the recovered her fight to fuch a degree as to fee to thread the finallest needle, till within a few days of her decease.

At her houfeat Clapton, Mrs. Urfula Smith. Aged o, Jn. Richardfon, ef, of Mile-end. At his lodgings in Su lolk-ftreet, Mr. Elliot Molloy, who formerly kept the Hercules in Threadneed! street.

In Friday-Areer, Mr. Tapp, many years a wholefale linen-draper there.

08... At her father's houfe in Piccadilly, Mrs. Frances Forster, wife of Francis F. efq. of Trinity-hall, Cambridge.

At Nottingham, aged 24, after along and fevere illness, which the hore with uncommon fortitude and refignation, Mif Juliana Brown, youngest daughter of John Suffield B. efq. of Leefthorpe, co. Leicester. She was a pattern of dutiful atfection, meeknefs, and gratitude.

2. At Nottingham, aged 61, Mrs. Athover, relict of Mr. Thomas A.

At formantine-noufe, in Scotland, Lord Haddo. The unfortunate accident which occafioned his death is very fingular. After handing

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