The Life of Laurence Sterne, Band 2


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Seite 356 - France already — and I know not the woman I should like so well for her substitute as yourself. 'Tis true, I am ninety-five in constitution, and you but twenty-five; rather too great a disparity this!
Seite 378 - tis a land of plenty. I sit down alone to venison, fish and wild fowl, or a couple of fowls or ducks, with curds, and strawberries, and cream, and all the simple plenty which a rich valley (under Hamilton Hills) can produce — with a clean cloth on my table — and a bottle of wine on my right hand to drink your health. I have a hundred hens and chickens about my yard — and not a parishioner catches a hare, or a rabbit or a trout, but he brings it as an offering to me.
Seite 237 - I was within an ace of setting up my hobby-horse in her stable for good and all. I might as well, considering how the enemies of the Lord have blasphemed thereupon.
Seite 115 - One half of the town abuse my book as bitterly, as the other half cry it up to the skies — the best is, they abuse and buy it, and at such a rate, that we are going on with a second edition, as fast as possible.
Seite 355 - Talking of widows — pray, Eliza, if ever you are such, do not think of giving yourself to some wealthy Nabob, because I design to marry you myself. My wife cannot live long, and I know not the woman I should like so well for her substitute as yourself.
Seite 387 - I can answer for those two. It is a subject which works well, and suits the frame of mind I have been in for some time past — I told you my design in it was to teach us to love the world and our fellow-creatures better than we do — so it runs most upon those gentler passions and affections, which aid so much to it.
Seite 93 - Grant me patience, just Heaven! Of all the cants which are canted in this canting world — though the cant of hypocrites may be the worst — the cant of criticism is the most tormenting!
Seite 74 - do you ever read any others?" "Yes," answered Mr. Wickens, with a little spiritual vanity; " I read Sherlock, and Tillotson, and Beveridge, and others." " Ay, sir," broke out the other, in a rather imperfect metaphor, "there you drink the cup of salvation to the bottom ; here you have merely the froth from the surface.
Seite 386 - Spring : — and then my Sentimental Journey will, I dare say, convince you that my feelings are from the heart ; and that that heart is not of the worst of moulds — praised be God for my sensibility ! Though it has often made me wretched, yet I would not exchange it for all the pleasures the grossest sensualist ever felt.
Seite 267 - What a large volume of adventures may be grasped within this little span of life, by him who interests his heart in every thing, and who, having eyes to see what time and chance are perpetually holding out to him as he journeyeth on his way, misses nothing he can fairly lay his hands on...

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