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Should custom plead, as custom will,
Grand precedents to palliate ill;
Shall modes and forms avail with me,
When Reason disavows the plea?
Who games is felon of his wealth,
His time, his liberty, his health.
Virtue forsakes his sordid mind,
And Honour scorns to stay behind.
From man when these bright cherubs part,
Ah! what's the poor deserted heart?

wild that shocks the sight,
Or chaos, and impervious night!
Each generous principle destroy'd,
And demons crowd the frightful void!

Shall Siam's elephant supply
The baneful desolating die?
Against the honest silvan's will,
You taught his ivory tusk to kill.
Heaven, fond its favours to dispense,
Gave him that weapon for defence.
That weapon, for his guard design’d,
You render'd fatal to mankind.
He plann'd no death for thoughtless youth;
You gave the venom to his tooth.
Blush, tyrant, blush; for oh! 'tis true
That no fell serpent bites like you.

The guests were order'd to depart, Reluctance sat on every heart : A porter show'd a different door, Not the fair portal known before! The gates, methought, were open'd wide, The crowds descended in a tide.

heavens! what vast surprise Struck the adventurers' frighted eyes!

oh ye


A barren heath before us lay,
And gathering clouds obscured the day;
The darkness rose in smoky spires;
The lightnings flash'd their livid fires :
Loud peals of thunder rent the air,
While Vengeance chilld our hearts with fear,

Five ruthless tyrants sway'd the plain,
And triumph'd o'er the mangled slain.
Here sat Distaste, with sickly mien,
And more than half devour'd with spleen:
There stood Remorse, with thought oppressid,
And vipers feeding on his breast:
Then Want, dejected, pale, and thin,
With bones just starting through his skin;
A ghastly fiend!—and close behind
Disease his aching head reclined !
His everlasting thirst confess'd
The fires which raged within his breast:
Death closed the train! the hideous form
Smiled unrelenting in the storm :
When straight a doleful shriek was heard ;-
I woke-The vision disappear’d.

Let not the unexperienced boy
Deny that Pleasures will destroy;

that dreams are vain and wild,
Like fairy tales, to please a child.
Important hints the wise may reap
From sallies of the soul in sleep.
And, since there's meaning in my dream,
The moral merits your esteem.




ATTEND my Visions, thoughtless youths!
Ere long you'll think them weighty truths :
Prudent it were to think so now,
age has silver'd o'er


brow: For he who at his early years Has sown in vice shall


in tears. If folly has possess'd his prime, Disease shall gather strength in time; Poison shall



Nor penitence dilute the stain:
And when each hour shall urge his fate,
Thought, like the doctor, comes too late.

The subject of my song is Health,
A good superior far to wealth.
Can the young mind distrust its worth?
Consult the monarchs of the earth :
Imperial czars and sultans own
No gem so bright that decks their throne:
Each for this pearl his crown would quit,
And turn a rustic or a cit.

Mark, though the blessing's lost with ease,
"Tis not recover'd when you please.
Say not that gruels shall avail,
For salutary gruels fail.
Say not, Apollo's sons succeed,
Apollo's son is Egypt's' reed.

1 In allusion to 2 Kings xviii. 21.

How fruitless the physician's skill,
How vain the penitential pill,
The marble monuments proclaim,
The humbler turf confirms the same!
Prevention is the better cure,
So says the proverb, and 'tis sure.


your narrow span,
And make the most of life you can;
Would you, when medicines cannot save,
Descend with ease into the grave;
Calmly retire, like evening light,
And cheerful bid the world good night?
Let Temperance constantly preside,
Our best physician, friend, and guide!
Would you to wisdom make pretence,
Proud to be thought a man of sense?
Let Temperance (always friend to fame)
With steady hand direct your aim;
Or, like an archer in the dark,
Your random shaft will miss the mark:
For they who slight her golden rules
In Wisdom's volume stand for fools.

But morals, unadorn’d by art,
Are seldom known to reach the heart.
I'll therefore strive to raise my theme
With all the scenery of dream.

Soft were my slumbers, sweet my rest,
Such as the infant's on the breast;
When Fancy, ever on the wing,
And fruitful as the genial spring,
Presented, in a blaze of light,
A new creation to my sight.

A rural landscape I descried, Dress'd in the robes of summer pride;

The herds adorn'd the sloping hills
That glitter'd with their tinkling rills;
Below the fleecy mothers stray'd,
And round their sportive lambkins play'd.

Nigh to a murmuring brook I saw
An humble cottage thatch'd with straw;
Behind, a garden that supplied
All things for use, and none for pride:
Beauty prevail'd through every part,
But more of nature than of art.

Hail, thou sweet, calm, unenvied seat!
I said, and bless'd the fair retreat:
Here would I pass my remnant days,
Unknown to censure or to praise;
Forget the world, and be forgot,
As Pope describes his vestal's lot.

While thus I mused, a beauteous maid
Stepp'd from a thicket's neighbouring shade;
Not Hampton's gallery can boast,
Nor Hudson paint so fair a toast :
She claim'd the cottage for her own;
To Health a cottage is a throne.

The annals say (to prove her worth) The Graces solemnized her birth. Garlands of various flowers they wrought, The orchard's blushing pride they brought: Hence in her face the lily speaks, And hence the rose which paints her cheeks; The cherry gave her lips to glow, Her eyes were debtors to the sloe; And, to complete the lovely fair, 'Tis said the chesnut stain’d her hair.

The virgin was averse to courts, But often seen in rural sports ;

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