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When in her rosy vest the morn
Walks o'er the dew-bespangled lawn,
The nymph is first to form the race,
Or wind the horn, and lead the chase.

Sudden I heard a shouting train;
Glad acclamations fill’d the plain :
Unbounded joy improved the scene,
For Health was loud proclaim'd a queen.

Two smiling cherubs graced her throne
(To modern courts, I fear, unknown);
One was the nymph that loves the light,
Fair Innocence, array'd in white;
With sister Peace in close embrace,
And heaven all opening in her face.

The reign was long, the empire great,
And Virtue, minister of state.
In other kingdoms, every hour,
You hear of vice preferr’d to power;
Vice was a perfect stranger here;
No knaves engross'd the royal ear;
No fools obtain'd this monarch's grace;
Virtue disposed of every place.

What sickly appetites are ours,
Still varying with the varying hours !
And though from good to bad we range,
• No matter (says the fool), 'tis change.'

Her subjects now express'd apace
Dissatisfaction in their face :
Some view the state with envy's eye,
Some were displeased, they knew not why:
When Faction, ever bold and vain,
With rigour tax'd their monarch's reign.
Thus, should an angel from above,
Fraught with benevolence and love,

Descend to earth, and here impart
Important truths to mend the heart;
Would not the instructive guest dispense
With passion, appetite, and sense;
We should his heavenly lore despise,
And send him to his former skies.

A dangerous hostile power arose
To Health, whose household were her foes:
A harlot's loose attire she wore,
And Luxury the name she bore.
This princess of unbounded sway
(Whom Asia's softer sons obey)
Made war against the queen of Health,
Assisted by the troops of Wealth,

The queen was first to take the field,
Arm'd with her helmet and her shield;
Temper'd with such superior art,
That both were proof to every dart.
Two warlike chiefs approach'd the green,
Both wondrous favourites with the queen;
Both were of Amazonian race;
Both high in merit and in place.
Here Resolution march'd, whose soul
No fear could shake, no power control:
The heroine wore a Roman vest,
A lion's heart inform’d her breast.
There Prudence shone, whose bosom wrought
With all the various plans of thought;
"Twas hers to bid the troops engage,
And teach the battle where to rage.

And now the siren's armies press,
Their van was headed by Excess :
The mighty wings, that form’d the side,
Commanded by that giant Pride :

While Sickness, and her sisters Pain
And Poverty, the centre gain :
Repentance, with a brow severe,
And Death were station’d in the rear.

Health ranged her troops with matchless art,
And acted the defensive part :

army posted on a hill
Plainly bespoke superior skill.
Hence were discover'd through the plain
The motions of the hostile train:
While Prudence, to prevent surprise,
Oft sallied with her trusty spies;
Explored each ambuscade below,
And reconnoitred well the foe.

Afar when Luxury descried
Inferior force by art supplied,
The siren spake— Let fraud prevail,
Since all my numerous hosts must fail;
Henceforth hostilities shall cease,
I'll send to Health and offer peace.'
Straight she despatch'd, with powers complete,
Pleasure, her minister, to treat.
This wicked strumpet topp'd her part,
And sow'd sedition in the heart!
Through every troop the poison ran,
All were infected—to a man.
The wary generals were won
By Pleasure's wiles, and both undone.

Jove held the troops in high disgrace,
And bade diseases blast their race;
Look'd on the queen with melting eyes,
And snatch'd his darling to the skies:
Who still regards those wiser few
That dare her dictates to pursue.

For where her stricter law prevails, Though Passion prompts or Vice assails, Long shall the cloudless skies behold, And their calm sunset beam with gold.



Man is deceived by outward show-
'Tis a plain homespun truth, I know,
The fraud prevails at every age,
So says the schoolboy and the sage:
Yet still we hug the dear deceit,
And still exclaim against the cheat.
But whence this inconsistent part?
Say, moralists, who know the heart.
If you'll this labyrinth pursue,

before and find the clue.
I dream'd ('twas on a birthday night)
A sumptuous palace rose to sight;
The builder had through every part
Observed the chastest rules of art;
Raphael and Titian had display'd
All the full force of light and shade:
Around the liveried servants wait;
An aged porter kept the gatè.

As I was traversing the hall, Where Brussels' looms adorn'd the wall (Whose tapestry shows, without my aid, A nun is no such useless maid), A graceful person came in view (His form, it seems, is known to few);

His dress was unadorn’d with lace,
But charms! a thousand in his face.

• This, sir, your property? (I cried) -
Master and mansion coincide:
Where all, indeed, is truly great,
And proves that bliss


dwell with state; Pray, sir, indulge a stranger's claim, And grant the favour of your name.'

Content! (the lovely form replied)
But think not here that I reside :
Here lives a courtier, base and sly;

honest rustic I,
Our taste and manners disagree,
His levee boasts no charms for me:
For titles and the smiles of kings
To me are cheap unheeded things.
("Tis yirtue can alone impart
The patent of a ducal heart :
Unless this herald speaks him great,
What shall avail the glare of state ?)
Those secret charms are my delight,
Which shine remote from public sight:
Passions subdued, desires at rest-
And hence his chaplain shares my breast.

• There was a time (his grace can tell)
I knew the duke exceeding well;
Knew every secret of his heart;
In truth we never were apart:
But when the court became his end,
He turn'd his back upon his friend.
One day I call'd upon


Just as the duke had got a place:
I thought (but thought amiss, 'tis clear)
I should be welcome to the peer,

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