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Charm at a distance; yet, when near,
The baseless fabrics disappear.

• Nor Riches boast intrinsic worth,
Their charms, at best, superior earth:
These oft the heaven-born mind enslave,
And make an honest man a knave.

Wealth cures my wants,” the Miser cries;
Be not deceived - the Miser lies:
One want he has, with all his store,
That worst of wants ! the want of more.

«« Take Pleasure, Wealth, and Pomp away, And where is Happiness?" you say.

• "Tis here-and may be yours-for know, I'm all that's Happiness below.

• To Vice I leave tumultuous joys,
Mine is the still and softer voice,
That whispers prace when storms invade,
And musie through the midnight shade.

• Come then, be mine in every part,
Nor give me less than all your heart;
When troubles discompose your breast,
I'll enter there a cheerfu/guest:
My converse shall your cares beguile,
The little world within shall smile ;
And then it scarce imports a jot,
Whether the great world frowns or not,

· And when the closing scenes prevail,
When wealth, state, pleasure, all shall fail;
All that a foolish world admires,
Or passion craves, or pride inspires;
At that important hour of need,
Virtue shall prove a friend indeed!
My hands shall smooth thy dying bed,
My arms sustain thy drooping head:

And when the painful struggle's o'er,
And that vain thing, the world, no more;
I'll bear


favourite son away To rapture and eternal day!'



FRIENDSHIP! thou soft, propitious power!
Sweet regent of the social hour!
Sublime thy joys, nor understood
But by the virtuous and the good!
Cabal and Riot take thy name,
But 'tis a false affected claim.
In heaven if Love and Friendship dwell,
Can they associate e'er with hell ?

Thou art the same through change of times,
Through frozen zones, and burning climes:
From the equator to the pole,
The same kind angel through the whole.
And since thy choice is always free,
I bless thee for thy smiles on me.

When sorrows swell the tempest high,
Thou, a kind port, art always nigh;
For aching hearts a sovereign cure,
Not soft nepenthe half so sure !

Nepenthe is a herb which, being infused in wine, dispels grief. It is anknown to the moderns : but some believe it a kind of opium, and others take it for a species of bugloss. Plin. 21. 21. & 25. 2.

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And when returning comforts rise,
Thou the bright sun that gilds our skies.
While these ideas warm’d


My weary eyelids stole to rest:
When Fancy reassumed the theme,
And furnish'd this instructive dream.

I sail'd upon a stormy sea
(Thousands embark'd alike with me),
My skiff was small, and weak beside,
Not built, methought, to stem the tide.
The winds along the surges sweep,
The wrecks lie scatter'd through the deep;
Aloud the foaming billows roar,
Unfriendly rocks forbid the shore.

While all our various course pursue, A spacious isle salutes our view. Two queens, with tempers differing wide, This new discover'd world divide : A river parts their proper claim, And Truth its celebrated name.

One side a beauteous tract of ground
Presents, with living verdure crown'd,
The seasons temperate, soft, and mild,
And a kind sun that always smiled,

Few storms molest the natives here;
Gold is the only ill they fear.
This happy clime and grateful soil
With plenty crowns the labourer's toil.

Here Friendship's happy kingdom grew,
Her realms were small, her subjects few.
A thousand charms the palace grace,
A rock of adamant its base.
Though thunders roll, and lightnings fly,
This structure braves the’inclement sky.

É'en Time, which other piles devours,
And mocks the pride of human powers,
Partial to Friendship’s pile alone,
Cements the joints, and binds the stone;
Ripens the beauties of the place;
And calls to life each latent grace.

Around the throne in order stand
Four Amazons, a trusty band;
Friends ever faithful to advise,
Or to defend when dangers rise.
Here Fortitude in coat of mail!
There Justice lifts her golden scale!
Two hardy chiefs! who persevere,
With form erect and brow severe;
Who smile at perils, pains, and death,
And triumph with their latest breath.

Temperance, that comely matron's near,
Guardian of all the Virtues here;
Adorn'd with every blooming grace,

, Without one wrinkle in her face.

But Prudence most attracts the sight, And shines preeminently bright. To view her various thoughts that rise, She holds a mirror to her eyes; The mirror, faithful to its charge, Reflects the virgin's soul in large.

A Virtue with a softer air Was handmaid to the regal fair. This nymph, indulgent, constant, kind, Derives from heaven her spotless mind; When actions wear a dubious face, Puts the best meaning on the case; She spreads her arms and bares her breast, Takes in the naked and distress'd;

Prefers the hungry orphan's cries,
And from her queen obtains supplies.
The maid who acts this lovely part
Grasp'd in her hand a bleeding heart.
Fair Charity! be thou my guest,
And be thy constant couch my

But virtues of inferior name
Crowd round the throne with equal claim;
In loyalty by none surpass'd,
They hold allegiance to the last.
Not ancient records e'er can show
That one deserted to the foe.

The river's other side display'd
Alternate plots of flowers and shade,
Where poppies shone with various hue,
Where yielding willows plenteous grew;
And humbleplants’, by travellers thought
With slow but certain poison fraught.
Beyond these scenes the eye descried
A powerful realm extended wide,
Whose boundaries from north-east begun,
And stretch'd to meet the south-west sun.
Here Flattery boasts despotic sway,
And basks in all the warmth of day.

Long practised in Deception's school,
The tyrant knew the arts to rule;
Elated with the imperial robe,
She plans the conquest of the globe:
And, aided by her servile trains,
Leads kings and sons of kings in chains.

? The humbleplant bends down before the touch (as the sensitive plant shrinks from the touch), and is said by some to be the slow poison of the Indians,

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