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Her darling minister is Pride
(Who ne'er was known to change his side),
A friend to all her interests just,
And active to discharge his trust;
Caress'd alike by high and low,
The idol of the belle and beau :
In every shape he shows his skill,
And forms her subjects to his will;
Enters their houses and their hearts,
And gains his point before he parts.
Sure never minister was known
So zealous for his sovereign's throne !

Three sisters, similar in mien,
Were maids of honour to the

Who further favours shared beside,
As daughters of her statesman-Pride.
The first, Conceit, with towering crest,
Who look'd with scorn upon the rest;
Fond of herself, nor less, I deem,
Than duchess in her own esteem.

Next Affectation, fair and young,
With half-form'd accents on her tongue,
Whose antic shapes, and various face,


Then Vanity, a wanton maid,
Flaunting in Brussels and brocade;
Fantastic, frolicsome, and wild,
With all the trinkets of a child.

The people, loyal to the queen,
Wore their attachment in their mien :
With cheerful heart they homage paid,
And happiest he who most obey'd.
While they who sought their own applause
Promoted most their sovereign's cause.


The minds of all were fraught with guile,
Their manners dissolute and vile;
every tribe, like

pagans, run To kneel before the rising sun.

But now some clamorous sounds arise, And all the pleasing vision flies.

Once more I closed my eyes to sleep, And gain'd the imaginary deep; Fancy presided at the helm, And steer'd me back to Friendship's realm. But oh! with horror I relate The revolutions of her state. The Trojan chief could hardly more His Asiatic towers deplore.

For Flattery view'd those fairer plains
With longing eyes, where Friendship reigns;
With envy heard her neighbour's fame,
And often sigh’d to gain the same.
At length, by pride and interest fired,
To Friendship’s kingdom she aspired.

And now commencing open foe,
She plans in thought some mighty blow;
Draws out her forces on the green,
And marches to invade the queen.

The river Truth the hosts withstood,
And roll'd her formidable food:
Her current strong and deep and clear,
No fords were found, no ferries near:
But as the troops approach'd the waves,
Their fears suggest a thousand graves ;
They all retired with haste extreme,
And shudder'd at the dangerous stream.

Hypocrisy the gulf explores;
She forms a bridge, and joins the shores.

Thus often art or fraud prevails,
When military prowess fails.
The troops an easy passage find,
And victory follows close behind.

Friendship with ardour charged her foes,
And now the fight promiscuous grows;
But Flattery threw a poison'd dart,
And pierced the Empress to the heart.
The Virtues all around were seen
To fall in heaps about the queen.
The tyrant stripp'd the mangled fair,
She wore her spoils, assumed her air;
And, mounting next the sufferer's throne,
Claim'd the queen's titles as her own.

• Ah! injured maid ! aloud I cried, • Ah! injured maid !' the rocks replied: But judge my griefs, and share them too, For the sad tale pertains to you; Judge, reader, how severe the wound, When Friendship’s foes were mine, I found; When the sad scene of pride and guile Was Britain's poor degenerate isle.

The Amazons, who propp'd the state, Haply survived the general fate. Justice to Powis House is filed, And Yorke sustains her radiant head. The virtue Fortitude appears In open day at Ligonier's; Illustrious heroine of the sky, Who leads to vanquish or to die! 'Twas she our veterans' breasts inspired, When Belgia's faithless sons retired : For Tournay's treacherous towers can tell Britannia's children greatly fell.


No partial virtue of the plain!
She roused the lions of the main :
Hence Vernon's 3 little fleet succeeds,
And hence the generous Cornwall 4 bleeds,
Hence Granvilles glorious !--for she smiled
On the young

hero from a child.
Though in high life such virtues dwell,
They'll suit plebeian breasts as well.
Say, that the mighty and the great
Blaze like meridian suns of state;
Effulgent excellence display,
Like Halifax, in floods of day;
Our lesser orbs may pour their light,
Like the mild crescent of the night:
Though pale our beams, and small our sphere,
Still we may shine serene and clear.

Give to the judge the scarlet gown,
To martial souls the civic crown:
What then? is merit theirs alone?
Have we no worth to call our own ?
Shall we not vindicate our part
In the firm breast and upright heart?
Reader, these virtues may be thine,
Though in superior light they shine.
I can't discharge great Hardwicke's trust-

soul may

still be just. And though I can't the state defend, I'll draw the sword to serve my friend.

Two golden Virtues are behind, Of equal import to the mind;

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3 At Porto Bello.

Against the combined fleets of France and Spain. 5 Died in a later engagement with the French fleet.

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Prudence, to point out Wisdom's way,
Or to reclaim us when we stray ;
Temperance, to guard the youthful heart,
When Vice and Folly throw the dart;
Each Virtue, let the world agree,
Daily resides with


and me. And when our souls in friendship join, We'll deem the social bond divine; Through every scene maintain our trust, Nor e'er be timid or unjust. That breast where Honour builds his throne, That breast which Virtue calls her own, Nor interest warps, nor fear appals, When danger frowns, or lucre calls. No! the true friend collected stands, Fearless his heart, and pure his hands; Let interest plead, let storms arise, He dares be honest, though he dies,



Jnscribed 10 Miss
FAIREST, this vision is thy due;
I form’d the instructive plan for you.
Slight not the rules of thoughtful age,
Your welfare actuates every page;
But ponder well my sacred theme,
And tremble while you read


dream. Those awful words, . "Till death do part, May well alarm the youthful heart:

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