The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman, Band 2


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Seite 66 - There are a thousand unnoticed openings, continued my father, which let a penetrating eye at once into a man's soul ; and I maintain it, added he, that a man of sense does not lay down his hat in coming into a room, or take it up in going out of it, but something escapes, which discovers him.
Seite 72 - A soldier, an' please your reverence, said I, prays as often (of his own accord) as a parson; and when he is fighting for his king, and for his own life, and for his honour too, he has the most reason to pray to God of any one in the whole world. 'Twas well said of thee, Trim, said my uncle Toby. But when a soldier, said I, an...
Seite 154 - Come, Honesty,' said I, seeing it was impracticable to pass betwixt him and the gate, 'art thou for coming in or going out?' • "The ass twisted his head round to look up the street. "'Well!' replied I, 'we'll wait a minute for thy driver.
Seite 108 - Sir for in good truth, when a man is telling a story in the strange way I do mine, he is obliged continually to be going backwards and forwards to keep all tight together in the reader's fancy...
Seite 76 - ... would have done it, and asked him how he did, how he had rested in the night...
Seite 69 - Nicholas; and besides, it is so cold and rainy a night, that what with the roquelaure and what with the weather, 'twill be enough to give your honour your death, and bring on your honour's torment in your groin.
Seite 71 - I am sure, said I, his honour will not like the toast the worse for being toasted by an old soldier. The youth took hold of my hand, and instantly burst into tears. Poor youth ! said my uncle Toby ; he has been bred up from an infant in the army, and the name of a soldier, Trim, sounded in his ears like the name of a friend : I wish I had him here. I never in the longest march, said the Corporal, had so great a mind to my dinner, as I had to cry with him for company. What could be the matter with...
Seite 70 - I get better, my dear, said he, as he gave his purse to his son to pay the man, — we can hire horses from hence. But alas! the poor gentleman will never get from hence, said the landlady to me, — for I heard the death-watch all night long; — and when he dies, the youth, his son, will certainly die with him; for he is broken-hearted already. I was hearing this account...
Seite 72 - I believe, an' please your reverence,' said I, 'that when a soldier gets time to pray, he prays as heartily as a parson, though not with all his fuss and hypocrisy.' " " Thou shouldst not have said that, Trim," said my uncle Toby ; " for God only knows who is a hypocrite, and who is not. At the great and general review of us all, corporal, at the day of judgment, and not till then, it will be seen who have done their duties in this world, and who have not ; and we shall be advanced, Trim, accordingly.
Seite 154 - I generally fall into conversation with him ; and surely never is my imagination so busy as in framing his responses from the etchings of his countenance — and where those carry me not deep enough in flying from my own heart into his, and seeing what is natural for an ass to think — as well as a man, upon the occasion.

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