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HE greatest honour of human life, is to live well with men of merit; and I hope

You will pardon me the vanity of publishing, by this means, my happiness in being able to name You among my friends. The conversation of a gentleman, that has a refined A 2


taste of letters, and a disposition in which those letters found nothing to correct, but very much to exert, is a good fortune too uncommon to be enjoyed in silence : In others, the greatest business of learning is to weed the soil; in you, it had nothing else to do, but to bring forth fruit. Affability, complacency, and generosity of heart, which are natural to You, wanted nothing from literature, but to refine and direct the application of them. After I have boafted I had some share in your familiarity, I know not how to do You the justice of celebrating You for the choice of an elegant, and worthy acquaintance, with whom You live in the happy communication of generous sentiments, which contribute, not only to your own mutual entertainment and improvement, but to the honour and fervice of your country. Zeal for the


publick good is the characteristick of a man of honour, and a gentleman, and must take place of pleasures, profits, and all other private gratifications. Whoever wants this motive, is an open enemy, or an inglorious neuter to mankind, in proportion to the misapplied advantages with which nature and fortune have blessed him. But You have a foul animated with nobler views, and know that the distinction of wealth and plenteous circumstances, is a tax upon an honest mind, to endeavour, as much as the occurrences of life will give him leave, to guard the properties of others, and be vigilant for the good of his fellowsubjects.

This generous inclination, no man possesses in a warmer degree than yourself ; which, that heaven would reward with long possession of that reputation into which You have made


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so early an entrance, the reputation of a man of sense, a good citizen, and agreeable companion, a disinterested friend, and an unbiassed patriot, is the hearty prayer of,

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