Bulletin of the Pan American Union, Band 31

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1910

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Seite 913 - ... one of the most important as well as one of the most legitimate sources of his power.
Seite 260 - States in perpetuity the use, occupation and control of a zone of land and land under water for the construction, maintenance, operation, sanitation and protection of said Canal of the width of ten miles extending to the distance of five miles on each side of the center line of the route of the Canal to be constructed...
Seite 740 - ... had no right to the ownership, employment or use of the registered mark on the date of its deposit; d) That the registered mark had not been used or employed by the registrant or by his assigns within the term fixed by the laws of the state in which the registration shall have been made.
Seite 723 - America shall constitute the first supervisory committee, and the four members of the committee shall be replaced by turn, one every year, so that the committee will be totally renewed in four years. The outgoing members shall always be replaced by those following on the list, the same method being observed in the event of resignation. The Secretary of State of the United States of America shall always be the chairman of the committee. The supervisory committee shall hold their regular meetings the...
Seite 741 - Their budgets, after being sanctioned by the said Governments, shall be defrayed by all the signatory states in the same proportion as that established for the International Bureau of the American Republics at Washington, and in this particular they shall be placed under the control of those Governments...
Seite 730 - If a case is submitted to the Permanent Court of The Hague, the High Contracting Parties accept the provisions of the...
Seite 150 - The Government makes decisions by majority vote. In case of a tie, the Minister President shall cast the deciding vote. V. The President of the Republic Art.
Seite 599 - December 2, 1910 (1866-) Bowditch, Mr. Charles P., 28 State St., Boston, Mass. The Numeration, Calendar Systems, and Astronomical Knowledge of the Mayas, by Charles P.
Seite 723 - August, and special meetings at the call of the chairman, issued on his own initiative or at the request of two members of the board. The attendance of five members at any regular or special meeting shall be sufficient to permit the board to proceed with the transaction of business.
Seite 726 - Authorized translations shall be protected In the same manner as original works. Translators of works concerning which no right of guaranteed property...

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