The history of America. In which is included the posthumous volume, containing the history of Virginia, to the year 1688; and of New England, to the year 1652, Band 8


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Seite 270 - They were knit together in a strict and sacred bond, to take care of the good of each other and of the whole. It was not with them as with other men, whom small things could discourage, or small discontents cause to wish themselves again at home.
Seite 67 - Projects of mining, instead of replacing the capital employed in them, together with the ordinary profits of stock, commonly absorb both capital and profit. They are the projects, therefore, to which of all others a prudent lawgiver, who desired to increase the capital of his nation, would least choose to give any extraordinary encouragement, or to turn towards them a greater share of that capital than what would go to them of its own accord.
Seite 261 - ... yet one matter toucheth me so near, as I may not overskip, religion, the ground on which all other matters ought to take root, and being corrupted, may mar all the tree.
Seite 261 - Thus much I must say that some faults and negligences may grow and be, as in all other great charges it happeneth, and what vocation without? All which if you my lords of the clergy do not amend, I mean to depose you. Look ye therefore well to your charges. This may be amended without heedless or open exclamations.
Seite 279 - Bay, to a corporation consisting chiefly of merchants resident in London. The new adventurers were incorporated as a body politic; and their right to the territory which they had purchased from the council of Plymouth being confirmed by the king, they were empowered to dispose of the lands, and to govern the people who should settle upon them.
Seite 270 - They were well weaned from the delicate milk of their mother country, and inured to the difficulties of a strange land.

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