Henri: Or, the Web and Woof of Life

Abel Tompkins and B. B. Mussey, 1853 - 432 Seiten
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Seite 221 - With a soft cheek upon the lulling tide, Forgot the lifting winds; and the long stems, Whose flowers the water, like a gentle nurse, Bears on its bosom, quietly gave way, And leaned, in graceful attitudes, to rest. How strikingly the course of nature tells, By its light heed of human suffering, That it was fashioned for a happier world ! King David's limbs were weary.
Seite 312 - It has been truly said, that there is but a step from the sublime to the ridiculous.
Seite 282 - They love me ! they love me ! Deeply, sincerely ; And more than aught else on earth, I love them dearly.
Seite 285 - That very hour — when passion, turned to wrath, Resembled hatred most — when thy disdain Made my whole soul a chaos — in that hour The tempters found me a revengeful tool For their revenge ! Thou hadst trampled on the worm — It turn'd and stung thee ! PAULINE.
Seite 170 - I care not how humble, for happy 'twould be, If one faithful heart will but share it with me. Our haunts shall be nature's own beautiful bowers, Our gems shall be nature's own beautiful flowers ; All woo'd by the sunshine, and kissed by the gale, The proudest might envy our home in the vale.
Seite 282 - O, agony ! deep agony, For heart that's proud and high, To learn of fate how desolate It may be ere it die.
Seite iv - more fur the good that might be wrought than for the approving smiles of those who ever walk with their backs to the sun and their faces to the past.
Seite 262 - From the bent bush, as through the verdant maze Of sweetbriar hedges I pursue my walk ; Or taste the smell of dairy ; or ascend Some eminence, Augusta, in thy plains, And see the country, far diffused around, One boundless blush, one white empurpled shower Of mingled blossoms...

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