Making Science Social: The Conferences of Théophraste Renaudot, 1633-1642

University of Oklahoma Press, 2003 - 461 Seiten

Between 1633 and 1642, the French physician and philanthropist Théophraste Renaudot sponsored a series of public conferences in Paris. These conferences offered an open forum for wide-ranging discussions of a variety of topics, including science, medicine, gender, politics, and ethics. No matter the topic, participants consistently used scientific reasoning as a new standard of evidence. The conferences thus recast the rhetorical traditions of the Renaissance and prefigured the social sciences of the Enlightenment. They provide a candid snapshot of intellectual life at the dawn of the scientific revolution in France.

In Making Science Social, Kathleen Wellman uses the published conference proceedings to develop a broadly conceived, revisionist interpretation of the intellectual history of seventeenth-century France and of the roots of modern culture and science.

Volume 6 in the Series for Science and Culture

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CHAPTER TWO The Context of the Conferences
CHAPTER THREE Talismans Incubi Divination
CHAPTER FOUR Whether the Heavens be Liquid or Solid
CHAPTER FIVE Of Physiognomy Smallpox and the Bezoard
CHAPTER SIX Souls Passions Learning and Language
CHAPTER SEVEN Covetousness Friendship and Interest
CHAPTER EIGHT Of Censorship Sedition and Luxury
CHAPTER NINE The Extravagance of Women
toward the Enlightenment

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Seite 431 - PIETAS Romana et Parisiensis, or, a faithful relation of the several sorts of charitable and pious works eminent in the cities of Rome and Paris.
Seite 436 - Chronologie septénaire de l'histoire de la paix entre les roys de France et d'Espagne. Contenant les choses plus mémorables aduenuës...
Seite 437 - ABRESSES and ENCOUNTERS where all people of each Rancke and Quality may receive direction and advice for the most cheap and speedy way of attaining whatsoever they can lawfully desire OR The only course for poor people to get speedy employment, and to keep others from approaching poverty, for want of EMPLOYMENT To the multiplying of Trade, the advancement of Navigation, and establishing...
Seite 429 - Recueil general des questions traictees es conferences du bureau d'adresse, sur toutes sortes de matieres; par les plus beaux esprits de ce temps, Paris, 1655-56.
Seite 434 - Happinesse; the King obeyed, the Nobles honoured; and all good men respected, Vice punished, and vertue rewarded. An Example to other Nations.

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Kathleen Wellman is Professor of History at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas.

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