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ii contents of the OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTs.

Of the ark, mercy-seat, &c.
Sum of the offerings
Holy garments made
Tabernacle anointed



Meat-offerings . - -
Peace-offerings . -
Sin-offerings - - -

Trespass-offerings -
Law of trespass-offerings
Aaron and his sons consecrated
Aaron's sin-offering . -
Nadab and Abihu slain -
Unclean beasts


Law of leprosy
Law for the leper
Uncleanness of issues
Blood forbidden
Unlawful marriages
Repetition of laws
Denunciations for sins
Priests' qualifications
Nature of sacrifices
Feasts of the Lord
Shelomith's son .
The Jubilee
Obedience required
Nature of vows


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. chap. 12 Balaam slain - - - s

The inheritance of the tribes * *
The borders of the lot of Judah •

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Samuel anointeth David

David slayeth Goliath Jonathan's love to David Saul's jealousy of David David and Jonathan consult

David feigneth himself mad
Nob destroyed . - -
Daved rescueth Keilah
Daved spareth Saul . -

The death of Samuel
David findeth Saul asleep
David fleeth to Gath
Saul consulteth a witch
Achish dismisseth David
The Amalekites spoil Ziklag

Saul and his sons slain .

David lamenteth Saul . -
David made king of Judah .
Joab killeth Abner -
Ish-bosheth murdered . -
David's age and reign
Uzzah smitten -
God's promise to David
David's officers - -
David sendeth for Mephibosheth
Hanun's villany -
David's adultery .
Nathan's parable
Amnon and Tamar - -
Absalom's return - -
Absalom's policy
Shimei curseth David .
Ahithophel hangeth himself
Absalom slain by Joab
Shimei pardoned
Sheba's revolt
Saul's sons hanged
David's thanksgiving
David's faith - - -
David numbereth the people .

First Rook or kings.

Solomon anointed king
David's death -
Solomon chooseth wisdom
Solomon's prosperity
Hiram and Solomon agree
The building of the temple
Ornaments of the temple
The temple dedicated
God's covenant with Solomon
The queen of Sheba -
Ahijah's prophecy - -
The ten tribes revolt
Jeroboam's hand withereth
Abijah's sickness and death
Jeroboam's sin punished

Jericho rebuilt

chap. Iv coxtENTs or the old AND NEW TESTA ments.

The widow's son raised Elijah obtaineth rain . Elisha followeth Elijah

Samaria besieged - Naboth stoned . - Ahab seduced - -

second Book or rings.

Moab rebolleth . - Elijah's translation -

The Moabites defeated The widow's oil multiplied . Naaman cleansed - A famine in Samaria . Plenty in Samaria - Ben-hadad killed

Jezebel eaten by dogs The prophets of Baal slain . Jehoash anointed king .

The temple repaired . Elisha's death . - Amariah reigneth - Azariah's leprosy - Ahaz's wicked reign . The ten tribes taken captive . Rabshakeh's blasphemy

Hezekiah's prayer
Hezekiah's death
Manasseh's iniquity -
Huldah prophesieth . -
Josiah destroyeth the idolaters
Judah taken captive . -
The temple destroyed

1. Chronicles.

Adam's line to Noah
The posterity of Israel .
The sons of David
The posterity of Judah
The line of Reuben
The sons of Levi
The sons of Issachar
The sons of Benjamin . -
Genealogies of Israel and Judah
Saul's overthrow and death
David made king of Israel .
The armies that helped David
David fetcheth the ark
Hiram's kindness to David
David bringeth the ark to Zion
David's psalm of thanksgiving
Nathan's message to David
David's victories -
David's messengers ill-treated
Rabbah taken and spoiled
The plague stayed -
Preparation for the temple
Solomon made king .
The order of Aaron's sons
The number of the singers

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The division of the porters

The twelve captains . David's exhortation - David's reign and death

il. chronicles.

Solomon's offering
Solomon sendeth to Huram .
The building of the temple .
The vessels of the temple -
The temple finished . -
Solomon blesseth the people .
Solomon's sacrifice
Solomon buildeth cities

The queen of Sheba visiteth Solomon

Rehoboam made king
Judah strengthened -
Rehoboam's reign and death .
Abijah overcometh Jeroboam
Asa destroyeth idolatry
Asa's covenant with God
Asa's death and burial .
Jehoshaphat's good reign -
Micaiah's prophecy - -
Jehoshaphat's care for justice
Jehoshaphat's fast and prayer
Jehoram's wicked reign
Ahaziah's wicked reign
Joash made king
Zechariah stoned
The Edomites overcome
Uzziah's leprosy . - -
Jotham's good reign . -
Ahaz's wicked reign -
Hezekiah's good reign .
The passover proclaimed
Provision for the priests
Hezekiah's death
Manasseh's wicked reign
Josiah's good reign
Josiah slain in battle . -
Jerusalem destroyed

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Nehemiah appointeth a watch -
Reformation of usury -
Sanballat's practices . -

Hanani and Hananiah's charge
The reading of the law -
A solemn fast appointed - -
The points of the covenant

Who dwelt at Jerusalem

The high priest's succession .

Divers abuses reformed - Esthert. Ahasuerus' royal feast . -

Esther made queen - -
Haman despised by Mordecai
The mourning of the Jews
Esther obtaineth the king's favour
Mordecai's good services
Haman hanged . -
The rejoicing of the Jew

Haman's ten sons hanged . Mordecai's advancement - JOB.

Job's losses and temptations .
Job smitten with boils
Job curseth the day of his birth
Eliphaz reproveth Job .
Afflictions are from God

Job wisheth for death . - Job excuseth his desire of death Bildad sheweth God's justice

The innocent often afflicted . -
Job expostulateth with God
Zophar reproveth Job
God's omnipotency maintained
Job's confidence in God
The conditions of man's life
Eliphaz reproveth Job .
Job reproveth his friends -
Job's appeal to God . - -
Bildad reproveth Job
Job's complaint of his friends
The portion of the wicked -
The destruction of the wicked -
Job accused of divers sins - -
God's decree is immutable
Sin goeth often unpunished . -
Man cannot be justified before God
Job reproveth Bildad . -
The hypocrite is without hope
Wisdom is the gift of God .
Job bemoaneth himself. - -
Job's honour turned to contempt
Job professeth his integrity

Elihu reproveth Job . - -
Elihu reasoneth with Job
God cannot be unjust . - -

Comparison not to be made with God The justice of God',y” -

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