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General Lists of School-Books


Green's Peace of Aristophanes, crown 8vo,..

38. &c. Isbister's Xenophon's Anabasis, Books I. to III, with Notes, 12mo.

38. 60. White's Xenophon's Expedition of Cyrus, with English Notes, 12mo........

78. 64. Sheppard and Evans's Notes on Thucydides, crown 8vo....

108. 60, Parry's Reges et Heroes, from Herodotus, with Notes, crown 8vo.

38. 6. White's Grammar-School Texts, with Vocabularies. Horace, First Book of the Odes, 32mo.

18. Virgil, Fourth Book of the Georgics

13. Virgil, First Book of the Æneid Virgil, Second Book of the Æneid

18. Virgil, Third Book of the Æneid

18. Virgil, Sixth Book of the Æneid

18. Cæsar, First Book of the Gallic War

ls. Cæsar, Third Book of the Gallic War

9d. Cæsar, Fourth Book of the Gallic War

9d. Cæsar, Fifth Book of the Gallic War

18. Cæsar, Sixth Book of the Gallic War

18. Nepos, Miltiades, Cimon, Pausanias, and Aristides.

9d. Phædrus, Selections of Familiar and usually read Fables

9d. Phædrus, First and Second Books of Fables

1s. Ovid, Select Myths from the Metamorphoses

9d. Xenophon, First Book of the Anabasis

18. 6d. Xenophon, Second Book of the Anabasis

18. St. Mark's Gospel, Greek Text, English Vocabulary

18. 6d. St. John's Gospel, Greek Text, English Vocabulary

Nearly ready. I The Latin Language. The Public School Latin Primer, 12mo.

28, 6d. Grammar, by the Rev. B. H. Kennedy, D.D. p.8vo. 78. 6d. Subsidia Primaria, Exercise Books to the Public School Latin Primer,

Part I. Accidence, &c. 28. 6. Part II. Syntax, &c. 38. 6d.
Key to the Exercises in Subsidia Primaria, Parts I. and II. price 58.
Subsidia Primaria, III, the Latin Compound Sentence, 12mo...

18, Kennedy's Child's Latin Primer, or First Latin Lessons, 12mo...

28. The Child's Latin Accidence, extracted from the above, 12mo.

18. Fowle's Short and Easy Latin Book, 12mo..

18. 60 First Easy Latin Reading-Book, 12mo.....

38. 6d. Second Easy Latin Reading-Book, 12mo.

38. 6d. White's First Latin Exercise-Book, 12mo.

28. 6d. Key 28. 6d. Wilkins's Progressive Latin Delectus, 12mo.

28. Easy Latin Prose Exercises, crown 8vo. 28. 60.

Key 28. 6d. White and Riddle's Large Latin-English Dictionary, 2 vols. 4to.

428. White's College Latin-English Dictionary (Intermediate size), medium 8vo.188.

Junior Student's Complete English-Latin and Latin-English
Dictionary, square 12mo....

Ş The Latin-English Dictionary, price 78. 6d.
Separately { The English-Latin Dictionary, price 58.6d.
Middle-Class Latin Dictionary, square fcp. 8vo..

88. Riddle's Young Scholar's Lat.-Eng. and Eng.-Lat. Dictionary, square 12mo.108. 6d. Separately{The English-Latin Dictionary, 58.

Riddle and Arnold's English-Latin Lexicon, 8vo.

218. Abridged by Ebden, square post Svo. 78. Kennedy's Elementary Latin Grammar, 12mo.....

38. 6d. First Latin Reading-Book, or Tirocinium Latinum, 12mo. 28. Second Latin Reading-Book, or Palæstra Latini, 12mo.

58. Latin Prose, Palæstra Stili Latini, 12mo.

68. Style, Curriculum Stili Latini, 12mo....48.6d. Key 78. 6d.

London, LONGMANS & CO.

Collis's Chief Tenses of Latin Irregular Verbs, 8vo.

18. Sheppard and Turner's Aids to Classical Study, 12mo.

58. Key 68.

Second Series...... Nearly ready. Moody's Eton Latin Grammar, 12mo..... 2s.6d. The Accidence separately 18. Collis's Pontes Classici Latini, 12mo....

38. 6d. Hall's Principal Roots and Derivatives of the Latin Language, 12mo. 48. 6a. Bradley's Latin Prose Exercises, 12mo.

.38. 6d. Key 58. Continuous Lessons in Latin Prose, 12mo, ........58. Key 58. 6d. Beverley's Exercises in Latin Prose Composition, crown 8vo....28. 6d. Key 58. Wilkins's Manual of Latin Prose Composition, crown 8vo. .... .58. 6d. Key 28. 60. Latin Prose Bxercises, crown 8vo.

...48.6d. Key 58. Notes for Latin Lyrics (in use in Harrow, &c.) 12mo.

48. 60. Latin Anthology, for the Junior Classes, 12mo.

48. 6. School Edition of Virgil's Georgics, crown 8vo.

48. 6d. Virgil's Eclogues and Georgics translated, post 8vo.

38. 60. Valpy's Latin Delectus, improved by the Rev. Dr. White, 12mo.

28. 60. Yonge's Latin Gradus, post Svo. 98. or with Appendix.

.128. Rapier's Introduction to Composition of Latin Verse, 12mo....38. 6d. Key 28. 6d. Walford's Progressive Exercises in Latin Elegiac Verse, 12mo. 2s.6d. Key 58. Second Series, 12mo.

2s.6d. Horace's Odes and Epodes, translated by Lord Lytton, post 8vo............ .108. 6d. Yonge's Odes and Epodes of Horace, School Edition, 12mo.

48. 6d. Satires and Epistles of Horace, School Edition, 12mo.

58. Library Edition of the Works of Horace, 8vo....

.218. Conington's Æneid of Virgil, translated into English Verse, crown 8vo. ... 98. Miscellaneous Writings, 2 vols. 8vo..

.288, Kenny's Virgil's Æneid, Books I. II. III. and V. 18mo.

each Book 18. Pycroft's Virgil, with English Notes, 12mo. 78. 6d. without Notes.... 38. 60. Bradley's Troy Taken, the Second Book of Virgil's Æneid, fcp.

28. 60. Parry's Origines Romanæ, from Livy, with English Notes, crown 8vo. ...... 48. White's Cicero's Cato Major and Laelius, 12mo.

38. 60. Livy, Book XXIII. with English Notes, 12mo.

28. 6d. Nash's Cicero pro Lege Manilia, with English Notes, 12mo..

18. 6d. Horace Epistles, Book I. with English Notes, 12mo.

18. 60. Yonge's Ciceronis Epistolæ, with English Notes, Books I. II. ană III. 38. 6d. Bradley's Cornelius Nepos, improved by the Rev. Dr. White, 12mo. 38. 6d, Ovid's Metamorphoses, improved by White, 12mo.

48. 60. Select Fables of Phædrus, improved by the Rev. Dr. White, 12mo. 2s.6d. Eutropius, improved by the Rev. Dr. White, 12mo.

28. 60. Isbister's Cæsar, Books I.–VII. 12mo. 48. or with Reading Lessons 48. 60. Cæsar's Commentaries, Books I.-V. 12mo.

38. 6. First Book of Cæsar's Gallic War, 12mo...

18. 6a, Kenny's Cæsar's Commentaries, Book I. 18mo. 18. Books II. and III....... 18. Church and Brodribb's Pliny's Letters, with English Notes, crown 8vo. 68.

The French Language. The Stepping-Stone to French Pronunciation, 18mo.

18. Prendergast's Mastery Series, French, 12mo.

28. C. Stièvenard's Rules and Exercises on the French Language, 12mo..

38. 6d. Belin's French and English Idioms, 12mo.

28. 61. Ventouillac's French Poetry, with English Notes, 18mo....

28. Contanseau's Practical French and English Dictionary, post 8vo... . 108, 6a.

Part I. French-English, 58. 6d. Part II. English-French, 58. 6d.

Pocket French and English Dictionary, square 18mo.. 38. 601.
Premières Lectures, 12mo.

28. 60. First Step in French, 12mo.

28. 6. French Grammar, 12mo.

48. Key to Exercises in Contanseau's' First Step' and 'French Grammar,' 12mo. 38.

London, LONGMANS & CO.

}Key, price 38.60.



Contanseau's Guide to French Translation, 12mo....

.38. 6d. Key 38. 60. Prosateurs et Poètes Français, 12mo.

58. Précis de la Littérature Française, 12mo.

38. 60 Abrégé de l'Histoire de France, 12mo.....

38. 6d. Contanseau's Middle-Class French Course, 18mo. Accidence, 8d.

French Translation-Book, 8d.
Syntax, 8d.

Easy French Delectus, 8d.
French Conversation-Book, 8d.

First French Reader, 8d.
First French Exercise-Book, 8d.

Second French Reader, 8d.
Second French Exercise-Book, 8d.
Merlet's French Grammar, fcp..

58. 60.
French Pronunciation and Accidence, fcp. 38. 6d.
Syntax of the French Grammar, fcp. 38. 6d.
Le Traducteur, fcp.

58. 6d. Stories for French Writers, fcp.

28. Aperçu de la Littérature Française, fcp.

28. 6d. Exercises in French Composition, fcp.

38. 6d. French Synonymes, fcp.

28. 60. Synopsis of French Grammar, fop.

28. 6d. Sewell's Contes Faciles, from Modern French Writers, crown 8vo.

38. 6d Extraits Choisis des Auteurs Modernes, crown 8vo..... Stièvenard's Lectures Françaises from Modern Authors, 12mo....

48. 60. Souvestre's Philosophe sous les Toits, by Stièvenard, square 18mo.

28. 6d. Meissner's Palæstra Gallica, or Philology of the French Language, 12mo. 48. 60.

German, Spanish, Hebrew ; Hindustani and Sanskrit. Just's German Grammar, 12mo...

18. 6d. German Reading Book, 12mo.

38. 6d. Neebe's Children's Mirror, 100 Stories in German and English, crown 8vo. 38. 60. Wintzer's First German Book for Beginners, fcp.

38. 6d. Bernay's German Grammar, fcp. 8vo.....

38. 6d. German Exercises, fcp. 8vo....

38. 6d. Fischer-Fischart's Elementary German Grammar, fcp.

28. 60. Wirth's German Chit-Chat, crown 8vo.

28. 6d. 1 Prendergast's Handbook to the Mastery Series, 12mo.

18. od. Mastery Series, German, 12mo.

28. Manual of Spanish, 12mo........

28. Manual of Hebrew, crown 8vo.

28. 60. Blackley's Practical German and English Dictionary, post 8vo.

78. 6d. Kalisch's Hebrew Grammar, with Exercises. Part I. 8vo....... 128. 6d. Key 58. Part II. Svo.......

.128. 6d. 1 Müller's (Max) Sanskrit Grammar for Beginners, royal 8vo.

.158. Benfey's Sanskrit-English Dictionary

.528. 60 Knowledge for the Young. The Stepping-Stone to Knowledge, 18mo.

1, Second Series of the Stepping-Stone to Knowledge, 18mo.

18. The Stepping-Stone to Geography, 18mo.

1x. English History, 18mo..

18. Bible Knowledge, 18mo.

18. Biography, 18mo....

Irish History, 18mo.

French History, 18mo.
Roman History, 18mo.

Grecian History, 18mo.

English Grammar, 18mo.
French Pronunciation and Conversation, 18mo. 18.
Astronomy, 18mo.

Music, 18mo.

18. Natural History, 2 Parts, 18mo.

18. each, Animal and Vegetable Physiology, 18mo. ........... Architecture, 18mo.





London, LONGMANS & CO.

Spottiswoode dc Co. Printers, New-street Square, London,

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