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Hunter's Milton's Paradise Lost, Books I. & II, 18. 6d.each; Books III.
to V. 18. each,

Questions on Paradise Lost, and II. and on Merchant of Venice 1s.
Milton's Comus, L'Allegro, and Il Penseroso, with Notes

18, 6d. Milton's Samson Agonistes and Lycidas, 12mo...

18. 6d. M'Leod's Goldsmith's Deserted Village, and Traveller, each Poem, 12mo. 18. 60. Hunter's Johnson's Rasselas, with Notes &c. 12mo.

28. 6d. Parnell's Hermit, with Notes by Allen, crown 8vo.

18. Dictionaries ; with Manuals of Etymology. Latham's English Dictionary, founded on Dr. JOHNSON'S, 4 vols. 4to. price £7. Black's Student's Manual of Words derived from the Greek, 18mo.... 18. 6d.

Latin, 18mo.... 28. 6d. Student's Manual, Greek and Latin, complete, 18mo.

38. 6d. Sullivan's Dictionary of the English Language, 12mo.....

39. 6d. Dictionary of Derivations, or Introduction to Etymology, fcp.... 28. Graham's English Synonyms, Classified and Explained, fcp.

68. Whately's English Synonyms, fcp.

38. Maunder's Treasury of Knowledge and Library of Reference, fcp.

69. Biographical Treasury, re-constructed by W.L. R. Cates, fcp. 68. Scientific and Literary Treasury, revised by J. Y.Johnson, fcp. 68.

Isbister's Illustrated Public School Speaker and Reader, 12mo.....

38. 6d. Lessons in Elocution, for Girls, 12mo.

18. 6d. Outlines of Elocution, for Boys, 12mo.

ls. 6d. Millard's Grammar of Elocution, fcp.

28. 6d. Smart's Practice of Elocution, 12mo. Rowton's Debater, or Art of Public Speaking, fcp.

68. Twells's Poetry for Repetition, 200 short Pieces and Extracts, 18mo. 28. 6d. Hughes's Select Specimens of English Poetry, 12mo.

38. 60. Bilton's Repetition and Reading Book, crown 8vo.

28. 60. Gleig's School Series. A New Series of Elementary School-Books ; each Book (in most instances)

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complete in itself, price 9d. Intended to comprise a complete Course
of Elementary Education. Projected and edited by the Rev. G. R.
GLEIG, M.A. Chaplain-General to Her Majesty's Forces; assisted by
HUNTER, M.A. the Venerable Archdeacon BROWNE, M.A. THOMAS
M.A. and other eminent Teachers and Promoters of Education. The
various works which compose Gleig's School Series are nearly all in.
cluded in the body of the present Catalogue, each in the division to
which it belongs.

Colenso's Arithmetic designed for the use of Schools, 12mo.

48. 60, Key to Colenso's Arithmetic for Schools, by the Rev. J. HUNTER, M.A. 12mo. 58. Colenso’s Shilling Elementary Arithmetic, 18mo. 18. with Answers ..18. 60.

Arithmetic for National, Adult, and Commercial Schools :1. Text Book, 18mo.

6d. | 3. Examples, Part II. Compound Arithmetic 4d. 2. Examples, Part I. Simple 4. Examples, Part III. Fractions, Decimals, Arithmetic 4d. Duodecimals

4d. 5. Answers to Examples, with Solutions of the difficult Questions 18. Colenso's Arithmetical Tables, on a Card

la. Lupton's Arithmetic for Schools and Candidates for Examination, 12mo. 28. 6d. or with Answers to the Questions, 38. 6d. the Answers separately 18. Examination Papers in Arithmetic, crown 8vo.



London, LONGMANS & CO.

Hunter's Modern Arithmetic for School Work or Private Study, 12mo.88.60.Key, 58.
Combes and Hines' Standard Arithmetical Copy-Books, in Nine Books, 4.:. cau.
Combes and Hines' Complete Arithmetical Copy-Books. Complete in Nine

Books, on Fine Paper. Price 68. per dozen to Teachers.
The Complete Ciphering-Book, being the Nine Complete Arithmetical

Copy-Books bound in One Volume. Price 6s. 6d. cloth.
M'Leod's Manual of Arthmetic, containing 1,750 Questions, 18mo................ 9d.
Hiley's Recapitulatory Examples in Arithmetic, 12mo.

ls. Moffatt's Mental Arithmetic, 12mo. 18. or with Key, 18. 6d. Anderson's Book of Arithmetic for the Army, 18mo......

18. MʻLeod's Mental Arithmetic, Part I.Whole Numbers; PART II. Fractions, each

le. Extended Multiplication and Pence Tables, 18mo....

2d. Johnston's Civil Service Arithmetic, 12mo......

.38. 6d. Key 48. Thomson's Treatise on Arithmetic, 1:mo.

.38.6d. Key 58. Tate's First Principles of Arithmetic, 12mo.

18. 60. Pix's Miscellaneous Examples in Arithmetic, 12mo...

28. 60, Stevens and Hole's Arithmetical Examination Cards, in Eight Sets, each

Set consisting of Twenty-Four Cards. Price 18. per Set.
A. Simple Addition and Subtraction. E. Practice and Bills of Parcels.
B. Simple Multiplication and Division. F. Vulgar and Decimal Fractions.
C. Compound Rules (Money).

G. Simple and Compound Proportion. D. Compound Rules (Weights and Mea- H, Interest, Stocks, and Miscellaneous sures).

Problems. Isbister's High School Arithmetic, 12mo. 18. or with Answers..

18. 60. Calder's Familiar Arithmetic, 12mo. 48. 60. or with Answers, 58. 6d, the Answers separately, 1s. the Questions in Part II. separately..

18. Calder's Smaller Arithmetic for Schools, 18mo....

28. 6d. Liddell's Arithmetic for Schools, 18mo, 18. cloth; or in Two Parts, Sixpence

each. The Answers separately, price Threepence. Harris's Graduated Exercises in Arithmetic and Mensuration, crown 8vo. 28. 6d. or with Answers, 3s. the Answers separately, Id... Full Key 68. Easy Exercises in Arithmetic, crown 8vo.

18. Merrifield's Technical Arithmetic and Mensuration, small 8vo. 38.6d. Key 38. 6d.

Isbister's Book-keeping by Single and Double Entry, 18mo....

9d. Set of Eight Account Books to the above

each 6d. Hunter's Exercises in Book-keeping by Double Entry, 12mo.... 18. 6d. Key 28. 6d.

Examination-Questions in Book-keeping by Double Entry, 12mo. 28. 6d.
Examination Questions &c. as above, separate from the Answers 18.
Ruled Paper for Forms of Account Books, 5 sorts per quire, 18. 6d.
Self-Instruction in Book-keeping, 12mo...


Merrifield's Technical Arithmetic and Mensuration, small 8vo.

38. 6d. Hunter's Elements of Mensuration, 18mo..

....18. Key 9d. Hiley's Explanatory Mensuration, 12mo...

28. 60. Boucher's Mensuration, Plane and Solid, 12mo.

38. Nesbit's Treatise on Practical Mensuration, 12mo.

....68. Key 58.

Algebra. Colenso and Hunter's Introductory Algebra, 18mo.

28. 60. Key 28. 60. Hunter's Standard Algebra, according to the Revised Code, 18mo. 18. Key 18. Griffin's Algebra and Trigonometry, small 8vo.......

88. 6d. Notes on Algebra and Trigonometry, small 8vo.

38. 6d. Colenso's Algebra, for National and Adult Schools, 18mo.......... 18. 6d. Key 28. 6d.

London, LONGMANS & CO.

Colenso's Algebra, for the use of Schools, PART I. 12mo.... .48. 6d. Key 58.
Hunter's Examination-Questions on Colenso’s Algebra, PART I. 12mo....... 28. 6d.
Colenso's Elements of Algebra, for the use of Schools, PART II. 12mo.68. Key 58.

Examples and Equation Papers, with the Answers, 12mo. 28. 60.
Elements of Algebra, complete in One Volume, 8vo. 128. 6d. Key,

78. 6d. Tate's Algebra made Easy, 12mo..

28. Key 38. 60. Reynolds's Elementary Algebra for Beginners, 18mo. 9d. Answers, 3d. Key 18. Thomson's Elementary Treatise on Algebra, 12mo.

..58. Key 48. 6d. Wood's Elements of Algebra, by Lund, 8vo..

128. 6d. Lund's Companion to Wood's Algebra, post 8vo..

7, 60. Short and Easy Course of Algebra, crown 8vo. .28, 6d. Key 28. 60. MacColl's Algebraical Exercises and Problems, ?2mo.

38. 6d.

Geometry and Trigonometry. Thomson's Euclid, Books I. to VI. and XI. and XII. 12mo.

58. Plane and Spherical Trigonometry, 8vo.

48, 6d. Differential and Integral Calculus, 12mo.

58, 6d. Watson's Plane and Solid Geometry, small 8vo...

38. 60. Wright's Elements of Plane Geometry, crown 8vo.

58. Potts's Euclid, University Edition, 8vo.

.108. Intermediate Edition, Books I. to IV. 38. Books I. to III. 28. 6d.

Books I. II. 18, 6d. Book I. 18. Enunciations of Euclid, 12mo....

6d. Euclid's Elements, School Edition, 12mo. boards. 43, 60. roan 58. Tate's Practical Geometry, with 261 Woodcuts, 18mo..

18. Geometry, Mensuration, Trigonometry, &c. 12mo..

38. 6d. Isbister's School Euclid, the First Four Books, 12mo.

28. 60. College Euclid, Books I. to VI. and Parts of XI. and XII. 12mo. 38. 6d. College and School Examiner in Euclid, 12mo.

9d. Euclid Copy-Books, Nos. I. and II. oblong 4to. each..

60. First Steps to Euclid, 12mo...

18, 6d. Tate's First Three Books of Euclid, 12mo..

.....18, 6d. 18mo. 9d. Colenso's Elements of Euclid, 18mo......48. 6d. or with Key to the Exercises 68. 6d. Geometrical Exercises and Key..

38. od. Geometrical Exercises, separately, 18mo.

18. Trigonometry, 12mo. Part I. 38. 6d. Key 38. 6d. Part II. 2s. 6d. Key 58. Hunter's Plane Trigonometry, for Beginners, 18mo..

.ls. Key 9d. Booth's New Geometrical Methods, Vol. I. 8vo.

.18s. Hymers's Differential Equations and Calculus, 8vo..... Williamson on Differential Calculus, crown 8vo.

108. 6d. Johnstone's Elementary Treatise on Logarithms, 12mo.

38.60. Hunter's Treatise on Logarithms, 18mo.....

.1s. Key 9d. Jeans's Plane and Spherical Trigonometry, 12mo. 78. 6d. or in Two Parts,

Problems in Astronomy &c. or Key to the above, 12mo.

68. Stokes's Syllabus of Trigonometry, fcp.....




Land Surveying, Drawing, and Practical Mathematics. Nesbit's Practical Land Surveying, 8vo....

128. Binns's Orthographic Projection and Isometrical Drawing, 18mo.... 18, Collins's Perspective, or the Art of Drawing, crown 8vo.

58. Merrifield's Descriptive Geometry and Mechanical Drawing, small 8vo.

Nearly ready. Winter's Mathematical Exercises, post 8vo...

68, 6d.

London, LONGMANS & CO.

Winter's Elementary Geometrical Drawing, Part I. post 8vo. 38.6d. Part II. 68. 6d. Pierce's Solid or Descriptive Geometry, post 4to.

.128, 6d. Kimber's Mathematical Course for the University of London, 8vo. 108.6d. Key 43. 60. Salmon's Treatise on Conic Sections, 8vo.

.128. Wrigley's Examples in Pure and Mixed Mathematics, 8vo.

.258. Works by John Hullah, Professor of Vocal Music in King's

......... 58.

88. 6 d. Hamilton's Elements of Quaternions, 8vo.

College, in Queen's College, and in Bedford College, London. Hullah's Manual of Singing. Parts I. and II. 28. 60. ; or together Exercises and Figures contained in Parts I, and II. of the Manual, Books I. and II.

.each 8d. Large Sheets, containing the Figures in Part I. of the Manual. Nos. 1 to 8 in a Parcel

68. Large Sheets, containing the Exercises in Part I. of the Manual. Nos. 9 to 40, in Four Parcels of Eight Nos. each

per Parcel 68. Large Sheets, the Figures in Part II. Nos. 41 to 52 in a Parcel

98. Rudiments of Musical Grammar, royal 8vo.

38. Grammar of Musical Harmony, royal 8vo. Two Parts.

.each 18, 60, Exercises to Grammar of Musical Harmony

18. Grammar of Counterpoint. Part I. super-royal 8vo.

28. 6. Infant School Songs

6a. School Songs for 2 and 3 Voices. 2 Books, 8vo.

...each 6d. Old English Songs for Schools, Harmonised

6d. Exercises for the Cultivation of the Voice. For Soprano or Tenor

28. 60. Time and Tune in the Elementary School.

Nearly ready. Political and Historical Geography. Thomson's Introduction to Modern Geography, New Edition ...... Nearly ready. Hiley's Child's First Geography, 18mo:

9d. Elementary Geography for Beginners, 18mo.

18. 6d. Compendium of European Geography and History, 12mo

38. 6d. Asiatic, African, American and Australian Geography, 12mo.

38. Burbury's Mary's Geography, 18mo. 28. 60.

Questions 1s. Outlines of Geography, by George Hogarth, 18mo.

10d. The Stepping-Stone to Geography, 18mo.

18. Hughes's Child's First Book of Geography, 18mo.

9d. Geography of the British Empire, for beginners, 18mo.

9d. General Geography, for beginners, 18mo.

9d. Questions on Hughes's General Geography, for beginners, 18mo.

9d. Lupton's Examination-Papers in Geography, crown 8vo.

18. Hughes's Manual of Geography, with Six coloured maps, fcp.

78. 6d. Or in Two Parts :-1. Europe, 38. 60. II. Asia, Africa, America, Australasia, &c.

43. Hughes's Manual of British Geography, fcp.

28. Sullivan's Geography Generalised, fcp.

28. 6d. Introduction to Ancient and Modern Geography, 18mo.

18. Hughes's Geography for Elementary Schools, 18mo.

18. Goldsmith's Grammar of General Geography. fcp.

38. 6d. Key 18. Maunder's Treasury of Geography, fcp.

68. Butler's Ancient and Modern Geography, post 8vo.

78. 60. Butler's Sketch of Modern Geography, post Svo. Sketch of Ancient Geography, post 8vo..

48. M'Leod's Geography of Palestine or the Holy Land, 12mo.

1x, 60, Life and Travels of St. Paul, 12mo.

28. Keith Johnston's Gazetteer, New Edition, thoroughly revised, Svo. Nearly ready.


London, LONGMANS & CO.

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Physical and Mathematical Geography. Ramsay's Geology Simplified for Beginners

Nearly ready. Williams's River Basins of the United Kingdom, 16mo....

18. Hughes's (W.) Physical Geography for Beginners, 18mo. Maury's Physical Geography for Schools and General Readers, fcp...

28. 60. Hughes's (E.) Outlines of Physical Geography, 12mo.......38.6d. Questions 6d. Keith's Treatise on the Use of the Globes, improved by Taylor, Le Mesurier, and Middleton, 12mo.

.68, 6d. Key 28.6d. School Atlases and Maps. Public Schools Atlas of Modern Geography, 31 entirely new Coloured Maps,

imperial 4to.38. 6d, sewed, or 58. cloth. Butler's Atlas of Modern Geography, royal 8vo.

.108. 6d. Junior Modern Atlas, comprising 12 Maps, royal 8vo.

48.60. Atlas of Ancient Geography, royal 8vo.

128. Junior Ancient Atlas, comprising 12 Maps, royal 8vo.

48. 60. General Atlas, Modern and Ancient, royal 4to.

228. MʻLeod's Pupil's Atlas of Modern Geography, 4to.

18. School Atlas of Scripture Geography, royal 4to.

18. Hughes's School Atlas of Bible Lands, fcp.

18. 60. Natural History and Botany. Blake's Catechism of Zoology, fcp.

28. The Stepping-Stone to Natural History, 18mo.

28.6d. Or in Two Parts.-I. Mammalia, 18. II. Birds, Reptil and Fishe 18. Owen's Natural History for Beginners, 18mo. Two Parts 9d. each, or I vol. 28. Maunder's Treasury of Natural History, revised by Holdsworth, fcp. 68. Lindley and Moore's Treasury of Botany, Two Parts, fcp.

128. Wood's Bible Animals, 8vo.

21.. Homes without Hands, 8vo.

218. Insects at Home, Svo

218. Insects Abroad, 8vo.

.218. Out of Doors, crown 8vo......

78. 6d. Strange Dwellings, crown 8vo.....

78. 6d, Chemistry and Telegraphy. Armstrong's Organic Chemistry, small 8vo.

38. 6d. Miller's Elements of Chemistry, 3 vols. 8vo...

Part I.-Chemical Physics, Fifth Edition, 158.
Part II.-Inorganic Chemistry, Fifth Edition, 21*.

Part III.-Organic Chemistry, Fourth Edition, 248.
Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry, small 8vo.

38. 6d.
Tate's Outlines of Experimental Chernistry, 18mo....
Odling's Course of Practical Chemistry, for Medical Students, crown 8vo... 78. 6d.
Thorpe's Quantitative Chemical Analysis, small 8vo.

48. 6d. Thorpe and Muir's Qualitative Chemical Analysis, small 8vo....

38. 6d. Crookes's Select Methods in Chemical Analysis, crown 8vo....

.128. 6d. Preece and Sivewright's Telegraphy.

Nearly ready. Culley's Practical Telegraphy, 8vo..

.168. Natural Philosophy and Natural Science. Bloxam's Metals, their Properties and Treatment, small Bro.

38. 6d. Ganot's Physics, translated by Prof. E. Atkinson, post 8vo.

.158. Natural Philosophy, translated by the same, crown 8vo.

78. 6d. Helmholtz' Popular Lectures on Scientific Subjects, 8vo.

.128. 6d. Weinhold's Introduction to Experimental Physics, 8vo.




London, LONGMANS & CO.

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