Garibaldi's Defence of the Roman Republic

Longmans, Green and Company, 1907 - 377 Seiten

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Seite 262 - Fair Quiet, have I found thee here, And Innocence, thy sister dear? Mistaken long, I sought you then In busy companies of men. Your sacred plants, if here below, Only among the plants will grow; Society is all but rude To this delicious solitude.
Seite 7 - He of the rose, the violet, the spring, The social smile, the chain for Freedom's sake : And lo ! whose steadfastness would never take A meaner sound than Raphael's whispering. And other spirits there are standing apart Upon the forehead of the age to come ; These, these will give the world another heart, And other pulses. Hear ye not the hum Of mighty workings ? Listen awhile, ye nations, and be dumb.
Seite 303 - That part of the island we had landed on was a narrow ridge, not above musket-shot across, bounded on one side by the sea, and on the other by a creek, extending upwards of a mile inland, and nearly communicating with the sea at its head.
Seite 229 - Let those who wish to continue the war against the stranger, come with me. I offer neither pay, nor quarters, nor provisions ; I offer hunger, thirst, forced marches, battles, and death. Let him who loves his country in his heart, and not with his lips only, follow me.
Seite 96 - Mazzini for a series of years ; and whatever I may think of his practical insight and skill in worldly affairs, I can with great freedom testify to all men that he, if I have ever seen one such, is a man of genius and virtue, a man of sterling veracity, humanity, and nobleness of mind, one of those rare men, numerable unfortunately but as units in this world, who are worthy to be called martyr souls ; who in silence, piously in their daily life, understand and practise what is meant by that.
Seite 315 - Forth, with the rain in our hair And the salt sweet foam in our lips : In the teeth of the hard glad weather, In the blown wet face of the sea j While three men hold together, The kingdoms are less by three.
Seite 315 - The pulse of the tide of the sea. And up on the yellow cliff The long corn flickers and shakes ; Push, for the wind holds stiff, And the gunwale dips and rakes. Good hap to the fresh fierce weather, The quiver and beat of the sea ! While three men hold together, The kingdoms are less by three. Out to the sea with her there, Out with her over the sand, Let the kings keep the earth for their share ! We have done with the sharers of land.
Seite 298 - But when I saw that woman's face, Its calm simplicity of grace, Our Italy's own attitude In which she walked thus far, and stood, Planting each naked foot so firm, To crush the snake and spare the worm — At first sight of her eyes, I said, " I am that man upon whose head " They fix the price, because I hate
Seite 194 - ... is wholly abhorrent from our counsels, seeing that we, although unworthy, discharge on earth the office of Him who is the author of peace and lover of charity...
Seite 90 - I entered the city one evening, early in March, with a deep sense of awe, almost of worship. Rome was to me, as in spite of her present degradation, she still is, the temple of Humanity.

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