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Seite 1015 - There is a danger, however, which alarms me much more than any aggression of a foreign sovereign. Clergymen of our own Church, who have subscribed the Thirty-nine Articles, and acknowledged in explicit terms the Queen's supremacy, have been the most forward in leading their flocks, ' step by step, to the very verge of the precipice.
Seite 923 - All other armed vessels on these lakes shall be forthwith dismantled, and no other vessels of war shall be there built or armed.
Seite 599 - There is an assumption of power in all the documents which have come from Rome— a pretension to supremacy over the realm of England, and a claim to sole and undivided sway, which is inconsistent with the Queen's supremacy, with the rights of our bishops and clergy, and with the spiritual independence of the nation, as asserted even in Roman Catholic times.
Seite 855 - That in case it shall be made to appear to Her Majesty that British Ships are either directly or indirectly subject in any Foreign Country to any Duties or Charges of any Sort or Kind whatsoever from which the national Vessels of such Country are exempt, or that any Duties are imposed upon Articles imported or exported in...
Seite 923 - If either party should hereafter be desirous of annulling this stipulation, and should give notice to that effect to the other party, it shall cease to be binding after the expiration of six months from the date of such notice. The naval force so to be limited shall be restricted to such services as will in no respect interfere with the proper duties of the armed vessels of the other party.
Seite 503 - When, therefore, a business of real public importance can only be carried on advantageously upon so large a scale as to render the liberty of competition almost illusory, it is an unthrifty dispensation of the public resources that several costly sets of arrangements should be kept up for the purpose of rendering to the community this one service.
Seite 923 - The naval force to be maintained upon the American lakes by His Majesty and the Government of the United States shall henceforth be confined to the following vessels on each side, that is — On Lake Ontario, to one vessel not exceeding one hundred tons burden, and armed with one eighteen pound cannon. On the Upper Lakes, to two vessels not exceeding like burden each, and armed with like force.
Seite 923 - On Lake Ontario, to one vessel not exceeding 100 tons burden and armed with one 18-pound cannon. On the upper lakes, to two vessels not exceeding like burden each and armed with like force. On the waters of Lake Champlain, to one vessel not exceeding like burden and armed with like force.
Seite 283 - Archbishop and Bishops of a pretended Province, and of pretended Sees or Dioceses, within the United Kingdom, under colour of an alleged Authority given to them for that Purpose by certain Briefs, Rescripts, or Letters Apostolical from the See of Rome, and particularly by a certain Brief, Rescript, or Letters Apostolical...
Seite 31 - Mahommedan doctors, do not prove it to be true. For an English collector or judge would have found it easy to induce any native who could write to sign a panegyric on the most odious ruler that ever was in India.

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