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lom, my son, my son Abfalom, would r God I had died for thee, O Absalom,

my son, my son !” What do we hear ? that he whose life was esteemed by his people as of more value than ten thousand of theirs, should be exchanged for an incestuous traitor? that he should lay down his life for a parricide, and a murderer ? But what shall we say to thy love, O Saviour? Thou hast said to thy rebellious children, “ I am the good'

Shepherd--the good shepherd giveth "his life for the sheep-No man taketh “it from me, but I lay it down of my“felf.” Olove, infinite, incomprehensible, whereat the angels of heaven are amazed, whereat thy saints are filled with transports of gratitude! For scarcely for a righteous man will one die-yet peradventure for a good man some will even dare to diebut God commendeth his love to us, in that, while we were yet


finners, Christ died for us. He hath said, “ Deliver them from going down

to the pit-I have found a ransom." Blessed are the people, O LORD, that know the joyful sound-they shall hear, and delight in thy falvation for ever and ever.


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AT length the hour approaches, which must put a period to the life and sorrows of David. And will not the towering ambition of Adonijah wait till the throne is vacant, before he sets up his presumptuous claim?

Too nearly resembling Absalom in pride and oftentation, he rushes eagerly into the crimes, into the misfortunes of his brother. He too prepares chariots and horsemen, and fifty men to run before him.” Absalom and Adonijah were the darlings of their father; from their childhood they had known no rebuke, no contradiction. How rarely does this undue partiality Vol. II.

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terminate in joy! Absalom sought the life of David-Adonijah now grasps at his crown.

The government of Israel was as yet in the immediate appointment of God. He had chosen David as the successor of Saul-He had fixed on Solomon to fupply the place of David. From that time, till the extinction of the royal authority in Judah, the sceptre passed in uninterrupted order from the father to his first-born fon. MEANWHILE Adonijah wants

not friends to support his usurpation. Abiatha: the priest, and Joab the captain of the host, the once faithful adherents to David, afsift the aspiring prince with their presence and counsels. They had shared the fortunes of their sovereign in all his former calamities—they now behold him on the bed of

age and death, and they pay their homage to the rising fun. The permanency of friendship,

as well as happiness, cannot be ascertained by man, till the last moments of his life. When we can no longer reward or punish, then will it appear who loved us for ourselves, and who associated with us for their own advantage.

The designation of Solomon to the throne was made public by the voice of Heaven. God had sent him at his birth a message of honour and love-had

promised him the privilege of building a temple to His glory, and, in return for this pious service) the establishment of his throne for ever. In vain, therefore, does Adonijah frame his conspiracy-in vain does he single out his brother as the object of indignity and neglect. In the decay of David's body, his intellectual faculties were not impaired. “ As the Lord liveth, who " hath redeemed my soul from all ad

versity, Solomon my son shall fit on my throne this day.” From the bed

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