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God, and of his divine will, shines for ever? Nay, if we presume so far as to enter into the Holy of holies, even there, O God, do we find our unworthy hearts so honoured by thee, that they are made as the very ark where thy royal law and thine heavenly manna are preserved for ever: there do we behold that mercyfeat, from whence, shaded by the wings of the glorious Cherubim, thou givest the testimony of thy good Spirit, witnessing with ours, that we are the children of God.

BEHOLD, if Solomon built a temple unto thee, thou hast built a temple to thyself in us. We are not only, by thy grace, parts of thy spiritual building, but are ourselves living temples in thy Sion, o do thou ever dwell in this thine house, and there let us ever serve thee! Wherefore hast thou a temple, but that thou mayst be present with us, and that we may shew forth thy praise ?


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Once did thine ark reside, with thy people, in tents, ever changing, and removing from place to place—then didst thou sojourn in Shiloh—afterwards, thou didst condescend to take up thine abode amongst men, and to dwell in thine own house at thy Jerusalem. So didft thou at the beginning hold converse with the patriarchs—so didst thou sojourn with Israel under the law-but now under the gospel dispensation thou dost make a constant residence in the hearts of thy grateful children. From thence thou wilt depart no more-they shall be separated from the world—they shall be separated from themselves--but who shall separate them from the love and from the presence of CHRIST?

Great was the glory of the first temple-greater still that of the second. Though unequal to the former in outward circumstances of splendour, the bringing in of a better hope caused the

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ministration of righteousness to exceed in glory. “ Yet once-it is a little while« and I will shake all nations and the

DESIRE of all nations shall come « and in this place will I give PEACE« and I will fill this house with Glory,” faith the Lord of hosts.

WHERESOEVER thou art, O God, thou art worthy of adoration. Since thou wilt not disdain to dwell in us, be thou ever worshipped in us. From the altars of our hearts let the incense of holy meditation, of fervent prayer, of chearful thanksgiving, ascend, and find acceptance. Let the pure lights of faith and godly conversation shine before thee and before men, and never be extinguished. Let our souls be refreshed and strengthened by the bread of life-let us treasure up thy sacred laws, and the unfading promises of thy gospel. Speak thou comfortably to us from thy inercyseat, thou that art the propitiation for

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our sins. Suffer nothing to enter in that is unclean. Sanctify us to thyself, and be thou ever fanctified in us !



THE great lights of heaven are not intended for obscurity. The fame of Solomon's wisdom is diffused throughout the world-all nations are full of admiration and praise. Even so, O thou everlasting King of peace, thy name is great among the heathen-thy found is gone out into all the earth, and thy words unto the ends of the world. Thou art a light to lighten the Gentiles, as well as the glory of thy people Ifrael.

No doubt, many from all coasts came to behold this prodigy of wisdom. Ainong the rest a sovereign princess, herfelf distinguished by a variety of endow




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