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42. Naaman,
43. Jehu,
44. Athaliah,
45. Hezekiah and Sennacherib,
46. Hezekiah and Isaiah,
47. Fofiah,
48. The captivity of Judah,
49. Ezra,
50. Nebemiah,
51. Esther,
52. The death of Haman,


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P. 29, 1. 22, for was r. is.
p. 31, 1. 19, for into r. unto.
p. 134, 1. 1, for soul? r. foul,
p. 144, I. 19, for Be-thel r. Beth-el.
p. 149, 1. 15, for eartoly r. earthly.
p. 190, 1. 18, for barbariry r, cruelty.

for unparalleled r. unparallelled. p. 1932


2, for Jahojbeba r. Jehosheba. p. 107, 1. 11, for fwfit r. swift. p. 229, 1.21, for solicitude r. care. p. 230, l. 15, for reserved r. preserved.

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TO declare the end from the beginning is solely the prerogative of infinite wisdom. In the commencement of Saul's reign, he was renowned for courage, justice, and mercy-in its progress, he proved to be a sacrilegious tyrant, and a rebel against God. Samuel mourns for him, who was too obdurate to mourn for himself. The defection of Saul brings tears into the eyes of the aged prophet. Had one spark of ambition lurked in his heart, he had rejoiced at the misconduct of his rival but his heart was the seat of nobler pafVol. II.



sions. It grieves him to see the plant so foonwithered, which he had raised to such distinguished honour in the garden of Israel. He weeps, and he retires to Ramah-he will no longer be a witness of enormities, which he can neither prevent nor remedy. He will not countenance that man with his presence, on whom he fees God to frown.

The Almighty does not blame this forrow, but moderates it. “ How long “ wilt thou mourn for Saul ?" Those tears, which flow justly for his sin, must cease, because of his rejection. A good heart relies on the justice of God's decrees, and forgets all earthly prepoffefsions, while it has respect to Heaven. God will not bereave his children of a king, but will bestow on them one more worthy. Virtue and sovereignty shall be united-JEHOVAH himself shall rule by the ministry of his chosen servant. Happy are the people, who are in fuch

a case

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