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ART. 1.- The Dramatic Works and Poems of James Shirley,

now first collected. With Votes bị the late Wmam Gifford,

Esq. And additional Votes, and some Account of Shirley
and his Writings, by the Rev. Alexander Dice. 6 fois.

London, 1832.

SHIRLEY at length takes his place among the parts of

England. His collected works are, for the first time, m.zin

the reach of the common reader. A few years ago these so '30143

would have excited more general interest, and stari a ciance G

more extensive popularity. The admiration of our clier cr25.2-

tists was then at its height. The wonder and deilt 12.40 by

a vein of poetry so rich and so deep, aimost success win,

tempted the public mind to imagine that its wait was iseinast-

ible, and, in the fresh ardour of enthus:25m, it refuses to tunert

that much dross might be mingled with the precious metal. T:36

strong excitement, in those days, perpetually activate:50 by r_43-

dern poetry, kept the popular taste in a state prepare), 2:1 mint

up, as it were, to receive with pleasure tre fC., ta yan.

vehemence, the splendid imagery of our ancient traire. Au

successful poets then living were professeri 20 ziren, base 27450

imitators, of the Elizabethan dramatists. The UK.2,

and obtained a favourable hearing for their maaien in 11e art.

If latterly this ardour of the public mind has surk is. Uz

tive apathy, and its curiosity languished in'o ir geriau, nezve

not inclined altogether to ascribe this defection fran te 59,5***

brief idolatry to its general inconstancy :-urbans, 6.18 14. 14*34,

at least in an equal share, by the injucicuous przech svar

older poets. Of these some had but a coid, as ato'da: 2", "A a

bibliomaniac passion for these neglected writener laut, tra

their invention, their poetry, their character, briturs 120.9 ;

admiration rose and fell, not with the kingine course intel s4* 11,

or the thrilling of their inmost beart, but with tw 21.11740;3

watched vibrations of Mr. Sotheby's or Mr. Esasa basea

their principles of taste were on the margin Á a buszben, esta

logue—and inestimable must be the merit of that runs *'31 ***

not to be found in the Malone or the Garrick min. Bitte

was innocent in comparison with the passage of 211n dans,

by which the older dramatists were incumber, Thermo a


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