The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott, Band 7

Little, Brown & Company; Shepard, Clark and Brown, 1857

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Seite 192 - column's glow. There rose the choral hymn of praise, And trump and timbrel answer'd keen, And Zion's daughters pour'd their lays, With priest's and warrior's voice between. No portents now our foes amaze, Forsaken Israel wanders lone: Our fathers would not know thy ways. And Thou hast left them to their own. But present still.
Seite 162 - XXVII. Far as the eye could reach no tree was seen, Earth, clad in russet, scorn'd the lively green; No birds, except as birds of passage flew ; No bee was heard to hum, no dove to coo; No streams, as amber smooth, as amber clear, Were seen to glide, or heard to warble here. Prophecy of Famine.
Seite 201 - march, Ettrick and Teviotdale, Why the deil dinna ye march forward in order ? March, march, Eskdale and Liddesdale, All the Blue Bonnets are bound for the Border. Many a banner spread, s Flutters above your head, Many a crest that is famous in story. Mount and make ready then, Sons of the mountain glen, Fight for the Queen and
Seite 148 - Alternate, in thy fickle pride, Desired, neglected, and accused ! " Before my breath, like blazing flax, Man and his marvels pass away! And changing empires wane and wax, Are founded. flourish, and decay. '• Redeem mine hours—the space is brief— While in my glass the sand-grains shiver, And measureless thy joy or grief, When Time and thou shalt part for ever!
Seite 197 - XX. When autumn nights were long and drear, And forest walks were dark and dim, How sweetly on the pilgrim's ear Was wont to steal the hermit's hymn ! Devotion borrows Music's tone, And Music took Devotion's wing, And, like the bird that hails the sun, They soar to heaven, and soaring sing.
Seite 186 - Joy to the fair ! whose constant knight Her favour fired to feats of might! Unnoted shall she not remain Where meet the bright and noble train ; Minstrel shall sing, and herald tell— ' Mark yonder maid of beauty well, Tis she for whose bright eyes was won The listed field of Ascalon!
Seite 186 - Half shows, half shades, her neck of snow ? Twines not of them one golden thread, But for its sake a Paynim bled.' 5. " Joy to the fair !—my name unknown, Each deed, and all its praise, thine own; Then, oh ! unbar this churlish gate, The night-dew falls, the hour is
Seite 270 - And, questionless, here, in this open court, (Which now lies naked to the injuries Of stormy weather.) some men lie interr'd, Loved the Church so well, and gave so largely to it, They thought it should have canopied their bones Till doomsday ;—but all things have their end— Churches, and cities, which have diseases like to men. Must have like death which we have.
Seite 140 - Burst the base foreign yoke as your sires did of yore ! Or die, like your sires, and endure it no more ! Chap. xxii. " As Flora concluded her song, Fergus stood before them. He sipped a little water in the hollow of his hand, and immediately commenced with a
Seite 187 - Your monarch !—Pshaw! many a prince has been known To barter his robes for our cowl and our gown: But which of us e'er felt the idle desire To exchange for a crown the gray hood of a Friar! 4. The Friar has walk'd out, and where'er he has

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